MURRIETA (CBS) — A seventh grade student at Shivela Middle School has been disciplined after allegedly recording a video in the girl’s locker room while some of her classmates were changing.

School District spokeswoman Karen Parris told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that about 25 to 30 students were captured on video, most of which were fully-clothed. According to Parris, some of the students were aware they were being recorded.

The incident, which occurred Tuesday, was reported to school officials Wednesday and was investigated by Murrieta police.

Police Lt. Tony Conrad told the newspaper the unidentified student won’t be charged with a crime because it’s not believed she was deliberately recording other students. An investigation revealed that she was only intending to record her friend, Conrad added.

Authorities said none of the footage was believed to have been transmitted to other people.

Students are allowed to carry cell phones on campus for emergency use but the student handbook prohibits them from recording videos in locker rooms, Parris added.

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Comments (10)
  1. Jack mason says:

    Aye aye aye what is the big deal, kids just cant have any fun at all dude.

  2. smart water says:

    if this were a male he would be in jail by now…

  3. Edward says:

    I don’t understand why the police were brought in. That probably traumatized the kids far more than the recording.

    1. CB says:

      What would you do if your 13 year old daughter was caught undressed in the background and the video hit the web. As a parent, I’d be furious if the school was aware of this incident and DIDN’T involved the police.


  4. qwesdr says:

    10 years probation, mental evaluation, juvie detention until 18. In fact, females should know better, so fines should be twice as harsh

  5. Talk2me says:

    What’s the big deal? They are only kids. No adults want to have sex with them. It wouldn’t be normal, right.

  6. Muck Fu says:

    Pics or didn’t happen.

  7. sscarzz says:

    If she did this one incident there may be more.

  8. victoria says:

    hahahahah i go to shivela and seen alot of locker room videos on youtube with epople changing im surpprised they dnt see those 😮

  9. victoria says:

    i meant to put a suprised face

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