LOS ANGELES (CBS) — AT&T reports that nearly 1,000 of their cell towers are down affecting countless customers throughout the Los Angeles area.

The company says they are working to correct the problem but don’t expect to be fully operational until 2:30 tomorrow morning.

Many customers have reported trouble making and receiving calls as well as receiving voice messages.

A local AT&T store told CBS2 and KCAL9’s assignment desk that the outages have been “sporadic.”

Text messaging and sending and receiving data is apparently not affected.

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  1. Karla Hidalgo says:

    This really SUCKS!!! I need to make calls and I cant get through!! Grrrr!!! WTH!!!

    1. Duh! says:

      This is why you have a land line in your home.
      During a power outage, cell towers don’t work.

      1. don morning says:

        that’s not entirely true. most all modern cell towers have UPS/battery backup systems in case of power failures.

      2. Will says:

        @ don morning – Uninterruptible Power Supply will last severy hours and will recharge again once the outage is over. I defer that the power outage report is fiction so who knows what is really going on?

  2. Rick says:

    Well..Guess that explains the “Sorry,your call did not go through,please try again later” message..I nearly went and replaced the phone thinking it was defective..

  3. FC says:

    I’m dying to hear their excuse for the problem. I’ll bet that their excuse will be something like “hackers did it”, “or the software took a long lunch”.

    1. michelle says:

      Massive X flare from the Sun, CME’s (coronal mass ejections) headed toward Earth, knocks out power and satelites … We have had 2 X flares and over 11 M flares in last 48 hours. Go to You Tube and search The Sun Today by NASA’s Dr. Strong. Chili has a power outage too

      1. aquarianphilosophy says:

        We are entering Solar Cycle 24. This will be a very extreme cycle, and result in many solar flares and CME’s. It’s predicted that there is a 60% probability that one or more CME’s will be higher than the magnitude that caused the N.E. grid failure twenty years ago. The problem now is that such an event will cause the entire grid to go down (because of interconnectivity), requiring approximately 2-7 years to re-build it. Mostly because the 400 kV transformers are no longer manufactured, and most will be fried. Also, many non-military satellites will fail, so good luck getting cells or GPS to work. http://wp.me/p1MDQo-6m

      2. aquarianphilosophy says:

        As I have postulated before with my synopsis of the CA/AZ/Mexico black-outs we should begin to expect this to be a more common thing. Black-outs can be survived and maintained extremely well in most areas (in the United States) so long as there is a decent supply of both water and food saved up. Food can stay good in the refrigerator without power about 2 days (so long the refrigerator door is not opened frequently) and water can be stored easily and for a budget. There is no reason to fear anything, but being prepared is just a smart move for a person to protect themselves and their family, period.

  4. mike says:

    The report is wrong. I can’t send text messages either.

    1. Matt Mazurek says:


  5. My Phone is a paperweight says:

    Yep, LOTS of ATT towers down in Los Angeles / SoCal — Around 6:00pm’ish PST spoke to ATT CSR via skype (since cell phone is now a paperweight until ATT gets their towers functioning). I’m in the LA Harbor/Southbay area and per ATT CSR, “the tower problem is in different areas of SoCal (translation: widespread) and half of the towers are being worked on today and the other half tomorrow (?) so we may not have service back up on all cell towers until tomorrow, Sun Sep 25th.” Wow, ATT — could you please be more vague about when we may have cell phone service and where it’s actually working if it’s working at all? Yay technology. 🙂

  6. Bo says:

    No service here in Santa Monica. 😦

    1. bounce says:

      I’m in Santa Monica as well, and while my iPhone 4 doesn’t show a network indicator (E / 3G), it does show full bars and I can in fact make and receive calls.


  7. Rich says:

    No bars..No service in Valley…Good going AT&T…..

  8. Sara says:

    This is really annoying because its the second time in about a month that AT&T has had problems where I live. A month ago I couldnt make calls or text because service wasn’t working and when I went to the AT&T store they couldn’t give an exact time frame as to when it would be back up. Tons of customers were walking in with the same issue. I had to wait about four hours before it came back up again. I’ve never realized how much I rely on my phone until service is down.

  9. RICH says:

    i find this funny people lose their minds when they cant use their phone come on people life went of for a long time before they came up with cell phones TRUST ME YOU WILL NOT DIE WITH OUT YOUR PORTY

    1. Mon says:

      Ya but people had landlines before cell phones so they had a way to communicate…most people only have cells now and rely on them for business and childcare. It is a big deal and can create a real problem if you are a parent or people depend on you for health reasons.

      1. cindy says:

        if i had people depending on me for their own health or for some like type reason i would not depend on a cell phone no matter what company your with this sort of thing is a real possibility i have my cell but i also have a land line

    2. michelle says:

      IT’s sad, all the real problems in the world and THIS is what everyone chooses to complain about.

  10. Ken says:

    South Gate Ca
    Calls can not be completed
    Message 6

    This is BS
    It has been down over 1 hr
    Come On AT&T

  11. Neil says:

    I think we should be compensated by cutting our cell phone bill for this month since we cant make any calls today.

  12. Michelle says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. My phone has been out since 2pm today. No calls or texts for 6 hours now. This is my primary phone (no house phone) so it’s unsettling not being able to make calls in case of any emergencies. And besides that, it is unfair to pay so much money for such unreliable service. I will definitely be cancelling my contract once the phones are back up.

  13. Eggcellent says:

    So can anyone think of a reason that SO MANY towers would be affected simultaneously? Given all of the strange stuff going on in the world, this certainly has a “doomy” feel to it! BTW, isn’t the “Hoax and Chains” guy due for a visit in a day or two?

  14. Mark S. says:

    AT&T erroneously calls the outage “sporadic”. The loss of cellular signal in the San Fernando Valley is nothing short of a electronic black hole. A group of five people were on a conference call when I walked into an Authorized AT&T reseller. The agent refused to identify her call center or provide a location so we could track our call back later. The agent offered no reasons for the cause of the outage; when service would come back; and refused to compensate with any credit for the disruption. AT&T should learn customer service from companies like Disney and Ritz Carlton. Verizon looks more and more attractive.

    1. attempted says:

      Typical at&t consumer service… AT&T is just too big of an organization where the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. For you old school people; remember as Lily Tomlin would say, “We’re the telephone company. We don’t care.”

  15. John says:

    This is AT&T’s answer to why they must be allowed to purchase T-Moble. So they can have a Monolopy on all. they need to be stopped.

    1. John says:

      I heard it was during a major 4G upgrade to the system… Will they tell us this????? I doubt it……..

      1. John says:

        3G or even 4G AT&T still can’t deliver. They can’t be trusted. They can never give an honest answer. All they want is to own everthing and everyone. We must bow down to they. I say BS.

  16. Tmobile says:

    Do we still agree that AT&T and T-Mobile should merge?

  17. Kristine says:

    The ATT operators should know about this after 2 hours of outages…and people calling from outside of the LA area…what are they doing? I was told, “I don’t know anything about it mam.” Sporadic? I don’t think so..LA? Not just there…I can’t get through down in San Clemente…
    I betcha tomorrow there are going to be a lot of ATT customers upset over this one…

  18. KK says:

    Text messaging is affected. No calls out, no calls in, no messages can be left, no texts out or in. And what reason would that be ATT? I expect to be refunded with interest!

  19. Estevan Carlos Benson says:

    This is pretty absurd. They should have a system of notifying the public of these outages.

  20. Robert says:

    so that’s were NASA’s satellite came down at ..no doubt AT&T has a clause in that book they wrote for a contract.

  21. Cuppie Love says:

    I am passed upset angry and just bewildered, this company charges astronomical fees charges and they can’t offer a solution as to why we don’t have service. Unacceptable!

  22. smdh says:

    Dear AT&T, this is what greed will get you

  23. Anna says:

    Thats why I left AT&T 2 yrs ago bad services everbody should go to Verizon Wireless

  24. tom says:

    their just found out the cause it was a rat chewed up a wire hahah

  25. Matt Mazurek says:

    this majorly sucks, im on call 24/7 for work and well i sure hope work does not call…

  26. KS says:

    You can change your network from 3G to Edge (on iphone go to Settings > General > Network > turn OFF for Enable 3G. I can make phone calls with 3G turned off, but web surfing would be limited. You can turn 3G back on to use the internet.

  27. Matt Mazurek says:

    oh snap my phone is blowing up

  28. T.rader says:

    Y’all would better off tying your shoelaces to a soup can! AT&T’s cell service totally sucks… Only thing worse is Cricket Wireless, which gets decent coverage but makes whomever you’re talking to sound like an African bushman. >.<

  29. ere11 says:

    im definitely going verizon first thing in the morning…

  30. Stevve says:

    Relax. There is nothing wrong with AT&T cellular service. I’ve been using my phone and I just tested it again and there are no problems. 11:11 PM Saturday.

  31. August McAdoo says:

    This scared me today. I was out in South Gate, and after two baseball games, I try to call my mom. No service… This day will go down as one of the most horrible, gross, and disgusting days in AT&T wireless history…. in SoCal.

  32. Marianna says:

    AT&T sucks!!! I don’t have cell service on my iPhone in my new residence becuase their tower does not cover my area and to my requests to let me out of contract and go to another network they required me to pay $400 penalty for breach of contract! No customer service. Once I’m done with that damn contract, I will forget the name AT&T forever.

    1. rich says:

      why should they have let you out of the contract? did they make you move someplace with no service?? i once was lookin for a new place also and at the time had t-mobile when i was lookin at the place i took out my cell to snap a pic of the place to compair to others i had looked at and noticed NO BARS i asked the real eastate lady if she had service she to had t-mobile and said OH NO THEY DONT GET RECEPTION OUT HERE FOR SOME REASON well guess what i DID NOT BUY THAT HOUSE if you choose to rent or buy in an area that does not get service thats your problem not the phone companys

  33. don morning says:

    strangely enough I’m in Eugene, OR and we’re also experiencing cell coverage outages… with same signs as described in the article. only we are with Verizon… and obviously in a different local.

  34. JT says:

    Can I track an iPhone IP address, from an email they sent? If someone sends me a message from an IPhone4 in SoCal, IIP 166.205.149.xxx, will anyone else have the 166.205.149.xxx domain?

  35. JT says:

    Follow up to the iPhone4 IP question. I’m just trying to figure out how I can tell if email messages from say Yahoo and GMail, are coming from the same person using their iPhone4. Is the IP number (first 9 digits) unique to their phone? Thanks!

    1. R says:

      i wnt to know the same thing??

  36. Carlie says:

    Too many people using their phones to look at http://bofadeez.blogspot.com

  37. oldschoolmusic says:

    Wow maybe we need to go back to the old ways like having Pagers or Landlines or having Public Phones put back on the Streets and the Freeways. If it happens again at least we can go back to square one!

  38. attempted says:

    What are “Public Phones”???

  39. oldschoolmusic says:

    You know the ones that they used to have on the corner of the streets! You must be from the younger generation.

    1. attempted says:

      No I’m not from the younger generation, I was just being sarcastic. Have you ever tried to find an old fashioned pay phone recently? They’re really a rare item these days!

  40. RJ says:

    A scheduled upgrade caused so many cell sites all over Los Angeles to turn off.!! Do you really think this was an unpredicted ‘outage’.???? I fell AT&T should tell the truth about these scheduled LTE or 4G upgrades. So many sites do not go down all at once. Most all have emergency power… None in my area even transmitted a signal.!!! (Do thet care????) Just making room for more overcharged customers.!!

  41. Rose Coveney says:

    The only thing that can justify any of these complaints is if there were a medical emergency. Otherwise people, get a life. Your world will not end if your not talking to someone. If it’s important you will find a way. Life does not begin and end with a cell phone.

  42. John Rivera says:

    To all of the customers complaining about loss of cell service, and blaming AT&T for the loss……We are in solar cycle 24. All the ancient civilizations have predicted that the sun will ramp up CME production and so has NASA also issued the warning publicly since 2003. They are down because we’ve had 2 of the most massive CME’s in history just in 2 weeks time. The last one almost knocked out the earths magnetic field for 4 hours(not Good) Their are much more stronger ones coming soon too. Forget your cells phone folks….this is life or death, get ready for the big one, oh and btw….the SUN doesn’t have a customer service number to complain to, so chin up and bear it. You were warned ages ago so ignorance is no excuse. Good luck to you and yours.

  43. David says:

    Typical AT&T, my wife and i had problems both with the telephone service and the cellphone service years ago… with billing and lack of cell service (can you hear me now? what a joke). So we no longer deal with them. We use prepaid phones on the Verizon network now and have excellent coverage. Best solution to this problem is to go with any other carrier… any at all.

  44. Barack Obama says:

    It’s George Bush’s fault. I told you this would happen. We need to act immediately!.

  45. Sam says:

    Does any one know if this problem is still going on? I’m having trouble with my 3G going in and out of service and having no bars at all.

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