UPDATE (4:15 p.m.): A spokesperson for Ralphs says if there is a strike the company will initially close all their stores. Says Kendra Doyel, “During a strike, it is difficult to create a good shopping experience for our customers and a good working environment for our employees. We will evaluate the situation as it progresses.”

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Grocery workers upset with sluggish contract negotiations could strike as early as Sunday night.

A notice to cancel a contract extension has been filed, putting workers one step closer to a walkout, according to Grocery Workers Union Local 770 President Rick Icaza.

“While we are disappointed the union leadership has taken this step, Ralphs remains committed to reaching an agreement,” Ralphs Vice President of Public Relations Kendra Doyel said. “Active negotiations are ongoing and this does not mean a strike is imminent. Our stores are open for business and we are ready to serve our customers.”

Supermarkets and the union have been battling over health care for 62,000 workers.

Vons issued the following statement:

We are disappointed by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Locals’ decision to give the employers 72 hour notice of the cancellation of the contract extension. Doing so needlessly alarms our employees and our customers. The notice does not mean a strike is imminent or that a strike will necessarily occur at any point. The notice simply allows the union the ability to call a strike if they choose to do so. Vons and the other employers intend to remain focused on the negotiation process and urge the unions to do so the same.

Similarly, Albertsons says it hopes bargaining will continue and that a strike can be averted.

“We are disappointed that union leadership decided to take this step. We are still in active negotiations and have made progress during our talks this past week and a half. It’s important to remember that the 72-hour notice doesn’t change the terms of the existing contract, and it doesn’t mean a strike is imminent. All it does is give the union the ability to call a strike in the near future. We don’t want a strike, and we hope to continue bargaining rather than continue to alarm our associates and our customers. In the meantime, our stores are open for business and ready to serve the communities in which we operate.”

Comments (111)
  1. Carlos the Lemming says:

    The last one sent me to Trader Joe’s and I have never looked back. Try Henry’s Market which is a better version of cardboard tasting Whole Foods. Remember by crossing the picket lines, you are showing the unionized morons that they are stupid for leaving a job in this economy and in America, you can shop wherever you wish. Oh, and on another L.A. note, McCourt, leave the Dodgers! I won’t be going back to a game until you leave!

    1. Styker 21 says:

      Another worthless bottom feeding Union, like the school teachers. Hide behind a Union that can give a rats rear end if your there or not.
      Go to: Trader Joes, Fresh and Easy, Stater Bros. said they will settle fast and may not strike. Walking away FROM A JOB WHILE THE ECONOMY IS IN THE TOILET. I hope they don’t get hired back after the strike. I’m a Union member, but we work hard and must produce or were out.

      1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

        You’re a union member? You’re a hypocrite.

      2. John Price says:

        Wow, you’re a union member? Exactly what union do you belong to?

      3. michelle says:

        wow mr. union member…can you read?? be sure to thank a teacher! Also, you must have a loose definition of what a union is because you just spouted 3 fallacies here that are make you sound like a very uninformed union member..

      4. Kalli says:

        Im a UFCW member and I HATE MY UNION

    2. diane says:

      If you did not have unions, all you salaried people would not have any benefits and be workng for very little. IT WAS THE UNIONS WHO GOT YOU ALL YOUR BENEFITS.

      1. Ron says:

        Diane, I suppose you still BELIEVE in the EASTER BUNNY and SANTA CLAUS !!!!

        That’s amazing Diane, because luckily NOT all private companies have UNIONS. But like most Union employees, YOU believe EVERYTHING that the union SPOON FEEDS you.

        Get an EDUCATION and learn to THINK for yourself. OH, that’s right you can’t, because YOU work for the UNION.

    3. diane says:

      As if they will miss you.

  2. Think twice people! says:

    Bad time to walk off of a paying job.

    I have been out of work for over two years as have been millions of others and plan to take your job. Go a head and call me a scab, I have three children to feed and on the verge of loosing my house.

    So think about that when you walk the line!

    1. TC says:

      The only “morons” are people like YOU! People like you apparently do not realize or care that if it were NOT for unions people working non-union jobs would NOT have the few benefits they DO have.

      Most business owners, left to their own accord would make people work 6 or 7 days per week, there would be NO minimum wage, there would be NO vacation time or benefits of any kind. It is only because UNIONS fought for these rights that ANY company (non-union included) provides these benefits.

      If grocery stores DO choose to strike do NOT take jobs at these stores and do NOT cross picket lines. You’ll not only be hurting the employees of those stores; you’ll also be hurting yourselves.

      1. Ron says:

        TC, does the C in your name stand for CONGER? You are not the SON or Daughter of the UNION boss man are you? UFCW Local 324?

        That might explain why YOU have such WARPED and STRONG feeling for the UNION.

      2. T says:

        @TC – some unions are strong and necessary, but when the employer continues to have the majority of the control in a situation – i dont see how much good this one is doing …. Laborers Local, AFLCIO -Paperworkers these were necessary when I was growing up, This one doesnt seem to be helping anything but themselves to the employees wallets….Not according to what I see anyway ….Several of the people that work there get minimum wage or just over and if they are earning good money, end up part time – Im sorry – but in this case – i cant see the results of their assistance. Maybe you see something I dont ….

      3. Duh! says:

        @TC – there was a time when unions were needed to protect employees because of the very reasons you sight. However, there are federal, state and local laws that prevent the problems that the unions were created to combat in the first place. This is thanks to the unions.

        But now, unions have outlived their purpose. It is no longer about protecting the workers but filling the union coffers. How much is the union going to pay you when you go on strike? Are they going to help you pay your bills? You pay them union dues. What do they do with this money?

        There are many, many people standing in line waiting to take the striker’s jobs when they walk off. This is not like the last time the union tried their strong arm tactics. There is a ready and willing workforce available. A strike at this time means little to the supermarkets as they have already received enough applications to fill the shoes of striking workers. The supermarket I shop at took down their sign asking for people to apply for a job in case there is a strike because they have enough applicants.

        BTW – supermarkets don’t choose to strike, the union workers choose to strike. I will cross the picket lines because with today’s gas prices, I cannot afford to be driving all over the place to buy my groceries. By not crossing the picket lines, I will be hurting myself. Why should I suffer when the union workers choose to walk off their jobs?

      4. Michelle H. says:

        A job is a job, it sucks crossing that picket line but it also sucks having youre kid starve because you can’t get a job to pay for food. you do what you have to do and there is no right to harrass the people trying to make an honest living. If this strike goes My husband will be one of those people walking out. he doesnt want to we have bills to pay and he has a daughter to feed but its not his choice. he works hard and luckily has benifits from my job but he doesnt hate the people that will replace him during this strike he relates to them times are tough and when he’s not striking he will be out looking for another part time job so survive. not be quick to judge people and calling them names just because theyre hard working people.

      5. John Price says:

        @Duh! So I guess you didn’t hear that the companies just plan to close the stores down rather than hire replacement workers. That’s probably why they took their sign down. I don’t think they have plans to take advanges of the ready and willing workforce.

      6. Kevin Pearson says:

        Well, YOU wouldn’t, because it OBVIOUS that you cannot possibly tell your ass from your elbow and therefore would be of NO VALUE to ANY employer.

        You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what it takes to run a business,
        You have drunken the Kool-Aid that those thug union bosses have been telling you- which proves that you are an idiot. You have NO IDEA what a business does to maintain valuable employees because you are NOT one and could NEVER be one with your attitude and complete lack of common sense.

        It is obvious you are a liberal, which by definition means that whatever pu$$y you call “daddy” wasn’t man enough to give you the butt whoopin’ you so sorely deserve.

        I am sure that there are a lot of people reading this that you like to shove their foot up your ass, but they would have trouble doing so with your head in the way.

      7. Ron says:

        People, Now we Know why T.C. is SO concerned about the UNIONS. TODD CONGER, same last name as GREG CONGER(Pres. of Local 324), is a spokesman for the same Local 324 of the United Food and Commercial Workers UNION. That’s why when HE SAID, ” If grocery stores DO choose to strike do NOT take jobs at these stores and do NOT cross picket lines. You’ll not only be hurting the employees of those stores; you’ll also be hurting yourselves.” HE was just trying to PROTECT his JOB and CUSHY lifestyle !!!!

        Isn’t it interesting HOW the UNION Reps try to disguise their true IDENTITIES and make comments like they are just another member of the PUBLIC voicing their OPINION.

        The PUBLIC spoke LOUD and CLEAR. Their ANGER STOPPED this STRIKE and NOW we MUST let all UNIONS hear OUR voice. WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW the UNION to DISRUPT our lives and at ELECTION time we will TAKE BACK our COUNTRY by VOTING OUT all DEMOCRATS or any politician that SUPPORTS the UNIONS !!!!

    2. nomechifles says:

      Those workers should be thankfull they have a job. I have been unemployed for so long and strugling to find one, no health insurance, no income from anywhere.
      Lay them all off and hire the ones who really want to work.

      1. c says:

        Maybe its time you put the tissue box down and get a UNION job. This union has given me job security for more than 23 years. What makes you think I don’t want to work??? The markets what to take away benefits. The union is fighting just to maintain current levels. You’re all missing the fact that these corporate CEO’s are taking home Millions every year. Safeway CEO Steve Byrd took home a $40 million bonus after the 2003 strike. What justifies ONE MAN getting a $40 million bonus??? Nomechifles, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to help you out financially. Ask him!!! Better yet, ask him for one of his $8.00/hour jobs. You can live in total luxury with that kind of money, huh???

    3. Rose says:

      I agree. I need to pay bills too. A PAYING job is a PAYING job.

      1. diane says:

        Every member of Kaiser is unionized, including the doctors, and some of you think union members are uneducated.

      2. Ron says:

        Diane, NOT all UNION members are UNEDUCATED, JUST those that vote to STRIKE during a DOWN economy. If Kaiser employees are UNIONIZED, I wonder what THEY pay for THEIR health Insurance?

    4. michelle says:

      you should know that I am a grocery store employee that can barely take care of herself on the wages paid by my company. I am about to lose everything I own, uproot, and move my entire family…..I hope that weighs on YOUR mind as you cross

      1. Thomas says:

        MIchelle, it does weigh on everyone’s minds. But let’s be serious. It is not that hard to be a worker at a grocery market. I spent 8 years working for Ralph’s in the 80s. There is a reason stores are installing self-scanners. All you need is a pulse to run one of them and not be paid $15 an hour.

        Do you really need to be paid time and a half on Sundays and triple time on holidays? NO!!!!!!! Forty years ago that was necessary because many places weren’t open on Sundays or holidays. This is the 21st century and everyone works Sundays with no premium and only a little on holidays.

        It sounds as if you guys are ready to give up the premiums to save a little on health care. See the point here?

  3. L.C. says:

    Ask the Union President and other officials (not the Union Representative) how this will affect their income? They will still continue to collect a paycheck while the union workers starve. With todays labor laws, unions are a waste and a profit making entity supported by the union workers. Remember while your union officials are in negotiations they are being paid their wage along with a substantial daily per diem all funded by the monthly union dues the workes have paid every month. One more thing . . . while your walking those picket lines remember the tallys for union dues is still running and you’ll be paying back union dues for the pleasure of walking the lines.

    1. T says:

      well said – they still get a paycheck and you dont.

      1. John Price says:

        Well, they are still doing their jobs…so I guess that makes sense.

    2. c says:

      This one time…yes. What about the last 23 years I’ve been drawing a nice paycheck with benefits for 3 healthy kids??? Its not our fault you lost your job. Learn from this. Maybe all you unemployed crybabies should join this union. Who has a job??? Me!!! Who’s crying??? You!!! My union must be doing something right. What about your union??? No union you say??? Continue filling out those job applications. When all is said and done, I’ll be going back to work. What about you???

      1. Ron says:

        @c: I am NOT unemployed, I hate the UNIONS and I will be VERY HAPPY when I hear that you have LOST your JOB and filling out those same applications, that you THINK you are so ABOVE DOING. What comes around GOES around.

        Sleep good tonite, because I predict YOU and your Union WILL have some HARD TIMES ahead. And with YOUR ATTITUDE, I can’t think of ANYONE more DESERVING.

    3. diane says:


  4. Dtue Keke says:

    better get rid of the union clowns before it’s too late

    1. Ron says:

      It IS long OVERDUE !!!!

  5. Jack Ritoli says:

    12% Un-Employment there will be a line out to street at each store to take those jobs.

  6. john ashton says:

    Good luck workers, do what you have to do. These Supermarkets make billions and don’t want to pay their workers fairly;its the norm in america nowdays. Fight on,if you give in this time, you’ll be working for even less a year from now and less benefits.

    1. Ron says:

      GROCERY STORES, DO NOT GIVE IN to this BLACKMAIL !!!! It is the UNIONS that are forcing these workers to strike. Have you noticed that they NEVER publish the EXACT VOTE, for or against the strike? The union reps DO GET PAID during the strike, unlike the workers.

      1. TC says:

        Gee Ron, such animosity toward the Unions. Sounds like you are either a business owner who does NOT want to share the profits with their employees or you’re jealous of the union workers because you do NOT work for a union and lucky enough to have an agency protecting you.

        Oh and in case you are wondering, no I am NOT employed by a union, but I grew up in a Union household and I thank God for unions. I know how they can protect people, especially when falsely accused.

      2. Ron says:

        @TC: Then that explains why YOU have such a WARPED view of peoples’ and businesses’ FREEDOM of CHOICE and HUMAN rights to work, vote and shop, where they want and NOT have a UNION DICTATE their votes or choices !!! Evidently, you and your UNION have forgotten that this is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

        And if you DID grow up in a UNION household, then YOU are living in the PAST, because they WERE originally for the BENEFIT of the members, but NOW the ONLY ones that BENEFIT, are the UNION BOSSES and REPs.

        And I am IMMUNE to your TYPICAL union comments, that business owners are bad and unions are good and necessary.

        YOU are on a LOSING end of this BATTLE, as you will soon see.

      3. John Price says:

        So when the economy is bad, people who worked hard to keep their company in business and DIDN’T lose their jobs should just stand by and let all their benefits and wages be stripped away? Gee….I seriously doubt business owners would exploit that to their advantage.

      4. Ron says:

        JOHN PRICE, YOU like all the UNION REPs and members that were SOLD a bill of goods by YOUR union BOSSES, keep implying or saying that the benefits and wages are being stripped away. And THAT IS an outright LIE !!!! The ONLY issue IS a SMALL increase in the Health premiums. So STOP SPEWING your LIES to the union members and the PUBLIC.

        JOHN PRICE, you are the WORST example of a person that will LIE or DISTORT the FACTS, to get your desired outcome, WITHOUT any concern of who you hurt.
        Soldiers to the SLAUGHTER !!!

    2. Rona scab hater! says:

      @Ron why don’t you just flush your self in the toilet where you belong!!!why do you keep on whining!!!waaahhh waaaahhhh waaahhhhh you are the cry baby!!!gosh what the heck is your problem???you are so affected by this situation,don’t you have a life???are you part of those 3 companies???if not…you are not the one who’s gonna go on strike,you are not the one who owns those companies so stop whining like a baby!!!you are such a loser!!!get a life pretending to be mr. know it all simpleton!!!stop humiliating yourself!!!you disgust me big time!!!

      1. Ron says:

        @Rona scab hater!: THE ONLY person HUMILIATING HERSELF, is YOU.
        With your PSYCHOBABBLE and UNINTELLIGENT repetition of someone’s attempt to ELEVATE their command of the English language, BEYOND their capacity to UNDERSTAND the WORDS that come out of their MOUTH.

  7. Cynthia says:

    I’m not shopping at any of these stores – it will be Trader Joes or some of the striking people may be working at other stores like Stater Bro’s from what I hear. I’m not happy that there will be new workers at the stores that most likely wont be well trained in handling food. I’m also afraid the stores will be short handed and the food may not be fresh. I like the pharmacy but I’ll be going to CVS until this is over. I like how the stores are blaming this on the union when they are the only ones that have the power to stop inconviencing us by stopping this.

    1. Ron says:

      @Cynthia: It is called union BLACKMAIL !!!! The intelligent people do NOT buy your B.S.

      1. Cynthia says:

        I think this affects people differently. I need help with my shopping I’m not well. I’ve been going to Ralphs for years and they know me and make sure I get help with what I need so this is going to be really hard for people like me and I blame the store because they put people like me in a bad situation. Whatever it’s called I don’t care all I care about is that I’m able to easily get food and medications for myself.

      2. Ron says:

        Cynthia, then educate yourself and don’t blame the stores. They have offered MUCH MORE to their workers, then MOST NON-UNION members will ever get, but the unions want more, as usual.

        The UNIONS don’t give a DAMN about your suffering either, they just want their UNION DUES and to PREVENT any NON-UNION stores from competing with them. To STIFLE FREEDOM of CHOICE.

        If you want polite service, efficient and caring people, then go to Trader Joes.

        Sorry for your inconvenience, but it is the UNION that has caused it.

      3. Rose says:

        I dont buy it. UNIONS are NOT needed in the State of California. We have soo many laws protecting the employees. UNIONS are OUTDATED and need to go!

      4. Sol Betnune says:

        Ron, you are an idiot, plain and simple. A classic simpleton.

      5. c says:

        Ron either hates his union…or has been making $8.00/hour at one of his two non-union jobs for the last 15 years. Which is it??? I’ll still have my job strike or not. We survived 141 days in 2003. We will survive this time. You don’t predict I lose my job…you HOPE!!! The only thing that will keep me from sleeping well is trying to decide which Hawaiian Island I’ll be going to…AGAIN…FOR THE 7TH TIME. Aloha!!!

      6. Ron says:

        c, I do NOT work for any unions and I make a HELL of a LOT more than you ever will. Good news for you, since Ralphs and Albertsons will close during any strike, you can head to Hawaii, instead of picketing. When you get back, your company and/or job will be gone.

        And Sol Betnune, you don’t even know what a Simpleton is. Why did your mama give you that name and what the HELL does it mean? He who opens mouth, just to hear his ears whistle?

  8. jimmy says:

    why are these workers striking against the stores??? it was not the stores that enacted this new health care legislation!!! the people that they are striking against also have to pay more for their health insurance!!! AS DOES THE REST OF THE US!!! In an economy that has record unemployment choosing between paying a little more for your health care and giving up your job to one of the thousands of people desparatly searching for one makes no sense what so ever

  9. DH says:

    Everyone is suffering in today’s economy. These workers don’t want to contribute a small amount to their health insurance premiums. So many of us are paying hundreds of dollars a month for insurance. I have rarely shopped at any of these markets since the last strike. I’m done. I won’t be back.

  10. jimmy says:

    dont punish the stores for the greed of the unions!!!

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      This is why I do ALL my shopping at Wal-Mart. Wonderful red state NON-UNION – the way it ought to be – Wal-Mart.

  11. jimmy says:

    its not the workers or the stores, it is THE UNIONS and their greedy representatives!!!! you know the ones who will still collect a paycheck while the people they force to strike get nothing!!!

  12. Roger Nustad says:

    What’s wrong with these Union workers…there is 10-14% unemployment in California and they think they are above it all……FIRE EVERYONE OF THEM AND REPLACE THEM WITH PEOPLE THAT WANT A JOB!!!

  13. John Ashton says:

    People are so ignorant; Thats why big corporation kick us around now because of backward thinking cowards like some of these comments. Big corporations know times are hard and they expect you to take whatever they give, don’t buy into it. Do not listen to these people who support working for below the minimum wages while supermarkets make billions off your back. Don’t let them bring slavery back! Fignt ON! We’ll deal with the scabs….

    1. Ron says:

      John Ashton, spoken like a TYPICAL union REP, using DECEPTION to lead your SOLDIERS into the SLAUGHTER !!! They will die (economically: lose JOB, HEALTH BENEFITS, HOUSE, etc.), while you continue to draw YOUR PAY and all your BLOATED BENEFITS.

      And THEY are NOT working for BELOW minimum wage, there is a LAW against that.

      And sure YOU’LL deal with the SCABS, because that’s the way UNIONS work. There IS already SLAVERY, it is called UNION members(soldiers) and the PLANTATION owners are the UNION Bosses and their REPs.

    2. unemployed scab says:

      I’ll see you at the picket line John, while I head into to work.

      1. Debbie says:

        I’ll be right behind you scab to support the grocery stores and laugh at the idiots going without pay and claiming hardships!

      2. Sabrina says:

        @debbie…Oh my gosh???is this debbie the stinkin’ selfish leech???I notice you love using the words idiots and moron…my oh my…a person without morals…why???you can’t get enough of yourself being one???your words,your bad attitude and your soul stinks…i am so glad i am not you or even close of being you…and so lucky me for not even had the chance of meeting you in person i bet you stink like wwwwwoootttttt wwwoooootttttt LMFAO!!!debbie the leech behind a loser scab!!!well wake up debbie these union workers are luckier than you!!!because they are not you and they don’t stink like you!!!

    3. Bust the UFCW says:

      You don’t like it: get the next flight to Peking. Be sure to let us knwo how that works out. And if you have a problem with me crossing your pitiful line: come ahead.

    4. Ron says:

      John ASHTON, I was just reading a headline about another Union and YOUR LAST NAME was PROMINENT in the article. United Auto Workers Vice President JOE ASHTON vs. General Motors. I guess YOUR FAMILY has a VESTED interest in EVERYTHING UNION.

      So I guess YOU are a DESCENDENT of the PLANTATION SLAVE OWNERS, that you SO HYPOCRITICALLY state, ” Don’t let them bring slavery back!

      But what’s new, the UNIONS are the KINGS of HYPOCRISY !!!

  14. leo says:

    I can not support this strike.

  15. Tom Stroud says:

    As soon as they strike, FIRE THEM ALL. I am sure there are many in line that would gladly take their jobs and be happy.


    1. Michelle H. says:

      @Tom Stroud its not the employees that are choosing this its the unions making them. yes making even tho my husband voted against the strike he has to walk out. its not fair but he will find another job while both the Store and Unions play grab ass until one cries uncle. from what Ive heard if they do go on strike Ralphs might do a whole lockout so there wont be scabs nor pickets there will just be darkness sending more people to unemployment

      1. Ron says:

        Michelle H., wouldn’t it be nice to know how many workers voted against the strike? That is probably why the union won’t disclose that info. It was probably voted down.

        Sorry for your husband’s plight.

      2. Bust the UFCW says:

        Your husband doesn’t HAVE to walk out. He can be a man and do his job.

  16. brandon says:

    I hope that the 3 big companies would just give WHATEVER THE UNION WANTS…they are not asking for a lot…for the 3big companies and for all those people who are saying bad things to the union let me tell you something “SUCCESS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU HAVE OR ACHIEVED,IT IS WHAT YOU DO FOR OTHERS…THAT MATTERS!!!AT THE END OF LIFE YOU WOULD NOT BE JUDGED BY HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE OR WHAT MASTERS DEGREE YOU FINISHED BUT ON HOW YOU HELPED,CARED&LOVED ONE ANOTHER…This is what the world needs now during this very rough and tough time…For those people who have nothing good to say just don’t say anything…you guys doesn’t have any rights to degrade or judge all these hardworking workers who unselfishly support their families…only GOD has the right to judge us…so stop putting down the union workers…UNION WORKERS I am on your side…Let’s Always Pray and Hope that the 3big companies would open their hearts,realize and appreciate how hardworking workers all of you are and understand that you are not asking for too much…The health care benefits that they are asking for is not even a luxury it’s a necessity. we all know that these companies earns billions of dollars because of these workers who patiently work so hard to give the best service they could ever give to the customers and all they want is a fair contract for their loving families….this is not too much to ask for…For the Companies treat your workers as part of your one big whole family,support and care for them and their families…Union Workers stay strong…Good Luck! More Power! God Bless!

  17. geeM says:

    A lot of hatred out there for Unions. Of course you probably enjoy a 40 hour work week, overtime, and a day off on Labor Day. I won’t be crossing any picket lines.

    1. Bust the UFCW says:

      I enjoy all those through my own efforts, not through those of an outdated, irrelevant anachronism.

  18. Uhoh says:

    Union workers.LOLOLOLOL

  19. Debbie says:

    I can’t wait for these people to go on strike. I plan on crossing every picket line in town. When did medical insurance become a right? I don’t happen to see anything in this country’s Bill of Rights suggesting that citizens are guaranteed free medical insurance. I believe in affordable medical insurance and from what I have seen the stores ARE offering affordable medical insurance. In fact, what the stores are proposing for a family is still less than what I pay for medical insurance for just myself. I am a nurse and work in the medical industry and nobody is giving me anything. Previous posts talk about hard working employees, well I know some hard working people that can’t find a job and would be grateful to be working and contributing to their benefits. I am so tired of the “give me” generation and would support any business that got rid of these leeches and hired unemployed people who would be happy to pay their fair share. When are union workers going to realize that the union can care less about the workers. All they care about is getting their union dues and keeping some kind of power. This strike is a perfect example….they will let the employees go without any pay just so they don’t have to pay 36.00 a month for insurance. Wake up people!!

    1. Super Charge! says:

      Oh, a women (hopefully) after my own heart=)

    2. T says:

      i think the union dues are more than that – at least the last paycheck my daughter had there that i saw…. Without the union – that money could be used for their health care and they would have one expense instead of 2 being taken out every week – at least that would help….not alot -but a little bit…

    3. michelle says:

      wow when did it become right for the CEO’s of big companies to take take and take some more and leave the workers at the bottom to starve????? Stop buying into the grocery store rhetoric people…people can barely take care of their families now and you think were going to walk out over $9 increase in health care???? Use your noggins! When we were hired the lure of the job was that it had “excellent benefits” etc. and that came with being a union job…how exactly is it being “handed to us” if all were asking is for the stores to keep their promises and fulfill what lured many of us to the job in the first place? Everyone deserves to be able to take care of their families! share the wealthy CEO’s…happy employees=more profits later down the road

      1. MWalters says:

        Good, go on stike and try to make it on $0.

    4. Sabrina says:

      @debbie how i wish the world turns upside down…you become one of the union workers whose striving to survive and trying to save every single penny they have to keep on living this hard tough times and they become the big shot nurse who does not care at all and tired of the “give me” generation…you have to be in their shoe to understand them…i guess you are rich thats why you do not empathize those poor workers whose fighting for something not luxurious but a necessity…of course nobody is gonna give you anything…i bet you already have everything!you are a nurse!are you trying to be greedy???the rich get richer and the poor get poorer because of people like you debbie you are the leech…who never care for the less fortunate people out there.you wake up debbie this people are not asking for a mercedes or a mansion…all their asking for is help for their health care…they are not asking for too much!!!If you are really a nurse i feel sorry for your patients for having a heartless nurse like you…just a piece of advice debbie change while you can so when judgement comes you have something better to say about yourself…it is always better to give than to receive!!!

      1. Debbie says:

        LOL @ Sabrina. It’s hard times for everyone you moron, including myself. Me being a nurse has nothing to do with people “getting poorer” so get off your soapbox and stop blaming others. This is a free country and if these employees don’t want to pay towards their medical insurance then they can go find jobs where they get free insurance. Good luck with that one. Trust me, this “big shot” nurse will have no problems on judgement day. By the way, I am writing this on my iPad which I worked overtime to buy. That’s just the kind of leech I am.

      2. Sabrina says:

        @debbie…first of all i am not a moron…did your parents taught you some morals in life???i guess not!!!shame on you!listen debbie…if a nurse like you is having a hard time right now how much more those people who just work in a grocery store???i am not blaming you for being a nurse…i am just saying that selfish and greedy people like you who do not care for the sake of other people are the reason why the less fortunates are suffering…oh yeah debbie you won’t have any problems on judgement day???LMFAO…if me myself i am not sure if i am worthy of going to heaven,you are telling me you won’t have any problems???Come on!!!you’re kidding me right???look at yourself in the mirror and ask this:”what’s in my heart?”do i care?do i help?do i feel for those people who have less?…well,i guess you know now how selfish you are…you are the kind of person who just care for herself and i hope you are the only one…i am not stupid debbie you can get an ipad without even working overtime…i know so well how much a nurse earns a day…or…you are not really a nurse???and yes thats just the kind of leech you are…a selfish stinkin’ leech…don’t worry i won’t call you a moron because i am pretty sure you are worst than that!!!change while you can…help when you can…wake up people nothing is permanent in this world…people won’t remember how rich you are…when one is gone all that’s going to stay in their memories are all the unselfish and good things you have done…how much you helped,how much you cared and how much you loved…sometimes you have to be in ones persons shoe to understand what they are going through…but for me it’s better if you would just open your heart and reach out to them instead of putting them down…be thankful for your blessings and share it to those who needs it…like i said its better to give than to receive which i know debbie for a fact that you are not aware of.Stop the greed and selfish acts…let the goodness prevail and make this world a better place to live in.

    5. bugman says:

      Years ago I tried to get into the Post office as a temp to full time,2 years,but, afifirmitive action at that time I lost out.Vietnam vet and these people are crying!, I paid insurance with the company’s I worked for.Now I do not have a job,thank god for VA benefits.I will gladly take yours,crybabies,and the union!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ron says:

        bugman, THANK YOU for your service. I am sorry that you don’t have a job, but I am glad you have your V.A. benefits. YOU ARE a FINE AMERICAN, bugman !!!!

  20. uhoh says:

    Shut all these overpriced stores down. Bring on the Super WalMarts and Super Targets. Buy in bulk and goto Costco. Their meat is far better than all of these stores.

    1. DH says:

      I agree. Shop at Stater Bros, Smart & Final, and Superior too.

  21. tracy says:

    a job is a job but a minimum wage job is not enough to survive anyway. if you’re happy working at minimum wage levels, go for it. let corporate greed dictate as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  22. Kevin says:

    Unions are cancer to business and have to be cut out. Look at what they did to the auto industry! With high unemployment there are several people that will take their jobs!

  23. Norm says:

    Supermarket’s Dirty Secret:
    Free Labor

    Dear Consumer:
    How many times have you gone to the grocery store and asked someone for help in locating an item for purchase, only to be told, “Sorry. I don’t work here.” That’s the dirty secret the grocery stores don’t want to talk about.


    Below is a partial list of all the FREE LABOR provided outside vendors for the grocery stores get every week. These outside companies pay their own employees to come into the grocery stores and stock the shelves with their products. It amounts to 200 to 300 HOURS of FREE LABOR EVERY WEEK PER STORE. That translates to MILLIONS of dollars in savings per store to the grocery industry. And does the grocery industry past the savings on to you????????

    Ask Steven A. Burd, President, Von’s Inc. His total compensation per year is $67.17 million. Burd cashed
    out his Safeway stock while it was still hot, selling 300,000 shares of company stock between September 3 and October 14, 2003, making $5.2 million. Had Burd waited to sell until after the talks broke off and workers went on strike, he would have made nearly $1 million less, due to lower stock value.

  24. joe says:

    The place where I work has a union. But if they will go on strike during hard times, I would rather go to another company. Family comes first before anything else for me. It is true that union has done good things to workers. Unfortunately, there had been many cases were it turned out to be bad for the workers as well. Times are tough and we need to compromise. Some of the demands of the union are unrealistic during hard economic times.

  25. Mike Wilson says:

    I will go shopping at Gelson’s, Vallarta, Trader Joe’s, and Fresah and Easy. There are many good markets to choose from.

  26. Lonnie Fehr says:

    lol Ralphs just close up , thats what these employees get , in this economy no money or jobs , and they always want more , unions are destroying usa , all ready have pushed everything to china . actually any one can do there jobs , scanning food , packing bags lol .

    1. MWalters says:

      Many folks scan their own groceries now!

  27. John says:

    You do realize that the last strike almost destroyed Vons right? This one could drive them right out of business. Have fun trying to get a new non-union job and the new Walmarts that will pop up to fill the demand for groceries. You’re paying the price for thinking too much of yourselves for unskilled labor. Anyone can stock a shelf or use a UPC scanner. You’ve just priced yourselves out of the market. Tough luck.

  28. MD says:

    I had a discussion with my 8 and 15 year old kids last night. We talked about the strike and how these workers didn’t want to contribute to their health insurance costs. My kids know how tough its been for us with the bad economy. I told them its okay to work in a market part time or as a summer job but don’t think you’re going to make a career out of it. Do well in school and get a real career if you want some good benefits.

    1. michelle says:

      and what will a degree get you now a days? not a whole lot! I hate to be the burden of bad news, but just because you do well in school and get a degree doesn’t mean that a “real” career will be waiting for you at the end with all the bells and whistles…Matter a fact, there are quite a few of my co workers (myself included) that got the fancy degree, but cannot find the “real” job…This economy has been tough on everyone, but with you having a family I would think you would realize that we do what we need to take care of what is precious to us..If that means staying in the so called “fake” job to make ends meat so be it..I hope “real careers” are out there for your kids, but don’t be surprised when there isn’t.

  29. ginny says:

    Unions beware. I have family that live in Hawaii, and the Hawaii teachers union leaders stated that the old contract was considered null and void, then left the bagaining table and went to a meeting in Chicago. While they were gone the Govenor announced that since the Union chose to leave the discussions and arbitration that the contract offer on the table was now binding. The teachers lost their shirts and the courts have upheld the Govenors decision so far.

    1. Ron says:

      Ginny, THANKS for the info. Great news for the PEOPLE.

  30. M. Peters says:

    First of all, there has always been jobs available for those willing to work. If you would have put down your bong and turned off Steve Wilkos, you may have known that. To say you are going to take my job is just absurd. I fault no one for needing work or working grocery in the midst of this strike. If you knew the inside of what is really at stake instead of forming an opinion based solely on media coverage, you may think twice before making such statements…..Good luck to you…

    1. Ron says:

      “If you knew the inside of what is really at stake instead of forming an opinion based solely on media coverage, you may think twice before making such statements…”, M. Peters, since the Union is so determined to hide the details, why don’t give us the SPECIFICS, then WE can judge for ourselves? IF you are NOT spewing the same Union B.S., then we WILL expect the REAL SPECIFICS, NOT an EXTREME example, used as an average situation..

      1. Ron says:

        …why don’t YOU give us the SPECIFICS….

  31. John says:

    I feel bad for the people who do n’t want to strike. They are forced to join UFCW and then forced to go on strike. At least where I work, you have the choice to join. And, because of my line of work, we are not allowed to strike anyways so the union is mostly there to negotiate wages and fair labor practices which they do well.

    I make good money, but I would not walk out on a paying job in this economy. These $17 an hour cashiers would be looking for another job during the strike for the same pay. Sorry, McD only pays minimum wage.

  32. Jr says:

    If your are worry about what a CEO makes, go to school and get a Master Degree. I’ll cross the picket line AND SUPPORT the Albertson, Ralphs and Vons.

    i’ll take your pay check while you stand on the streets. let the unions pay your bills. I will also watch your cars and houses get repo…..

    and at the end, the union will close the door and not help you out. Remember the company pays your check not the union. Did you forget the your pay stubs say Ralphs or Vons…..Not the local union…

  33. lizzy says:

    i have a question.to be honest i didn’t/don’t Fully understand this whole strike thing,so i applied at an albertsons.but me being 19 with no job.what else can i do,i applied everywhere with no luck, i have a son i need to support and i also need help paying my school loans,so i desperately need this job and its willing to pay $10-13 an hr. but my question was if im considered a “scab” can i still apply in another store later on in the future and if the stores union would i be able to get a job there. im jst wondering. keep in mind i am not officially a “scab” yet.

    1. Ron says:

      Lizzy, that IS an EXCELLENT question. It would be good to ask store management. I have NO DOUBT that the UNION WILL do everything to PREVENT you from getting another UNION job. That is why SO MANY union members have FEAR of NOT doing what the union DICTATES. Even if you get the job and PAY your dues, do you think that the UNION will give you equal protection, as they would a DIE-HARD UNION LIFER?

      Have you tried NON-UNION stores like Fresh & Easy, Trader Joes, etc. Remember to deduct the UNION DUES from the $10-13/hr. to compare pay.

      Have you tried ROP for training for some other types of jobs, that might be hiring? Look for free or minimal cost training, like ROP (they have local training sites).

      I wish you GOOD LUCK.

  34. hmmm says:

    Lot’s of hostile comments on both sides here – guess it’s a very emotional issue. My main experience with Union employees is when I had to TRY to work with them at a company that shall remail nameless. It was almost impossible to get the senior ones to do ANYTHING! Seniority allowed them to get the shifts they liked (third) so they could sleep or go to the local restaurant for hours at a time. I got the middle of the night calls asking where he was so they could get a product inspected and released. The saddest thing I remember is that it only started to get better when one of the “old timers” dropped dead unexpectedly on a weekend. From that point on we were able to get some work done. Sorry – but it’s true.

  35. Lonnie Fehr says:

    im pretty sure also these grocery workers get a discount on food bought in there stores , nice benefit ,,,

  36. MWalters says:

    Go sell your stores to a Non Union Grocery Chain.
    I am sure you can find lots of unemployed folks that would to have a job!
    Good Riddance Union!!!

  37. Kala says:

    Every Time I see a Union strike when 14 million people don’t have a job it makes my blood boil. These are the people funding the Democrats who actually want to make food prices higher with their ethanol from corn etc.

  38. mitzi says:

    my job doesn’t give me health benefits. I don’t get paid days off , paid sick days,or vacation time. I have rent to pay so I can’t strike
    hope every employee who strikes gets fired.

  39. joyserve says:

    One question those union workers that owe child support, i guess your union is going to help by paying your support, after all you’re paying these union dues your great union will step up and help those workers they care so much about, maybe you don’t have to worry just tell the judge you’re a union member and you get a waver or something? don’t have to pay until you’re back at work, I’m just asking,

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