WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — City Council members have voted to approve an ordinance that prohibits the sale of animal hair, wool or fur as clothing or other personal attire.

The vote came after a seven-hour meeting that ended early Tuesday morning.

Animal rights attorney and co-organizer of Fur Free West Hollywood Shannon Keith told KNX 1070 it was the right thing to do.

“Animals suffer immensely for the use of fur,” said Keith. “Animals are skinned alive, they’re beaten, they’re stomped on, they’re gassed…it’s a horrible thing all in the name of vanity.”

Keith believes while the ban is long overdue, it’s not likely to do much lasting harm to the local economy.

The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce disputed that assertion, along with the board of the “Avenues: Art, Fashion and Design District” which claims the ban will limit the city’s reputation for creative expression in the field of high fashion.

“It’s a significant loss of revenue to the city,” Keith Kaplan of the Fur Information Council said. “It’s a significant loss of image as a fashion destination to the city.”

Ellen Lavinthal, co-organizer of the Fur-Free West Hollywood campaign, applauded the vote and hopes for the campaign to catch on globally.

“This will be the first city in the nation and possibly the world — we’ve been trying to confirm that — but this will be the first city to pass [a law banning fur] that we know of,” she said.

City officials will iron out the details — including date of implementation and civil penalties — before the next council meeting, the Associated Press reported.

Comments (22)
  1. Brandon Makoroff says:

    West Hollywood will probably be the ONLY city with this law. Good Luck in backing it up.

  2. car pre says:

    Fur, okay, but wool?

  3. D.J. says:

    I think wearing fur is ATROCIOUS, but, let me get this straight! You can’t wear it but you can still decorate with it?You can still have a fur throw on your bed? West Hollywood can’t skin an animal with fur, but they can still skin an animal for suede and leather? They can still kill them to eat them? This is one stupid law.

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      It’s one stupid city. Full of biological freaks.

    2. Terri Minter Myers says:

      yes, I’m with Loba, one step at a time. Good points though!

    3. Cj says:

      Actually suede and leather come from the beef industry genius… People will still eat beef, the city is not trying to change that. They are merely banning needless suffering just so idiots can make a coat with “high fashion”. Millions of animals suffer, and are skinned alive just for their skin. Now THAT is stupid. Obviously we as humans eat meat, but that doesn’t mean we can do that with dignity either, such as “free range farms” but that’s another matter. However, your argument is pointless, shallow and idiotic.

  4. R. says:

    I know there are always those that feel that the slaughter of animals solely for their pelts is wrong. However, this law bans animal hair and wool? What’s with that? Sheep are shorn to rid them of the heavy wool. Many animals are shorn in order to make wool clothing. This does not harm the animal, in fact, in many instances the animals are relieved of the hot heavy burden of heavy wool in hot seasons of the year. And as someone mentioned above, what about leather? That was not banned. This sounds like a stupid law to me. Extreme.

  5. nomechifles says:

    “Animal rights attorney and co-organizer Shannon Keith”. I bet if you visit his home and chech his refrigerator, you will find sirloin steaks, lobsters, pork chorizo, chicken breasts, and other fine cuts of meat. Same applies to all of those who claim they belon to Animal protection Groups. Check his wife’s closset and will find some fur coats as well.

    1. Terri Minter Myers says:

      Although I appreciate your interesting way of coping with the realization someone feels differently than you do about food sources, I can assure you, you are wrong. What you consider ‘fine cuts of meat’ is actually and quite literally rotting flesh, dead, decomposing, ROTTING from the moment it is killed- once your mindset discovers this it doesn’t turn back. NOt to mention the economical toll factory farming takes.

  6. Ashley says:

    while i agree wearing fur is wrong and agree that abusing animals for vanity is wrong as well. this is just ridiculous. but then again this is a city thats full of vegans that are walking around looking like sucked up AIDS or cancer patients so they can be “healthy”

    1. Terri Minter Myers says:

      wow Ashley, criticizing an entire group of people that are doing no harm to anyone or anything simply because of your inaccurate, offensive interpertation of their appearance? Talk about vanity! You, my dear, need to look inside yourself for peace then maybe you won’t feel so negatively about your fellow man. By the way I’ve been vegan for years and I’m quite chubby, I’m willing to bet you have some highschool mean girl mentality opinion on that too!

  7. Astonished says:


    I know I’m going to draw a lot of flack, but I’ll say it anyway. There is a difference between raising and slaughtering animals for food consumption (although we could go a long way toward making that more humane also) which means using the entire animal for food, and raising animals only for their fur.

    How do you suppose furriers get those pelts off the animals without damaging them? The sure don’t euthanize them first. It would be different if the animals were not confined to tiny cages 24/7, immobilized, skinned (yes, while still alive and breathing) then the bodies thrown away. If you doubt me, check on how the fur is harvested from Raccoon Dogs. Oh, but don’t eat before you do it.

    And yes, before you condem me, I eat meat and wear leather, but I don’t wear fur, and I don’t trophy hunt.

    1. what ever says:

      raccon dogs are harvested in CHINA a third world country that dont now better or can’t do better because they r poor . but I will say something about this country. The indians used every part of the animal down to the hoof or feet for something or other. the only thing that changed that was the stupid settlers.. not all people that harvest animals for meat or fur are mean about it. the farm i grow up on the animals where or freinds and pets before they where supper! and we always killed them humanly!

  8. Lisa says:

    OMG! An ordinance was passed that actually makes sense! Repeat after me fur wearers : BEING SKINNED ALIVE HURTS. Simple concept to understand. Fur wearers are heartless and should be skinned alive themselves. All these stores that sell fur should be mandated to have their own store employees skin the animals alive in order to sell the product. Now hiring Baby Seal Torturers and Killers. And I’m not a PETA member.

    1. trapper 1 says:

      They don’t sell seal anymore and they don’t skin them alive

    2. kenneth says:

      99.99% of animals in the world are NOT skinned alive like angered said it is just staged by exstremist to gain support. I have worked in 5 lockers and 1 slauter house and have seen many many animals killed if done right it is very quick and painless. And it dose not matter what all the mad people say I know what I know and they can’t chage that cause they are as wrong as the next person. you can say what you want about me but i have helped more animals (both wild and domestic) to live then most of you will see in a life time. and i have seen things done to animals by there own kind that caused far more pain then what a human could do.
      Every one is intitled to there own opinion but if you do not want people forcing theirs on you don’t don’t force your on them.
      There are things done in this world in our own back yards that is far worse then some young person out in the woods with a gun and his or her dad hunting, both with people hurting people and people hurting animals in different ways. so stop and think before you JUMP.

  9. Angered says:

    Any video on the internet depicting an animal being skinned alive has been staged by animal rights activist’s to gain support for their misguided cause! Please view the video Dystroying the Myth. http://www.fntpost.com/index.php?page=91

  10. Amelia Quailler says:

    Trapping is something that people have done for centuries. Although one may argue that it’s no longer necessary, and they have a point. But a lot of things we do are no longer necessary. If the debate is that it’s cruel to animals, then perhaps that’s true. But more often than not, animals are NOT skinned alive! That’s insane…and really it’s the circle of life. If everyone completely stopped packing up their trapping supplies and heading out in the wild, then there really could be some dire consequences. It helps balance things out. All I can really say is that I agree with Kenneth 100%. http://www.minntrapprod.com

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