COSTA MESA (CBS) — After a 42-year-run at the Orange County Fair Grounds, the weekend swap meet is on its way out.

The Orange County Fair Board voted Thursday to evict the swap meet from the property.

They say business is down, and according to The Daily Pilot, the board hasn’t been getting along with the company that operates the swap meet.

The market is losing its lease in 18 months, but the swap meet’s operator says he wants to stay and he’ll fight the fair board’s decision.

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  1. francois says:

    none of the rich people shop there. so get rid of it. the oc continues to be the black eye of this great state.

  2. John Holmes says:

    I drove by there a few times when the swap meet was on and all the people going there were Mexican. I think they all come from Santa Ana also known as Tijuana. That is why they want to close it down to keep the illegal aliens out of a nice city.l

    1. idiot above says:

      Your comment lets me know you are lying. I’m white and i’ve been there a few times and I see a BUNCh of white people there all of the time. Now if you go across he street to OCC then you will see mostly mexicans. Get your facts straight before you start trolling. You look like an complete m0ron right now. You fail at trolling 101…

      1. bugman says:

        I’ve been there to,lots of good stuff! I’m white with no complaints about what they sell,bought door decor I could not find anywhere.By the way,my wife is Hispanic and16 years together,no complaints!. Surfed Dana Point before they made it in to a harbor for the money,and salt creek when you could drive onto the beach.Been there done that!!! I’m happy!!!

      2. bugman says:

        Also, my x wife is white,worked for Sav-on drug a lot of years,All I heard was it’s my money,earned it!Didn’t help to pay any bills or help with a house payment!!(X)

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