UPDATE 9/13 11:45 p.m.: The dog’s owner has notified CBS2 via Twitter that her dog was returned Tuesday after the people who found Malibu saw our TV report.

VALENCIA (CBS) — A woman is upset with a Southern California amusement park for taking her support dog from her car and then losing her.

Shelanon Brooks says her dog, “Malibu,” was prescribed by her doctor for emotional support, but now the distraught young woman is placing “Lost Dog” ads up in hopes that someone might find Malibu after the dog apparently was lost by Six Flags officials.

A Six Flags Magic Mountain spokesperson insists they were rescuing Brook’s pet from a sweltering car. They placed the 1-year-old Pomeranian in the park’s dog kennel, where it escaped while an employee was filling the pooch’s water bowl.

(credit: CBS)

“I really love my dog and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” Brooks sobbed. “I thought she was OK, I thought she was OK. And I keep thinking what I could have did different.”

Brooks was going to take Malibu into the park with her, but the bag she used to carry the dog had just ripped. She said she decided to leave him in the car with the windows rolled down, a dish with food, and a tupperware filled with water.

Security discovered the dog inside the car and that it was visibly “distressed.”

The temperature that day was in the 80s.

“Our security personnel and the sheriff saw the dog, which they thought was dead,” according to Six Flags spokesperson Sue Carpenter.

“[They] broke into the car to get the dog out. We brought it over here to the dog kennel, revived it, gave it some water and cooled it down,” Carpenter said.

The kennel door was left open while the dog’s water was being replenished and Malibu ran out the front door and into the parking lot.

(credit: CBS)

Six Flags officials say it’s standard policy to rescue dogs from cars. They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.

“We do in-park announcements and we leave messages on your windshield to let you know where your animal is, and that no animal should be left in the car — that’s the law,” Carpenter said.

Brooks said she’s upset and doesn’t believe she was putting Malibu in danger. She just wants her beloved pet back.

“I don’t know how I’m going to go back without my daughter,” Brooks said. “I don’t know how I’m going to live in my house without her — I just don’t.”

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  1. Margaret O'Brien says:

    Stories like this make me furious! This poor little dog is a victim of totally stupid and irresponsible people — both the owner AND the kennel! WHat owner would leave a little dog in a hot car on a hot day while she went into an amusement park………..for how many hours??? AND what KENNEL personnel would leave a kennel door open and unguarded while getting water for the dog???? Ridiculous and disgusting people! I can only hope this little dog is with some kind family….and hasn’t fallen victim to more cruelty or irresponsibility in people!

  2. Sheltiman says:

    Lady, you “lost” your dog when you decided to leave it in the car instead of going down the street to find another bag to carry it around. BE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE!!!

  3. Jacquemeoff says:

    How much time went by between security finding the dog and this wackjob discovering her “daughter” was missing?

  4. Me says:

    1) This woman is stupid to bring her dog to a them park whether she intended to leave it in the car or take it with her into the park in a “bag.” It’s not the place for a dog! 2) If Six Flags is going to go to the trouble of “saving” dogs from hot cars (which I commend them for), they should be responsible for them afterwards. What is the point of “saving” a dog from a hot car if you’re going to let it run off. This little dog will probably not be able to fend for itself. So, really they did not save the dog and they are just as guilty of neglect as the owner. Hopefully, someone will find the dog. The owner should have been looking for her dog instead of talking to the media.

  5. Costa Mesa resident says:

    Boycott Six Flags. She should sue them for losing her dog.

    1. Unreal says:

      Yeah! Now I won’t have to stand in line with a bunch of stupid people! More ride time for me!

  6. Nickmar says:

    Say the dog instead of escaping it happened to die in the kennel. Who would have been to blame for that? Magic Mountain was providing adequate care and shelter trying to keep the dog alive and had it died it would have not been their fault. The dogs death and repercussions following its death would fall solely on the owner of the dog not the person(s) who’s care it was in prior to it’s demise. The owner of the dog is responsible for the dog no matter where it happens to be at the time. If your pitbull attacks somebody while you’re at work even though you are not present, even if it leaves your yard and travels down the block and mauls a child, you as the owner of that dog are to blame. The law is a pets owner is responsible for the life of an animal while the animal is inhabiting this Earth doesn’t matter where it happens to be or what it’s up to at the time or if you’re even around.

  7. Jimmy says:

    “Six Flags officials say it’s standard policy to rescue dogs from cars. They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.”

    Umm… they’re at least liable for losing the dog. Come on. She didn’t even drop the dog off at the kennel…. give me a break. Theft and then loss is really their burden. They should at least pay for the cost of replacement (which I’m sure in California is priceless due to all that mental anguish and loss of a loved one).

    Californians are so dumb.

  8. Chris says:

    Thanks for the update CH2 However I would like to know if the owner has been charged? fined? any type of punishment??

  9. J Kale says:

    They are just as responsible for the dog when it’s in their care as this lady was when the dog was in her care, and they both failed miserably. The lady, however, was criminally negligent to leave her dog in a car on a day when the outside temperature was 80 degrees. Anyone who has been to Six Flags knows how hot that parking lot gets. She should be prosecuted.

  10. J Kale says:

    And she did let something happen to that dog. She left the dog alone in a car unattended. She should be thankful it was the Six Flags people who rescued it. People steal dogs.

  11. me says:

    she is a moron and a ditz
    the dog should never have been left in car like that
    she should not have the dog because she is a moron with no common sense
    its not a “service dog” either…..all pets are for emotional support and help their owners that way…

  12. KLC says:

    You dumb (_._) — let’s lock you in a car with a fur coat on when it is 80 degrees outside. Sheesh it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are — and you can’t fix stupid!

  13. Lewis says:

    This woman does not deserve a pet, plain and simple. Try this lady: sit in a car with the windows cracked in 80+ degree weather without it running with very little water (because that dog couldn’t reach more than half of it) and see how long it takes you to weaken and get dehydrated.

    It’s things like this that make me wish the government could regulate hysterectomies and vasectomies.

  14. Jon Anthony says:

    Boy, that’s a whole lot of stupid going on thar’

  15. Meredith Sprague says:

    I really hope this miscreant is charged with animal cruelty. She is from Michigan by the way not CA.

  16. Red Warrior says:

    That creature is a disgusting piece of trash. It should of been the howling shegroid that was left in the hooptie to bake. I pity any animal that is “owned” by this parasitic sub-species, especially since the animals rank higher on the evolution scale. They rape, torture, beat and kill their own sprogs so why does cruelty to an animal surprise anyone?

    I did not know that Six Flags takes EBT for admission into the park. I hope the shegroid is so upset she over doses on her medications.

  17. Bobbie West says:

    The fact that someone SAW her stupid behavior on TV and STILL returned this dog to her…. scares the bejeezus out of me.That POOR dog!!

  18. Tim Smith says:

    6 flags did the right thing, shame on her

  19. jtracy says:

    Clarification – my above comment was directed at wootendw who thought the dog would have been better off in the car for several more hours.

  20. rtg says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize you cannot leave a dog in the car, especially when it’s hot out. It’s illegal and immoral. When she found the dog’s bag was ripped, she should have taken the dog home, not left the poor thing in the car. She should be charged with animal abuse instead of having a hissy fit blaming the people who saved her dog from losing it. She should thank those people that her dog didn’t die in that car she left it in. Stupid people are annoying.

  21. Dawn says:

    I wish more places would actively rescue dogs from hot cars!

  22. Gr0o says:

    That dog should NOT have been returned to that moron.

  23. Victoria says:


  24. j says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    Also since that time, they have been using gang members to harass me and tampering with my car with they intention of causing an automobile crash.

  25. Racquel says:

    AND if the poor crittas carry bag wasn’t broken..she would have what? taken it into the park to go on the rides with her???? Unbelieveable, her animal abuse is clearly captured on camera now whens her court date?

  26. Sharon Waldrop says:

    I’m wondering why the dog was returned to the owner. She should be charged with animal abuse, prosecuted, and never allowed to own a dog or any other pet. I am absolutely amazed that anybody would think it is okay to leave a dog in a car when it is 80 degrees outside! Leaving water and the windows cracked obviously does not help. That is apparent by the fact that the dog was near death and had to be revived.

  27. Leo Rezende says:

    And this report kind of accuses the park for saving the dog. And it doesnt even ask hard questions to the woman who almost killed the dog. This woman, you can see, is unstable and she shouldnt be allowed to have any pet.

  28. David says:

    I completely support dogs being utilized as service dogs, but this new push for service dogs for “emotional support” and everything else is absurd. There have even been companion/service snakes (ball pythons)!!! Ridiculous!

    If this person needs a chihuahua for “emotional support” maybe she should NOT BE RIDING ROLLER COASTERS!!!

  29. Sunny says:

    Per this story, it is hard to tell who was the worst caregiver, the owner, or the shelter they removed the pet too ~

  30. diana says:

    So irresponsible of her to let her fur-baby in the car! In these HOT temps that we have been having here in Calif, and especially in the Valley (Valencia, CA) were Magic Mountain is located! What the hell was she thinking???? Obviously, she was not! She is lucky that someone rescued the dog, and that she did not go back to her car to find a dead dog! Did she really think that someone would not see the dog and not do something about the dogs deadly situation??? I really feel she should face charges for being so STUPID!

  31. j says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

  32. Sam1968 says:

    Evidently this woman is mentally impaired and has no business driving, much less owning a pet. REALLY? “I thought the dog would be okay”…..left in a car in 80 degree temps? She is obviously BRAIN DAMAGED and should have charges filed against her. Hope she does not intend to bred…..

  33. Dottie says:

    I can’t believe somebody actually handed that poor pup back to her after leaving it in a car in the parking lot. I hope to god she gets a stiff fine for it. Obviously a service dog can’t help with stupidity.

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  36. Riggs says:

    Emotional support dogs are not service dogs.

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  39. MALIBU MOM says:


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