HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Nickelodeon star SpongeBob SquarePants absorbed quite a few blows from a couple of women Wednesday outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The incident was all caught on a video obtained by entertainment website TMZ.com.

Thursday, while the tourists mixed in with the iconic characters on Hollywood Boulevard, we tried to answer the question — who beat up SpongeBob?

“I’m surprised that Spider-Man didn’t get beat up,” a man told us. “They’re kind of obnoxious. They come out here; they’re like in your face. To me, it’s annoying; we’re working out here.”

Police were called to the scene, but no charges were filed against anyone. The women went their way and SpongeBob went his.

What provoked the attack remained unclear.

In the past complaints have been made against the Hollywood characters, who solicit tourists along the sidewalk in front of Grauman’s. A little more than a year ago, the City Council threatened to ban them from the streets unless they cleaned up their act.

Just last month, a character dressed as Captain America was hauled away and charged with sexual groping, according to the LAPD.

There is no indication that anything of that nature lead to the attack on SpongeBob.

No arrests have been made and SpongeBob was said to be back on the street… dressed in a different costume.

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Comments (12)
  1. Jeff says:

    Snap, Crackle & Pop were found dead.
    police suspect there is a cereal killer on the loose.

  2. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    This report is sexist. If two men started wailing on Spongebob, or Spiderman, or any other character, nobody would ask why; they would be arrested for battery, as they should be. But because two women punched and kick Spongebob, everyone is asking what Spongebob must have done to provoke them. Same thing happens when a woman hits a man. The first question that people ask is, “What did he do?” It’s called blaming the victim, folks, and it goes to show that women, when given the opportunity, are just as capable of violence as men.

    1. Yo Mama says:

      I’ve ran into this clown before. Spongebob is not a victim. He’s an obnoxious jerk and probably asked for the beating.

  3. ספּאָנגעבאָב איז דער געווינער!!! says:

    אַז איז שיין מאָדנע צו היטן. איך טאָן ניט וויסן וואָס ספּאַרקט אַז אָבער עס איז מין פון מאָדנע. אויך שלעכט קיינער האט באפוילן איבער דער אינצידענט. טאַקע געזונט.

  4. kathy says:

    these two girls are the perfect example of “UNEDUCATED WHITE TRAILER TRASH”. What the HELL is their problem. I saw the video and Sponge bob did nothing to Provoke the fight,
    The public should have jumped in and beat these girls with Baseball Bats!!!!

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      The woman who was doing most of the hitting looked African-American to me.

      1. Amy says:

        Of course the black one started it all…what else is new. Then they wonder why most people prefer not to rent nor sell housing to blacks duuuuuu…bunch of criminals…which is why they make up the majority in all jails/prisons.

      2. AmyisaReject says:

        Amy, get a life you ignorant, backwater living, know-nothing, sheltered ass coward. Hiding behind your little keyboard, acting all bold. Get a life, diet, and get a man. Then maybe you’d have something productive and sensible to talk about. Put down the T.V. remote, it’s obviously baked your brain.

    2. xooby says:

      Were you there? You don’t know what it is that he may have said to illicit that kind of response. On top of that, he’s all up in their personal space which isn’t cool. For someone so “educated” as you claim to be, you surely have no common sense. You’re just an uppity snob who’s full of herself..

  5. Val says:

    So where is Patrick his best friend?

  6. I am a female who knows SpongeBob for about 16 years now when I use to live in Glendale. I do not remember his name but he is a real skinny guy and very small. He is not someone to attack people or assault anyone.

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