FULLERTON (CBS) — As the case of Kelly Thomas’ death continues to make headlines, a watchdog Web site is getting a lot of attention.

The Web site, FullertonsFuture.org, was the first to post a video of the incident from bus cameras.

“Our YouTube channel has a million and a half views,” Travis Kiger, a part-owner of the blog, told CBS2/KCAL9’s Edward Lawrence. Kiger says he received the video from a friend.

The site was also the first to post a picture of badly beaten and bruised Thomas — a picture CBS2/KCAL9 has chosen not show because it’s too gruesome.

“We knew when we saw that, that we have to get this online to generate a response from the public. That when the public finds out what really happened to this guy, they’re gonna be upset and sure enough, they were,” he said.

The blog started three years ago to shed light on what they perceived as Fullerton’s government and elected leaders run amok. It turned into a clearing house for accusations of abuse by the Fullerton Police Department.

Kiger found and interviewed Edward Quinonez a month ago — a man who filed a complaint last year against one of the officers involved in the violent arrest that allegedly led to Thomas’ death.

“We’re out there, we’re listening to people, we’re talking to people who really have stories to tell and they want someone to listen,” Kiger said.

So far, the District Attorney has not taken any action, but the six officers involved have been placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Kiger says FullertonsFuture.org will keep posting until residents of Fullerton get justice.

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  1. anony says:

    am very sorry for this sweet young man who died as a result of these cops doing this to this poor innocent man who did not deserve this. My condolences to the father.

    I have one serious inquiry here: This father is a retired city employee and I just wonder why he could not have put his son in a home if he had a severe mental illness, or have taken care of him as he had finances to do so. I also wonder why the father expressed no emotion when he was in public view. I just wonder. Could the father helped his son while he was alive before he went to the streets?

    God bless the soul of this dear sweet guy. May angels always be with you, and lead you to paradise.

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