HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Roughly 25,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses across California are on strike.

Several non-essential surgeries were canceled Wednesday at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Hollywood, where 1,000 workers are rallying outside the building.

Nurses, who will strike for three days, say patient care is their primary concern.

“It’s difficult to be out here on a strike, but we’re out here for our patients’ safety and quality care that they deserve,” Sandra Hanke, a nurse in the pediatric oncology unit, told CBS2. “We not out here for anything other than safe staffing; no floating to units that we feel unsafe at, and we want to make sure that the patients have really good quality care here at Kaiser.”

Kaiser released a statement saying the company has been negotiating in good faith for more than a year, and that this week’s strike is counter-productive.

All Kaiser hospitals, including emergency rooms, are scheduled to remain open during the strike.

Comments (8)
  1. Xen says:

    I hope it’s not for more money. They make good money already. My health insurance cost is too high already.

    1. rose says:

      It’s not for more money – Kaiser has been making record profits and all we are asking that Kaiser keeps our health benefits and retirement plans the same. Buy in spite of making record profits, they want their employees to make do with less.

      1. brandon says:

        My fiance is a nurse so I can understand what an RN goes through. But benefits and retirement are more money, in fact where she works their benefits suck and are worse than the illegals she takes care of. Bizarre world for sure, only in California.

  2. Dufus says:

    Don’t go to a Kaiser hospital.
    The nurses there will walk out on you instead of taking care of your health needs.

  3. not buying it says:

    I work for a large company (really large) and they are cutting our health coverage and expecting us to pay more in deductables (even for HMOs). And they are FORCING us to take “Online Health Surveys” under the guise of “concern for our health and well-being” while they claim that our personal health info will NEVER be accessed by them!!!! RIGHT!!!!! And Arizona is on the west coast of the country! Wish we could file a class action suit – HIPPA laws are breakable if your’ big enough…. or lie enough…..As for Kaiser – that’s the insurance they FORCE ON US!!! Any other choice is too expensive with huge associated costs.

  4. concerned neighbor who doesn't want to go to Kaiser says:

    Kaiser is worse that socialized medicine! My neighbor says she likes it – but when she had a severe pain situation with her neck and could not move off the couch, they made her go in 3 times to a PA before a doctor would see her, then made her wait TWO more MONTHS for an MRI. NO THANK YOU!!!! And her daughter had pheomonia that the PA missed and they let her go three weeks not being able to breathe before a doctor would see her. Too busy. Wait. Wait. Wait!!!!

  5. RM says:

    Kaiser wants you to “Thrive”…..unless you work for them. Your everyday employee is treated poorly. Senior management is so out of touch with reality that all they care about are their bonuses. I say good for the nurses….get all you can because if they had the opportunity they would outsource your job which of course they cannot do. They have already outsouced IT operations to IBM and it is failing miserably. Workers that were loyal to Kaiser got pink slips and their jobs were sent to India. Service is suffering but they continually tought how much money they are saving…..yah, but at what cost? If they could outsource nursing too…..they would. GO NURSES….GET ALL YOU CAN!!!! Hopefully someday soon the people at the top of the Kaiser organization will wake up and realize what they are throwing away.

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