TWIN PEAKS (CBS) — Authorities are searching for a boy with autism who ran away from his school Monday morning.

Joshua Robb, 8, escaped through the gates of Grandview Elementary School’s playground shortly after 11 a.m. School staffers chased after him, but Robb ran into the forest and has not been seen since.

Crews searched for the boy through the night and continued their efforts Tuesday morning.

“We have a lot of personnel out there. Weather is an issue. Dehydration is an issue. So we’re very concerned,” Lt. Rick Ellis of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said.

“Our whole life has revolved around him,” said Joshua’s father, Ronnie Robb. “We’ve never been away from him the whole eight and a half years he’s been with us. Hopefully, it’ll be 10, 11, 12 and 13, and beyond.”

Robb’s mother, Patricia, had to be transported to a hospital after suffering a series of migraines following her son’s disappearance.

Robb was taken away from his parents several weeks ago because someone reported them for alleged child abuse.

They say the person was confused when they saw Joshua was tethered to a pole at his home.

The Robbs say Joshua has to be lightly restrained for his safety because of his medical condition. He was spotted with the tether as his parents were moving out of their foreclosed home.

“We moved stuff out of the house,” Ronnie Robb said. “We couldn’t find a soft tether. The same kind they use at school for him because he’s a flight risk.”

“I’ve always said I could lose everything in the world… As long as I have my son I’d feel like the richest man in the world,” Josh’s father said.

[Credit: CBS]
Comments (7)
  1. Alexander says:

    Shame on you James. The child could have been adopted for all we know. The point of the matter is there’s a child missing.

  2. kristi says:

    wow you really don’t know nothing about autism to say somthing like that.. right now there is a scard lost child and all you can look at is the picture of the mother.. you should check on why kids are autistic ….

  3. James Is Stupid says:

    I echo Alexander’s and kristi’s opinions. You honestly and truly have NO clue about autism, do you? People who are ignorant and uneducated SHOULD NOT be making comments about things they know absolutely nothing about. Having a child with autism myself, this is truly a terrifying situation and I feel for the boy’s parents. As for you, James, get a life.

    1. kristi says:

      yesi agree…. that is sad… a child safty should be important not on the back shelf for another story …

  4. Dani Adams says:

    Why didn’t/couldn’t someone from the school chase after him? If they are incapable of chasing a child, they shoulcn’t be working with children! And the agency that removed the child from his parents is also at fault–they are apparently incapable of clearly evaluating a child’s home situation! What a bunch of inept childcare ‘professionals’!

  5. CarmenandJustin Blackstone says:

    How sad this story is not on the top, this is a missing child and his story followed news of Vegas getting hit by a storm. Love to see how important this is to Kcal and cbs news. He’s been missing for 24hours and Kcal shows a clipped for this morning, thanks for the follow-up.