LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Aerospace Corporation of El Segundo is on Satellite Watch and they suggest that falling six-ton satellite now has a chance to hit the Western Pacific Ocean and Western US — including California.

The El Segundo company has a contract with the Air Force to analyze all their tracking data. And as of 3:45 Friday, they say there is a possible impact zone that includes California.

NASA expects most of the space junk to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere — the satellite itself is supposed to be about the size of a school bus — but some of the bigger pieces  could remain in intact and some of them might weigh as much as 300 pounds.

If you’d like to track the satellite’s travels, click on the following link.

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  1. h says:

    The DEA have been stealing drugs from evidence lockup and reselling them. It has become a popular way in the Department of Justice’s DEA to make extra money.
    They also steal from suspects for which they have created fabricated or coerced heresay evidence.
    With some of the DEA suffering under mountains of credit card debt they have started to think outside the box.

  2. Kim says:

    The writer needs to correct a major error in the story. They write, “NASA expects most of the space junk to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, but some of the bigger pieces (the size of a school bus) could remain in intact.” The entire satellite is the size of a school bus. The largest piece expected to survive is 300 lb.

    1. Jeff Strickland says:

      … where “expected” is the operative word.

      1. Mike Muney Benjamin says:

        how can the entire satellite be size of a bus and the pieces of that satellite still be bus size? thats the riddle.

  3. Astonished says:

    Darn It, there goes my property value!

    Actually, what I want to know is do we get to see it here in California!

    1. Jeff Strickland says:

      Look up.

      1. bugman says:

        I am just worried about this nuclear heat we are having and nobody is saying anything.Look at your plants and how many times do you have to water????Think about San Onofre nuke plant? We had Japan, and now a school bus size junk that nobody knows where it will hit!!!! come on,our gov is why our country is the way it is,nobody says anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HONESTLY!!

  4. Adan Servin says:

    if the satellite crashes in my neighborhood, i will be scared and i will be on tv!!!! I love KCBS 2/KCAL 9 news

  5. Joshua Schiermeyer says:

    Can’t help but notice a lot less planes than usual flying over the area I live. I’m used to seeing atleast 5 to 10 planes in the air at any given time (I live in the desert, so there’s a lot of sky to see here) so I guess they’re taking this seriously. I’m glad though, I’d hate to hear about a plane crash because of this.

  6. d says:

    Why are we so worried about this piece of space jun????? As just about all the major news stations on both radio and TV have said, there are thousands of pieces floating around in space, and that pieces hit the earth every day

    WHY are we wasting so much time on this piece???

    Don’t we have better things to worry about?? like the economy and the unemployment rate?

    Get over this peopl,e it’s space junk BIG DEAL

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