AZUSA (CBS) — A kidnapping suspect was in custody Thursday after a local mom fought him off when he allegedly grabbed her child.

Carlos Coc, 21, was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping after he took hold of her 3-year-old child Wednesday afternoon at a shopping center on Gladstone Street, according to the Azusa Police Department.

Police say Coc grabbed the child’s arm, but the mother fought him off, and even left him with minor injuries.

He was arrested after the woman called police with the help of a nearby witness.

Investigators say Coc was drinking, but they don’t know what his intentions were.

Police say they will not release the victim’s gender or a mug shot of the suspect, who is being held on $100,000 bail. Coc is scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Comments (17)
  1. Carol Donofrio says:

    What a real coc!!!

    1. cloudnine says:

      HA-LARIOUS!!! The name fits

  2. David Nyquist says:

    nice work. too bad you couldn’t kill him.glad you and your child are ok.

  3. Astonished says:

    Good for her! I hope she kicked his jewels so far up his body they look like he has an extra set of tonsils!!

    1. T says:

      Awsome Job MOM !!!! Hope your little one is ok ….

  4. Puff Mommy says:

    The suspect’s name is Carlos. Gotta be an illegal Asian.

    1. sparky says:

      Takes one to know one.

  5. Melee says:

    why won’t they release a mug shot of this stupid ahole? who are they trying to protect? we should know how all baby killers, pedophiles, etc. look like for our children’s sake.

    1. Readytocross says:

      I say the release the picture of the suspect, the victim and the victims child.

  6. Jessilyn says:

    This is why you never mess with mama bear!! Good job lady.

  7. Wow says:

    Good for her. Wish she had a gun on her at the time.


    my props go out, to the lady that trashed that lame @ss fool!!!!

  9. sparky says:

    He will probably successfully sue her for assualt.

  10. Bering Sea Crabber says:

    I have to commend this woman for fighting off her attacker!!

  11. cloudnine says:

    The great thing about this story is that the only one that got hurt was the one who deserved it. I kind of wish they would release the mother’s info. I want to take lessons. 🙂

  12. Te lo lavas buey says:

    According to the la county sheriff’s inmate search website, Carlos Coc has been arrested 6 times since 7/10/11.

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