LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies are more likely to mistakenly shoot black and Latino men on-duty than they are to accidentally shoot white and Asian men — and poor training could be to blame, according to a new report released this week.

The report released Thursday by the Police Assessment Resource Center suggested a lack of adequate training procedures could be responsible for the rise of what’s known among law enforcement officers as “state of mind” shootings in which deputies believe they see someone reaching for a gun.

The number of such shootings has jumped from 10 in 2005 to 15 in 2010 — a 50 percent rise — according to report author Merrick Bobb, with black and Latino youth more likely to be misidentified as being armed.

But sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said that data should be interpreted in context.

“That was a 50 percent increase, true, however, [the number] only went up by five,” said Whitmore. “Now, one is too many, but there’s a difference between the increase in numbers when its magnified in percentages.”

The report also claims that in the majority of shootings, the suspect was eventually determined to be holding common articles such as a cellphone or a wallet.

Whitmore defended the department’s training guidelines and conceded that while “everybody wants more training”, the department exceeds all standards in that area and continues to look for more training opportunities.

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  1. jim says:

    welcome to 1960

  2. I Wonder Why That Is...? says:

    Open the flood gates, people. Watch as an out-pouring of cop-bashing steadily makes its way onto this forum.

    Perhaps if the statistics didn’t show that blacks and Latinos rate at the top of the criminal ladder, then maybe a cop wouldn’t be so on edge when they see a shiny black or silver object in their hands? Just my guess. If I were a cop, I’d rather be safe than sorry too. The only person who can change the world is you.

    1. einstein says:

      your facts are wrong
      64 percent of the USA is White
      more whites are on federal aid than minorities
      more whites commit crime
      more minorities are unemployed
      true, when someone commits a crime you instantly think black or brown
      thats racist

      1. I Wonder Why That Is...? says:

        It’s not racist if they are true statistical facts, einstein. You oughta know that.

  3. Doug says:

    Why is it that you can drive in a white area without any problem ? Do you get the drift ?????

  4. Change Yourself says:

    Lets see…it’s LA County….mostly blacks and mexicans….both groups commit more crimes than whites and asians….Cops are shot more by blacks and mexicans…so fair is fair…..it the people want things to change, then they need to change….stop running from police, do what the police tell you, and simply stop breaking the law…..

  5. dislike the racism says:

    Hey. Hey. Everybody. To all the idiot statements. LAPD and LA Sheriff and Long Beach Police do shoot Black and Latino suspects for absolutely the wrong reason. Constantly they mistakenly shoot someone.
    They police also, do F with black guys everyday and everywhere for little or no reason. This is a great country but truthfully a black man is still in Slavery because Law Enforcement seem to target them before they would target a white guy.
    It is better and not all Law Enforcement personal are racist and evil. But there are a lot of jacked up Police and it is little a black man can do to dispute when a officer disrespect him, arrest him, or hurt/shoot him for no reason. Even when it is on tape…

    *And white man. How would you feel if you were walking the down the street minding your business and some Police tell you to “Come Here boy?” Then the police officer will tell you to lie down on the ground and frisk you, etc etc? Just because he can and you are Black??
    I don’t think you white folk would like that or would feel the need to gracefully adhere to their commands… But at least they want shoot you 🙂

    1. I Wonder Why That Is...? says:

      Hmmm…. What color was the young man who was recently beaten to death? I do believe he was WHITE. There are bad apples in every group, including officers. But for the MOST part, police officers are good, hard-working, life-giving servicemen and women. So don’t come on here with your 1950’s verbal vomit about how bad it is for the black folk around these parts here. Again, statistical facts don’t lie, dude. Blacks and Hispanics DO commit the majority of the crimes here in LA. Do you not watch the news?

  6. wobbles says:

    Really? And this could have absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that blacks and latinos shoot at the cops more frequently than anyone else? The stats totally support this yet somehow that very important fact got left out.

    This couldn’t possibly be on the deputies’ minds in a critical incident? Look at the stats of who tries to kill cops and if they substituted your profession in place of “police” you’d be looking at blacks and hispanics a bit differently too. Kinda the same reason why you look at arabs differently on ana irplane. Are all arabs terrorists? No, they aren’t. But do arabs commit morea cts of terrorism than anyone else? Yes, they do.

    You can’t just look at an effect without looking at the cause.

  7. rjsmitty says:

    This is called race baiting and has not factual proof …

    1. I Wonder Why That Is...? says:

      rjsmitty, I’m surprised at you. Proofread, proofread, proofread…

  8. The Big Logic says:

    I don’t get the Mex being targeted more frequently, but who in their right mind doesn’t agree that Blacks are a product of their own environment, and deserve anything society in general can do to protect themselves from their inherent violence against our citizens. They despise all forms of authority as it represses their savage nature, and are the only 2 legged beings that you’ll see in shootouts with the police on a regular basis. Imagine a society that has no need for guns, and you’ll be imagining one without Blacks. While it’s certainly true that Mex have a propensity towards gun usage, they generally keep it within their own confines dealing with problems among their own, The Blacks on the other hand, being the natural predators that they are, terrorize any, and all who challenge them on their self perceived turf.

    1. I Wonder Why That Is...? says:

      Food for thought….

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