LINK:  Southland Residents Report Seeing Strange Lights In The Night Sky

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — That mystery in the sky? That looming image shooting across the sky that hundreds of thousands of people saw in the night sky Wednesday?

Relax. It wasn’t a plane on fire, fireworks, or space junk crashing to Earth…or a UFO filled with visitors from another world.

As Dave Lopez said on the KCAL9 News at Noon “Then just what the heck was it?”

Officials today say — with unqualified certainty — that it was a meteor.

Kristine Lazar, reporting for CBS2 Thursday, talked to Dr. Ed Krupp, the director of the Griffith Park Observatory.

“It’s a piece of interplanetary rock, that passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, heats up the air, and we see it from the ground as this streak of light through the sky.”

And for all the hoopla and hype that amazing, intriguing light show got, Krupp believes this meteor was actually no bigger than a baseball.

Krupp said what was rare was how slowly this meteor moved, and over a populated area. Most of these meteors, he explains, move much faster, and over largely unpopulated areas.

“There are probably hundreds of these events occurring somewhere around the Earth daily,”  he said, “but most of the places where they occur people, don’t see them…most of the Earth is uninhabited.”

Had the meteor fallen to Earth, probably no major damage done, says Krupp. He believes it likely burned up or skipped back out into space.

Did we dodge a bullet, literally? Krupp says, not really. “Something the size of a bus?, that would take out a lot of blocks. And if it had been a mile across you’re talking serious damage to an entire city. And if it had been tens of miles across, very rare, unlikely to happen, then you’re talking global consequences.”

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  1. sam says:

    Why do people get so excited, like its the end of the world
    Not a biggee
    Ive seen bigger

  2. julia ortiz says:

    7 days ago,my husband tony got off work at 3 am.he stay outside for abt 15 mins i went to see what happen ,if he was ok ,he was looking at the sky telling me to see the ufo ,i said yeah ,got my pone n took video ,look like the same mystery light ,but this one was zig zigzagging n returing to the same spot,for abt good 30 mins ,i call the news ,to see if ther was any report ,was told no ,so i just letted go .n it wierd i see again on world news.

  3. Ay Din says:

    new footage of the object:

    I’ve never seen a meteor like this

    1. Christina Gramling says:

      that’s what I’m sayin, I didn’t get to see your video (it’s been removed), but I saw the footage from the night before and it was not the same as in this newscast and I don’t care what anyone says … that was not a meteor. Krup has never seen a meteor move so slowly because that was not a effing meteor and his old but is sittin there just as puzzled as we are.

    2. Christina Gramling says:

      hey are you still there? why did you take this video down, I’d like to see it please.

  4. Juan Gonzalez says:

    It was definitely not a meteor if it’s anything like the clip KCAL 9 keeps playing of some blue-red oscillating orb swaying from left to right. You’d have to be a complete moron to accept that that’s a meteor.

    1. dave says:

      dude the swaying is the camera not the object it was a metor

      1. Nelson says:

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    2. Ken says:

      The footage was taken with a handheld camera zoomed in on the meteor. Of course it’s swaying back and forth: the photographer couldn’t possibly keep the camera still.

      Want to prove it for yourself? Easy. Take a camera – could be still or a camcorder – and go outside at night and point it at the full Moon. Zoom in on it, too. You’ll end up with a fuzzy ball of light dancing all over the frame, just like what you see here. But did the Moon actually dance all over the sky? Of course not.

      1. Sara says:

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    3. Josie Cortez says:

      no meteor,,,,,yea rite always tryin 2 cover up,,,,hello wake up world……..we r not the only ones,,,,,,go look at history,,,,,,gods from the sky,,,,blue book ..that got band,,,,ancient aliens,,,,heck,,,,u are soo right juan,,,,

    4. christian says:

      thats the one that im talking about. while the buildings stayed still in the shot, the light went left to right, left to right. where is that video? that video is pretty much what this whole thing is about

    5. Ivan says:

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  5. Richard says:

    Why do people think UFO means space ship? You’d think UNIDENTIFIED would be self explanitory.



  7. Super Charge! says:

    Fact: Every moronic BoJo that says they believe this was anything but a meteor falling to earth, please excuse yourself from the table and go jump off a tall cliff. You conspiracy theorists are clogging up the much needed oxygen that the few of us intelligent people need to keep the world running. JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, Roswell was during a time of super-secret government weapons testing and they would do anything to keep it from the Russkies, and if there was “Aliens and UFO’s” entering the earths atmosphere,don’t you think it would be a lot bigger of an event then a supposed cover-up? Oh and by the way, Religion is also a farce perpetrated by greed and continued to this day.Meanwhile, based on scientific and educational proof that 2000 years ago, humans did not have a full understanding of their surroundings and used the only means necessary at the time to describe the events of their world. Thus believing in higher powers. Religion too, has so many different variations, obviously no one has it right and its time to reevaluate our beliefs. Religion was started to control peoples behaviors based on whats right or wrong, which is just a way of saying, be excellent to one another. Party on!

    1. Christina Gramling says:

      I don’t particularly think it’s a conspiracy other than to cover up the fact that they (krup in particular) have no clue what the hell they are talking about and are as clueless as we are. That was not a meteor, I’ve seen hundreds in my lifetime. And the reason you don’t see meteors in highly populated areas is becuase of the light pollution and refelction, not because they aren’t falling there. Meteors fall from gravity once they get in our atmosphere, the only way they can go is down … not side to side, it is absolutely impossible. I think Newton proved that several hundred yeas ago. The video the news showed last night clearly showed an illuminated object go slightly downward to the left then a slight incline back to the right, it repeated this before it appeared to disintigrate. I’m not saying I know what it was, but I can say for sure what it was not.

      Unless you have come up with some sort of new revelation in the law of gravity, I’d have to say your “fact” is quite inconlusive according to the actual facts … which are, as I said, an illuminated object that changed direction. A meteor coming into our atmosphere is in an absolute downard motion; again refer to any one of Newton’s 3 laws, a science that is fact and has been proven.

      Just sayin 🙂

  8. ??? says:

    honestly, i DO NOT think that this was any meteor or meteorite. me and my dad agree that it was either a skunk works ufo or a falling shot down satellite