LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A man was killed and another injured in a high-speed crash along the Pacific Coast Highway that split a Ferrari into two when it struck a power pole.

The accident was reported to the Los Angeles Fire Department around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. It occurred about a quarter mile northwest of Sunset Boulevard.

The speed limit on the PCH is 45 mph, but officials said they believe the driver was going twice that at the time of the crash. Police said the car was heading south on the PCH when it took a curve at 90 mph. That’s when they say the driver lost control and hit the utility pole, causing the 1999 sports car to fly over a 30-foot embankment, landing on the beach in two pieces.

Both passengers were ejected from the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle survived the crash, but the passenger was pronounced dead on the scene.

The deceased has been identified as Basil Max Price III, a 23-year-old resident of Glendora.

“Police came to my house this morning and told me what happened, and I still don’t believe it,” Price’s mother said through tears to CBS2. “He was loved by a lot of people and I loved him with all my heart. I wish I could have saved him.”

The driver is in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center. He has been identified as 24-year-old Vladimir Skvortsov, a resident of Upland.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict says the driver had a suspended license. He had three prior arrests for DUI and the fact he was even driving angered Price’s parents. Said his father Max Price II, “I hope he lives — to pay the consequences for what he did to my son.”

Police do not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

The crash prompted the closure of the PCH between Santa Monica and Malibu for several hours and knocked down power lines. The roadway was reopened at 7 a.m.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports that authorities are trying to figure out why the driver lost control.

No other cars were believed to have been involved.

Price’s parents hope this accident serves a warning to other young drivers.

“Kids have to realize that life his precious,” Price’s mother said.

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Comments (42)
  1. Joey Dean says:

    Hmm, I think its safe to assume that alcohol will have played a part in this.


    1. Xen says:

      It could have been worse. innocent people could have been killed.

    2. Sara says:

      The family especially his sister is taking it very hard.

  2. PeteM says:

    Hey Joey, you forgot the main ingredient, incompetent driver!

  3. jack says:

    They drove a ferrari so people can give them attention. They crashed it. Now they are in the news. They got their attention.

  4. LAURA says:

    American people don’t need to buy Ferrari’s or any fast car,. NEED TO KNOW HOW DRIVE FIRST!!!

    1. bounce says:


      And some need to know how to write first.

      1. Sara says:

        Please do not talk bad about them. He was a very great guy.

    2. I write good English says:

      American people? His name is Vladamir Skvortsov. I’d hazard a guess he is not a native. What an asinine comment. I think we probably have our fair share of great drivers too. This one is just an idiot.

  5. Mel Gibson says:

    If he had 3 DUI’s they may be able to Charge him with Murder, That’s what happened to the guy who was involved with Nick Adenhart. They were probably both drunk so Price has to be responsible too for his own death.Too bad.Those older Ferrari’s are not user friendly.

    1. ransomlb says:

      Uh? Yeah! When one is convicted of a DUI offense, they sign a warning stating that if they kill someone on a subsequent DUI offense, they can be charged with 2nd degree murder.

  6. Doug says:

    Rest in peace Max. Sorry i didn’t get to say goodbye. Price’s god bless. We are there if you need us. All our Love the Thompsons

  7. Jason says:

    For some reason this song came into my head while reading this:

    Oooooooh you won’t get a lemon at Cerritos Ford.

    I know strange huh?!?

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      “Well, you won’t get a lemon (“I wouldn’t have gotten a lemon?”) … from Toyota of Orange. Well, you won’t get a lemon (“I wouldn’t have gotten a lemon”) … from Toyota of Orange!”

      1. sickofstupidpeople says:

        You both are sick and inappropriate. Someone lost their life here and families are suffering. I hope you never have to feel the pain of losing a child.

  8. Mike says:

    Three DUI’s and a suspended license. All this at 24 years old.

    It always the innocent passenger(s) that suffer the consequences. No probation and rehab for Vlad. 10 years plus in prison.

  9. Robert says:

    I’m glad innocent bystanders weren’t hurt. What a moron, three DUIs, and still driving. Looks like your future is hosed Vladamir. Welcome to the US. And welcome to our slow, and flawed justice system.

  10. C.W.Chandler says:

    A powerful car like a Ferrari should not be in the hands of immature kids with self control and wanting attention issues.Sad story.

  11. truth be told says:

    price 3rd was an adult who made his decision to be a passenger of a sports car driven by a drunk who we can agree was intoxicated, mistake #1. if believing price 3rd was without history of excessive drinking why was he not the designated driver. even sober that is a long drive from pch to the ie for skvortsov to endure, mistake #2. if believing price 2nd did his fatherly duty to instill responsible behavior, which i do not given his forwardness to place sole blame only on skvortsov, price 3rd ignored those heedings, mistake #3.

    btw, do we need to be born in america to be american? i think not.

    1. Doug says:

      How dare put this onto a parent. He was an adult doing his own thing. You obviosly have either no children of your own or you keep them locked in a cage until your death. What a shallow narrow minded person you have become in your old age or your infantile youth !

      1. truthbetold says:

        mr thompson, do not let your relationship with the family oversee the facts i stated. whether i have children or not does not change these facts.

        i, though, do wish to apologize for any hurt i have placed.

    2. sickofstupidpeople says:

      Read the article, it states they do NOT believe alcohol to be involved in the accident.

      1. truth be told says:

        yes, i read the article but as they say in aaa … people with drinking problems forever are recovering alcoholics. i believe skvortsov was high BUT given the remote possibility he was not physically impaired do you believe it was fine for him to be driving with a suspended license? look at the video … the car is in two halves. this doesn’t happen by way of just going out for a spin. massive amounts of force were required to do this and eject both occupants from the specialty car made to endure great speeds and trauma.. your comment does not excuse their poor judgement.

    3. John Q. Citizen says:

      Yes, you do in fact need to born in America to be American.

      1. Pups says:

        No, you don’t. You’ are being ignorant. One can be naturalized to become an American. The ONLY difference between a US born and a naturalized citizen is the ability to become American president.

      2. John Q. Citizen says:

        No. if you are naturalized that makes you an “American of whatever country you came from decent eg. American of Mexican decent” not a full fledges American.

      3. truth be told says:

        mr citizen, you seem to believe there are two standards for american citizen’s status those who are “full fledges american” and those who become naturalized. i would be interested to understand what you believe full fledged americans have a right to over the rest of us since you suggest the existance of a fuller class.

  12. young and dumb says:

    What an idiot.

  13. Phiilip says:

    Boys with toys….if I had a car like this at that age, it would have been me. Sad

  14. lynn says:

    It wasn`t even his car. He is the owner of a auto detailer shop and has all these cars there. It happened to be that this ferrari was parked in the garage and he decided to take it for a spin…………….What a waste. I do believe alcohol played the part. Comeon 3 DUI`s. What does that tell you. And a suspended license. He didn`t care.

  15. Garth Clark says:

    We do not need power/telephone poles along this type of roadway. Today’s technology can eliminate these dangerous obstructions via microwave towers and underground methods. Especially this PCH area, no one needs to meet up with a telephone pole no matter the reason, they are dangerous and dated technology which should be eliminated as a standard use.

    1. OG says:

      Stupid telephone pole! Why do you get in the way of a speeding idiot? Shame on you!

  16. Insurance Rep says:

    If the Ferrari is stolen, this will not go well for the victim in getting recourse.

  17. John Q. Citizen says:

    Lookin like this commie was getting his “Goose On”

  18. Aftershock says:

    NEVER drink n drive in a Ferrari….just ask the Mask…..

  19. Moogs says:

    Tragic. And foolish. FOOLISH.

    The father, my heart goes out to him, but he says the driver should survive and learn from this… hmm, I think the lesson if anyone really pays attention to lessons is that friends are actually never friends. They just wrap you up in the excitement of stuff and and endanger you sometimes.

    That kid got caught up in it and rode with an poser. Simple as that.

    Ferrari’s are special cars, its not even really about knowing how to drive as I see posted on here. Its about knowing the limitations, the specifics of those cars, its not for everyone.

    Heck, most people I see in MiniVans are the worst drivers, c’mon.

    The other underlying issue here though is an exotic super car craze surge in society.

    Especially young males. Just the other month a Glendale BMW dealership was busted for young males “car enthusiast” employees driving recklessly a new BMW 1 Series M. Fired.

    But it was telling of just how pervasive that sub-car-culture is, fueled by internet car enthusiast forums, UK car shows where all the driving is done by PROFESSIONALS and edited perfectly and made to look like anyone can push a car to 90 or 100 on a curve.

    Foolish, foolish.

    1. Moogs says:

      And let me just add that the OWNER of that Ferrari should of questioned the ability of the driver to know how to drive that car. Just because you drive little buzzy Honda’s or whatever, its not the same.

      If I were the owner of that Ferrari, I would of questioned that driver on his experience driving that kind of car, that was extremely irresponsible.

  20. cindy says:

    FIRST OF ALL – rest In Peace Max – Vladamir I wish you the best, you will always be my friend. I hope you make it through this, you are a great person. I hope we dont lose you. Life will not be the same without you. Everyone is praying for you. He is not the owner of this car, one of his customers most likely let him borrow it. He has 2 DUI’S Not 3. He got a DUI when he was under 18 and One Recently in January of 2010. He was rebuilding his image. He stopped drinking a long time ago. If you don’t know him then you shouldn’t be talking about him. God Bless

  21. Jude says:

    Any updates on the driver?

  22. Compensation laws says:

    You may be surprised with the simplest way to acquire risky normal water in cataclysm. Absolutely no actually, you will not notice this specific farming area returning !

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