LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The impending release of thousands of inmates from California state prisons in the next few weeks will include a large number of  mothers who could eventually be reunited with their families.

As many as half of the 9,000 released inmates will be women with two years or less remaining on their sentence who are parents and non-serious or violent offenders.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports several local moms and dads are embracing the move.

“Every one, when they have a purpose like being a caregiver, I think that gives them something to do when they’re out and there’s a role and a need that needs to be fulfilled,” said one woman.

The early release would have conditions: women would have to submit to home or halfway house incarceration with a GPS bracelet and regularly report to parole agents.

But supporters say not only would it reduce overcrowding at state prisons, but also keep the numbers down at Los Angeles County lockups as well.

Not everyone, however, is sold on the idea.

“On the surface it sounds discriminatory if it doesn’t apply to men as well who are single fathers or primary caregivers,” one man argued. “I would like to see a balance there.”

While an estimated 4,500 female inmates might qualify for the home release program, any expansion of the plan to male inmates would likely be met with stronger public resistance.

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  1. Ron says:

    The Parole Dept. has shown that their agents can’t be trusted to monitor GPS systems nor do they care where they house SEX OFFENDERS. They are NOT to be TRUSTED for the PUBLICS’ SAFETY.

    1. tyciol says:

      Oh no, sex offenders! I guess it doesn’t matter where we house thieves and murderers then?

  2. USA1917 says:

    May as well release them especially when they are due to be released soon anyway.

    Of course someone is going to challenge their release as discriminatory. However, the object of released the females is to reduce the prison population and the number male prisoners who are single parents and the primary caregive is extremely low.

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      My husband meets all the requirements. But, he’s not a female. So, yeah. If he is not allowed to come home to his SEVEN CHILDREN, two of which have AUTISM, and provide care for his children, then it is sexual discrimination.

  3. swhitS says:

    And illegals? I suppose they stay and continue to suck the taxpayer dry right!

    1. sbrwnS says:

      it amazes me how you guys can turn ANY article into an immigration rant. I actually look for the “illegal” comment on every article I read. You do realize that Illegals working here pay taxes and never get a refund, right? so who’s sucking who dry?

      1. guillermo cruz says:

        They use an Individual Tax Identification Number in lieu of a Social Security Number to get a tax return. I have witnessed it. Look it up on the IRS website.

      2. Legal says:

        IIlgeals are the root of all evil. While driving they have no regard for safety and think that they own the road. They do not folllow rules because democrats want their vote so they can stay in power and steal money from people. Illegals should be shot. We need another hitler’s Germany to get rid of illegals.

      3. sickoffools says:

        Pay taxes on what ? food, gasoline, commerce !! That’s the priviledge of sneaking into the U.S. We all pay taxes on those. You claim they pay taxes…BS ! they stole social security numbes, identities, create more costs to incarcerate them, to change signs in spanish, to hire bilingual teachers, they take far more out of public services than they put back in. Paid taxes, what a fool your are, stolen peoples names. And pull your head out of that bottom area, they get plenty of refunds, housing loans; didn’t you notice how many had houses during the mortgage scam, nice cars ?? they suck this dry and the last bit of any common sense out of your pea brain

    2. Darla Anderson says:

      The prison system is sucking the taxpayers dry. Follow the money….

  4. Seriously? says:

    So, they will release 9,000 criminals that have no chance at all of finding a job, who will in turn commit another crime to feed themselves and their children. Sure, that makes sense – they usual kind of sense we get out of our California legislature!

    1. Chester says:

      They can set up shop on the street corner.

    2. Darla Anderson says:

      Let me guess. You did not go to college. Your understanding of this situation and its issues is at a 7th grade level.

  5. Gia Gia says:

    The reality of the situation is if they were mothers and “had something to do” like caring for their children in the first place they would and should not have ended up in prison to begin with. Good parental skills i think not….. also what are they going to do about money WIC… Yet again tax payer either way we have no choice in the situation and it still is going to come out of OUR pockets IN or OUT. So really it’s cheaper on us to leave them in there. Let them miss their families they obiviously did care in the first place. and when we run out of room tent city them just like arizona did! cheaper then buildings.

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      Nope. It will be cheaper to send them to school and help them better themselves. And, it’s the right thing to do. Four prisoners could go to UCLA for one year for what it costs to warehouse them by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

  6. Ian C. says:

    This type of thinking is endemic amongst the developed western nations. It puts women on a pedestal and believes they can do no wrong. It never holds women accountable for their actions. This is what I might expect from somebody like Jessica Valenti. To learn that such widespread lack of concern for men is commonplace amongst the media and politicians is heartbreaking.

    1. ??? says:

      u r single, right?

      1. sickoffools says:

        single or not, does a female who sells dope and steals have less merit than a man who does the same, or what…because she’s a female. Any idea how many ‘baby cases’ are inside these days. No, how could you clueless. That’s right, women can’t squeeze a trigger, can’t hold a knife, can’t embezzle, can’t peddle dope, can’t con or defraud. And single ain’t so bad with the poor pick of women out there; lets see who you’re with.

      2. Ian C. says:

        The area of concern here is that Federal statistics repeatedly show that child abuse is by far the domain of mothers, and not biological fathers. If children are to be given the option of having a parent released from jail for parenting purposes, it follows that the choice would be best if it was fathers who were released, not mothers. The mainstream media dumbs down intelligence for purposes of control and manipulation. Please do not fall for this. Federal statistics also show that single parent families headed by a father, outperform those headed by a mother.

    2. Darla Anderson says:

      It’s not that we should be unconcerned for the women, but that the concern for the men and the opportunities to rejoin their family and seek true rehabilitation and reconciliation into society should be equal those granted to the women. Please reconsider your argument. Otherwise, you are suggesting that men should get out but that women should not.

  7. TIM says:

    So because they have a bunch of kids they are being released early! So someone who had enough sense not to have kids is being punished for not haveing a bunch of kids!? MY GOD WHO MAKES THESE DECISIONS!!! This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      Tim, you need a bigger picture mentality. These children did nothing wrong, and all they want is their parent(s) back, most often. Without their parent(s) in their life there is a strong chance that they will go from foster care to juvenile hall to jail to prison for most of their lives.

      Further, the prison has been ORDERED AGAINST THEIR WILL to cough up 34,000 of the poor souls they have swallowed alive. California has an incarceration addiction. Everything but roasting marshmallows is illegal and criminal. Prison should be the last resort for people who truly are dangerous to society, not the first resort because of greed on corrections union and district attorneys and others who make money off the prison little shop of horrors beast that eats people for life, if it can catch them…

  8. TT says:

    I beg to differ…. I think this is a great idea – these are not dangerous criminals, these are moms that already have children,( “parents and non-serious or violent offenders”) that are probably in the system, foster care etc…. Those kids need to be back with their parents and out of the welfare system, maybe just maybe those moms might get to start over and make a reall ife for their children, with or without the father….
    Which means –
    A – we dont pay for them to be incarcerated any longer
    B- we stop paying for the children that they left behind, and
    C- they do have a chance at possibly a new start, at a new life –
    Doesnt all have to be doom n gloom – theres always a chance things could get better for them and their kids…..therefore making it better for everyone else thats been paying for it in the process.

    1. Ron says:

      TT, it’s nice to see someone is optimistic, BUT unfortunately you are woefully MISINFORMED.
      There are hundreds of thousands of EXPERIENCED, unemployed job hunters, that have NO CRIMINAL record and they CAN’T find jobs. So that leaves these mothers with a ZERO chance to find a LEGAL job.
      Sorry, but that is the sad state of our economy.

    2. Darla Anderson says:

      Finally!!! Someone who sees the bigger, grander picture. Some mercy, some grace, some love, some opportunities to actually be rehabilitated and restored to children, to family, and to the community. People should reach out and try to help people, rather than always suspecting their neighbors and wanting to report them for this, that, or the other. Honestly, people have got to get past being afraid of their neighbors’ shadows. These people need opportunities to learn skills and be motivated to seek a better life, rather than just be happy getting hand-outs for their survival from the state. My husband is incarcerated and we have 7 kids. So, he’s obviously not a female inmate. It makes me feel good that I am providing for my family, though we need my husband home, and I am having to continue paying for child care that I would not have to pay if my husband were granted the alternative custody program participation by being released into our home.

    3. imacdaddy757 says:

      But these convicts are less likely to be creating more Welfare babies as long as they are locked up. Once released, guess what–even more Welfare babies to pay for.


  9. Jeff says:

    It is going to be a busy day at the welfare office.

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      Okay. That’s cheaper than all the money being paid at the prisons. Far more is spent on the moms in prison than in putting her on welfare. Then, make a way for her to get educated and prepared for a job to provide a future. Hopefully, the justice department’s probation/supervision people have been preparing for a structured program that will help these moms succeed. It does seem, from what I am reading, that the state wants to lover the recidivism rate, and give financial incentives for that to the counties. Follow the money, every time, and you will see the outcome that will be produced. That is a sad statement about the morals in our society…….

  10. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    9months from today there will be 18.ooo welfare babies draining the economy due to 90 percent of these women will be pregant 5 days afrwe their release.

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      When you get locked up, you won’t qualify for this release.

      Welfare babies are cheaper than warehousing MOTHERS in prison.

      So is providing the mother with a free education at the community college, so she can learn and develop herself and specialize her knowledge, in order to become a self-sufficient provider for her family, rather than someone who has no more ambition than a welfare user. All some people need is a break…..forgiveness for their sins (some people don’t sin so they don’t need forgiveness, I’m assuming)….encouragement and love and restoration…..a community that is welcoming….accountability….an education….and a strong faith in their Creator.

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