TOPANGA (CBS) — A 32-year-old man was killed Sunday in a crash on the Mullholland Highway in Topanga, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Joey Jerry Dobbs, of Bellflower, was riding a motorcycle westbound on the highway about 1:15 p.m. as 62-year-old Francisca Santizo of Los Angeles was preparing to make a left turn from the highway onto Cold Canyon Road, said the CHP.

Dobbs, who was approaching Cold Canyon, attempted to pass Santizo’s 2001 Ford Windstar and rear ended the vehicle. The CHP said he was ejected from his bike and onto the roadway.

Dobbs was taken to Kaiser Woodland Hills Hospital where he was pronounced dead just after 7 p.m.

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Comments (30)
  1. MARC C. says:

    Thats a HEARTLESS thing to say. I don’t ride a motorcycle….but i have compassion and feel bad for the young man who died.Who knows if the person driving the car could of been at fault…it bothers me that the first person who posted something just flippantly wrote something so mean.Youre an IDIOT

    1. Dilla Dawg says:

      Joey Dobbs: An amaze person. Compassionate, friendly and always looking out for others. I sure wish there were more people out in the world as kind as Joey. We pray for eternal rest and peace. RR

  2. jimmey says:

    Corrupt DEA are tampering with their suspect’s automobiles with the intent of causing a fatal accident.

    Sunday Sept 18 2011 a camera at the bank adjacent to Starbucks across the street from the Santa Clara University caught 2 of these corrupt D.O.J. employees doing just that.

    The DEA is part of the crime problem and not solution.

    1. bounce says:

      Did you forget to put on your tin foil hat this morning?

  3. friend says:

    People like you are nothing but ignorant fools! Quick to give an opinion without knowing facts. This man was a great guy. A son, a father and a husband who will be graetly missed.

  4. Rocio R. says:

    For all you ignorant people that have nothing to do at 5:21 am, the road doesn’t belong to you! I don’t know this guy but my prayers are with him and his family.

  5. Miss Fox says:

    I don’t ride myself, so I don’t really understand why a person would attempt to pass a slowing or stopped vehicle on a motorcycle because that is definitely not something a person would do in a car (which provides a significantly greater amount of protection) but I’ve seen/read news reports of this kind of thing happening all the time.
    I would think that being on a motorcycle, a person would be extra wary of cars, specially considering that most people making a left hand turn, only look to see if there are any vehicles coming from the opposite direction… not trying to pass them.
    My condolences to his friends and family. 😦

  6. Tinker says:

    May this young man rest in peace, and God watch over his family.

    There will always be ignorant people who are quick to make broad statements about a situation or a person they know nothing about — beware karma is quick — compassion and is not something one is born with, and we don’t have to look far to see that first hand.

  7. Motorcyclist wife says:

    I personally cant believe some people can even be so heartless about death just because he was on a motorcycle. A motorcycle doesnt make you a stupid person or an idiot they are normal people with a normal life that have a different form of transportation other then the average car, truck or suv.

    Im sure you heartless people would think and say differently if this was YOUR son, friend. husband. cousin, dad, brother, or uncle. This man was a wonderful man and really cared about his family and friends and the well being of others. so the next time you get in your car and a motorcycle wants to pass you or is behind you or in front of you move over and share the road. watch out for motorcycles because they are normal person with a normal life and would probably do anything for anybody like most people with a kind heart… dont be fast to judge a book by its cover or in this case a person by their from of transportation.

    RIP. you will be missed. RR

    1. maverick says:

      was he wearing any leathers, full faced helmet or 3/25 helmet

  8. E-DUBB! says:

    I’m upset to read some of these comments. Joey was a nice guy…
    So please keep your smart-ass remarks to yourself…

    R.I.P. JOEY!

  9. Friend2TheFallen says:

    The internet has worse affects on peoples behaviors and actions than “Liquid Courage;” I DARE any of you heartless moronic cowards to say ANY of the things said on this page to the family of the the lost. Try saying those things while listening to the cries to God of a mother who just lost her son; or how about the wife and kids left without a father. Regardless of fault, a life was lost; this was someones son, brother, father, husband… and a Friend of mine and Countless other riders. Have some respect, and for those who refuse; don’t be a coward and hide behind the internet; grow a pair and put your face and a real name underneath that oohh soo cleaver “screen name!”

    1. Trigger says:

      Well said!

      Joey you will be dearly missed….! RR

    2. get better friends says:

      wow- someone needs a nap.
      Speaking of “liquid courage” (WTH is that anyway?) name calling on these posts is really helpful too.
      BTW, all motorcyclists are careless and deserve everything they get,

      1. Friend2TheFallen says:

        1st off; you must be the only person I’ve ever met that doesn’t know what “liquid courage” means, (Alcohol.) Secondly, I’m not name calling, just stating FACTS; if you have the nerve to talk that way about someone; then you classify as a MORONIC COWARD. Go ahead run a poll, see what people say. Thirdly, you Really proved how smart, unbiased, and level minded you are with that, ” all motorcyclists are careless and deserve everything they get.” Don’t worry, I have a feeling “karma” will be nippin’ at ur heels soon enough…

      2. AIM says:

        Obviously you’re not very well informed, so let me educate you.

        I work for a company called Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (AIM), and I know first hand that actually most motorcyclists are not careless at all.
        80% of the time when there is a collision involving a motorcycle vs. car: the motorcyclist is NOT at fault. Meaning: those driving cars are far more careless than those riding a motorcycle, however those riding a motorcycle are 30 times more likely to die in an accident. So perhaps they appear more careless but in fact, they are not.
        In regards to the remaining 20%: Everyone makes mistakes, some pay for it with their life, hopefully most will live to learn from it.

        Please be more respectful. Obviously his friends and family are reading these posts, there is no reason to cause more pain for them.

      3. Joeys sister says:

        Your such an ass hole. MY brother was the best man ever. Just because he rode a mortocycle that didnt mean he was a bad person he was the best father,son and the best brother i could ever ask for. So u can go to hell with ur nasty comments. R.I.P joey i love u so much and i miss u dearly. Love always ur sister.

  10. Neighbor says:

    R.i.P Joey was nice friend, i would have joey any time of the day, i am the neighbor of his mother & father, his father a motorcycle rider himself, his father will be scared and have fear of riding his harley davidson, so we don’t need your rude comments, his mother is very heartbroken and can’t believe what happen to her best son, joey was the best educated and caring from his whole family, he left back 2 kids, a wife, and 3 siblings, most important, his mother and father will never forget the way they lost his son. will be praying for you big homie.

    R.I.P. Joey Jerry Dodds. ❤

    1. AmberLea says:

      I’ve know him since he was a little boy and so proud of the man he grew up to be. So sad for his family…. 😦

  11. JCE says:

    Good that no cruel words were spoken by all who flanked Joe last Saturday afternoon. I was proud to be among them, strangers, compassionate and caring. And, if it’s any consolation, I think Joe felt it too.

  12. friend of a friend of a friend says:

    good- the fewer number of motorcyclists, the better.
    Buh bye now.

    1. 61st Street-KZ says:

      Everyone has the right to state their opinion, but in a delicate situation like this one, negative people should really bite their tongue. Joey’s family & friends are trying their best to deal with this tragic situation and your negative comments do not help. Life has a weird way of working itself out, but please, if you did not know Joey or his loved ones, please restrain yourself from any negative comments. You do not know if this can be you in the near future or your loved ones…

    2. yut says:

      Unfortunatley I found out these guys were riding out of control like usual. They belong to a club that rides very dangerously. 110 plus miles an hour weaving in and out of traffic. The reason I am posting this is so that maybe these young men will SLOW down it is only a matter of time and you know it. How many close calls have you had? I am not saying this to be mean but to save a life. Rest in peace Joey.

  13. Very Sad says:

    I can’t believe how some people who did not know anything about this man could say such cruel things just because he rode a motorcycle. I knew him very well and he was a great man. I have seen his familys pain first hand. People make mistakes but if there was one person who did not deserve this it was Joey. Everyday I am on the road there are a ton of true idiots driving cars. It’s not fair to pick on him because he had a motorcycle. The truth of the matter is that he was such a great guy that he would have helped anyone including you pink dot donor or you friend of a friend of a freind.
    Rest in PEACE Joey Dodds. A great father , son , brother , uncle, friend!
    He worked hard & played hard & will be missed beyond words could explain.

  14. Frito Friend says:

    Joey was one of those guys that always had a smile on his face. What an upbeat guy. He will be missed. Please watch your comments because if you knew Joey he would have been your friend. I didnt know anyone who disliked him. He will be missed!

  15. Family Friend. says:

    Joey Dobbs rest in peace, great father husband friend uncle brother son, for those who knew him can agree. this man was full of light and happiness. always smiling and had many friends. ignorant people need to have respect for him and for the family and friends who are trying to cope with this LOSS. instead of being understanding of the situation, people are ignorant and just malicious enough to leave unbelievably cold hearted comment. as if the family and friends who are reading this arent already in alot of pain. please keep your comments to your self. this man was a grat person and he will be missed dearly by many people. R.I.P joey , you will forever be missed and always in our prayers. ♥

  16. hyt says:

    Your friends at work

    1. fd says:

      Everyone loved this guy at Frito Lay.

  17. Brother says:

    as a friend of 20 years we love you Joey Dodds and we miss you

    RIP my brother

  18. Family says:

    Joey Dodds was a great man and i finally stopped crying but reading these comments made me cry again. Thank you for all the people standing up for Joey. Please if you dont have anything good to say then say nothing at all.


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