MORENO VALLEY (CBS) — A parole agent is recovering Tuesday after shooting himself in the leg while he prepared to make an arrest.

An unidentified parole agent shot himself in the left calf around 9 a.m. outside of a home in the 16000 block of War Cloud Drive.

Department of Parole officials are investigating, but aren’t sure why the gun went off. The sheriff’s department is considering the shooting as an accidental discharge.

The agent was treated for a gunshot wound at Riverside County Regional Medical Center.

No one was hurt and agents did end up arresting the parolee.

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  1. Astonished says:

    Maybe the gun discharged because the safety wasn’t on — DUH.

  2. Andy says:

    I told you to keep your bullet in your pocket.

    1. ??? says:

      that’s funny.

      1. LucyGoosey says:


  3. S. Palin says:

    She needs to go back to the gun range

    1. Sandy says:

      She? Do you know something not in the article?

  4. Darrell Nelson says:

    the parolee is going to get violated now for sure.

  5. watchitgo says:

    It’s always great to come home after an hour on the freeway to drive 28 miles and get a laugh from the comments on Yahoo!

  6. ??? says:

    HE”s lucky that he didn’t kill himself or shoot off his member!!! His coworkers are going to give him hell when he gets back to work.

  7. wgaf says:

    Another overpaid incompetent aS$wipe moron cop that’s going to claim worker’s comp. Makes me feel real safe.

  8. LucyGoosey says:

    speedy recovery, glad your incident did not like another, that shall remained unmentioned

  9. HollywoodSaint says:

    The parolee will get charged for it….sucker!!!!!!!

  10. Chris says:

    No one was hurt??? I’m condused now :/

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