SANTA ANA (CBS) — A 19-year-old Riverside man was sentenced Friday to 30 years to life in prison for the sexual assault of a then 9-year-old boy with a toy light saber in 2008.

Javier Enrique Perez, who was 16 at the tie of the attack, was convicted May 17. He was tried as an adult, despite being a juvenile at the time of the assault.

The victim’s mother dropped him off at a home at 5 p.m. so that the man could watch her son while she was at work.

Perez was home a the time along with Oscar Antoneil Arreola, then 19, and two boys, one 12, the other one 8, according to Deputy District Attorney Jana Hoffman.

Officials said Perez made the boy bend over a Christmas table, held him down and inserted the light saber into the boy’s anus. He also reportedly made the 8-year-old insert his hand in the boys buttocks.

After he told his mother what happened, she took him to a doctor but said he had no physical impairment.

Arreola and the two children testified against Perez.

He was convicted of felony sexual penetration with a foreign object, felony aggravated sexual assault of a child with a foreign object and two felony counts of forcible lewd acts on a child, according to Hoffmann.

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  1. David T Solomon says:

    I hope this loser gets his share of “light sabre” action in the joint!

  2. Paralegal says:

    30 years in prison = 15 years in real life…with good behavior he will get out when he’s around 34 and of course he will be molesting/raping again. They should have sentenced him to the maximum which at this time is 40 years WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. But in the US its considered “cruel and unusual punishment” get give any minor life without parole, unless they murdered someone…as stated in the 2010 Superior Court case of Graham v. Florida

    1. Attorney says:

      “Paralegal” < "attorney", clearly. For serious/violent felonies such as this, the inmate earns only 15% or 20% "good time" credit, maximum. These credits can be lost through rules violations, and many inmates serve the entirety of their sentence. This is different than the average (for example) theft defendant, who can earn "half-time" credit and get out after serving just half of the stated sentence.

      The comment about sentencing him to 40 years without parole is nonsensical under California's sentencing scheme. Presumably, Paralegal is referring to the possibility of a life sentence, in which the inmate is eligible for parole after a specific period of time, earning no "good-time" credits for the period before parole eligibility. That is, a sentence of 15-life means that the inmate is eligible for parole after fifteen "real world" years, no chance for early release. The "40 years" seems to be a made-up number, based on the facts noted in this article.

      The other issue that I have with this comment is the sentiment that he will be molesting/raping again. The actions described, while twisted and sadistic, don't seem consistent with my experience with habitual sex offenders. This comes across like a crime committed by a confused, troubled youth, rather than a sexual predator. This doesn't excuse the crime, of course, but if he re-offends after his release in 2038 I'd bet that it was a crime of violence, not sex.

      Keep in mind that some of these crimes do not require any sexual intent by the perpetrator. The crime is the penetration, not the intent behind the penetration (or the intent of the penetration in the behind, as in this case).

      Invariably, these articles elicit a chorus of "enjoy your new roommate…Bubba", "should be the death penalty for these pervs", etc. The funny thing is, most of my clients would have said the same thing…before they were accused of committing whatever crime has brought them to my doorstep. Some are guilty, some are not. All are taken aback by the fact that they are facing (often extreme) punishment for what amounts to a terrible decision made in a context that will never be fully conveyed to their eventual jury. But just months ago, they were as judgmental as the average on-line commenter. Makes me wonder about the types of people that get their jollies thumping their respective e-chest at the accused through an anonymous forum that the perp will never see. What, exactly, are you compensating for, one wonders?

      1. Ron says:

        Spoken like a true DEFENSE attorney. Still trying to make the public BELIEVE that HIS client’s RIGHTS are MORE important than the INNOCENT VICTIM’S !!!!

        And if YOUR client IS confused NOW, how will he be when he IS most likely RAPED in prison? Then when he gets out, will he be MORE confused and full of aggression for the treatment he received, from the other prisoners and guards, whether mental, SEXUAL or other forms of physical abuse?

        And attorney, let’s say you have a 6 year old child and some CONFUSED perp, JAMS some foreign object up HER or HIS ANUS, WHO’s rights will YOU be MOST concerned with?

  3. Obi Juan says:

    To the young Jedi wannabe, “May the force be with you!” because your Death Star-hole is about to get destroyed in the big house!!!

  4. Jeezus says:

    apparently whoever writes this is also the one screening comments. Was i too harsh on your stupid writing?

  5. Jeezus says:

    Who writes this stuff? Poor editing and terrible sequencing and explanation of events.

    But i’m not a writer, just a reader err.

    Javier Enrique Perez is just an idiot. He will get served. Good for the kid for telling his mother. I was too young and conditioned not to tell on my sexual abuser babysitter when it happened long ago in a galaxy far far away….no, it was just at his parent’s house actually.

  6. Timothy McGarry says:

    Whenever these guys get sent up, I always hear that ‘Goodbye to You’ tune in my head.

  7. Uhoh says:

    His mom took him to the doctor but had no physical impairment? Something is not adding up. a hand in the anus has to cause some type of anal impairment.

    1. Unedumecated says:

      No physical impairment simply means that the penetration did not damage the boy’s ability to have bowel movements. Of course there would be signs of penetration; the boy’s anus would be extremely sore and possibly torn. His self esteem and trust in people is damaged deeply and it will take therapy to help him move on to a successful, trusting life.

  8. Gomez says:

    Press 2 for spanish.

    The truth is, mexican has it runs in their blood. Pedophile… gay… making out with close relatives. It could have been all relatives in an annual high school party. It is that bad… This is really___ really up to no good.

  9. Alan Hart says:

    Don’t you think 30 years is a bit heavy handed? If he had killed the child, he would be out in seven! This type of sentencing encourages murder.

    1. Unedumecated says:

      30 years is heavy handed?! You obviously have never known someone or been someone who was sexually abused. I guess that’s a good thing, but it also means you’re quite ignorant on the long term psycological damage sexual abuse creates. It is far more scarring than the actual assault itself. I know people whose personal lives and feelings of self worth are completely destroyed 20 years after the sexual abuse. It never goes away. What this young man took from that little boy goes way deeper and is far more valuable than the pain he must’ve experienced during the ordeal. If you ask me, 30 years is certainly NOT long enough.

      1. patsy says:

        Truth is, this stuff runs in viet blood. case in point… then 17 yr old Lee Lim forced her nieces to drink beer, disrobe and make out, under the guise of playing poker. she got 20 years but walked in 5

    2. hang em high says:

      heavy handed? r u joking? If it were your kid, you would want it to be 40 years. Parents really have to be careful who they leave their kids with, it’s better for the mom or father to watch the kid, you can’t really trust anyone.

      The sentence is good, that way he can’t do it again to another child

  10. r says:

    i do not get it when did the word of 2 small kids and the word of an adult who was not there to see the crime constitute enough to convict?? either there is stuff left out of this or the guy had a rotten lawyer cuz i can not see 2 kids this age being able to testify about what cartoon they saw much less about something like this and the mothers word to me is useless since she was not there

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      The guy probably made self-incriminating statements once the boys and the mom reported his crimes to the police. They probably asked him to cooperate with their investigation; it doesn’t seem that the guy is denying what he did.

  11. Marco says:

    What is this “tried as an adult” thing? Maybe we should start taking a closer look at this…..30 years and the guy was 16 when he did it…he was obviously immature….no doubt….and not to justify what he did…..but 30 years?

    Bit excessive for a kid.

    1. ??? says:

      when you were 16 were you doing awful things like this? probably not…there is something wrong with this predator…the sentence is good. If you don’t put him jail…he’ll do it again and probably something worse next time.

  12. BrotherBruno says:

    Illegal on Illegal crime, who cares, deport the victims and the suspect along with their illegal family back to Messico!

  13. Trina says:

    Truth is, this stuff runs in viet blood. case in point… then 17 yr old Lee Lim forced her nieces to drink been, disrobe and make out, under the guise of playing poker. she got 20 years but walked in 5

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