LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two Los Angeles police officers are recovering from injuries sustained when their patrol car crashed into a wall during a pursuit.

Police Sgt. Matt Cundiff says the officers were chasing a domestic violence suspect when the crash happened late Saturday.

Both officers were taken to a hospital in stable condition. The extent of their injuries was not released.

The Los Angeles Times reports that police had responded to a call at a residence and spotted a man escaping from a second story window. The suspect took off in a vehicle.

The pursuit lasted about 13 minutes.

The suspect, whose name was not released, surrendered to other officers and was booked on suspicion of domestic violence and felony evading.

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Comments (7)
  1. Darrell Nelson says:

    why they never get killed

  2. HollywoodSaint says:

    who wants to surrender to cops these days? you’ll just get beat, tasered, pummeled, pounded and pounced on while the cops scream “stop resisting!”…after the fullerton kelly thomas case, Im more afraid of cops than gangmembers. at least a gangmember will shoot me and it will be over quick. the cops will prolong it and really make you suffer. I dont hate cops, just scared of them

    1. c-gas says:

      Go wipe your vagina

  3. Mr clean says:

    Both you teo are idiots!!

  4. wgaf says:

    Anymore, fewer give a rat’s ass what happens to these whiny overpaid incompetent aS$wipes.

    Get a pair, puS$ies.

  5. j says:

    Corrupt DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.
    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.
    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

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