GLENDALE (CBS) — Residents in Glendale are on alert after a bear was spotted wandering the streets.

The sighting occurred around 8 p.m. Saturday just west of Deukmejian Wilderness Park near Frederick Avenue and Santa Carlotta Street.

The bear, which was apparently seen rummaging through garbage cans, was caught on our cameras as it went door-to-door.

Officers with the Glendale Police Department and Fish and Game officials combed the area, warning residents to stay indoors.

Both Frederick Avenue and Santa Carlotta Street were blocked off Saturday evening.

Ann Sterling, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to one resident moments after police told her the bear was right outside of her home.

“The bear was just sitting there on the street right here by the sidewalk and then what he ended up doing was going up into the hills,” the resident told us. “What the Fish and Game apparently tried to do is get him to go back up into the hills.”

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  1. PatricParamedic says:

    You gotta marvel at the misplaced focus on “dangerous” wildlife that happens along.
    It is nothing if not proof of our illogical mind-bend as a species.

    For God sakes, let’s not put the bear sighting in perspective; we look juvenile, if we do.

    So while people in the neighborhood were quaking in their boots by the mere thought of a bear, another 40 citizens were killed at the hands of their own species

    You tell me who’s higher on the food chain.

  2. BD McGee says:

    no worries folks, turns out it was just a big fat hairy Armenian in a speedo.

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