UPDATE 9/13 11:45 p.m.: The dog’s owner has notified CBS2 via Twitter that her dog was returned Tuesday after the people who found Malibu saw our TV report.

VALENCIA (CBS) — A woman is upset with a Southern California amusement park for taking her support dog from her car and then losing her.

Shelanon Brooks says her dog, “Malibu,” was prescribed by her doctor for emotional support, but now the distraught young woman is placing “Lost Dog” ads up in hopes that someone might find Malibu after the dog apparently was lost by Six Flags officials.

A Six Flags Magic Mountain spokesperson insists they were rescuing Brook’s pet from a sweltering car. They placed the 1-year-old Pomeranian in the park’s dog kennel, where it escaped while an employee was filling the pooch’s water bowl.

(credit: CBS)

“I really love my dog and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” Brooks sobbed. “I thought she was OK, I thought she was OK. And I keep thinking what I could have did different.”

Brooks was going to take Malibu into the park with her, but the bag she used to carry the dog had just ripped. She said she decided to leave him in the car with the windows rolled down, a dish with food, and a tupperware filled with water.

Security discovered the dog inside the car and that it was visibly “distressed.”

The temperature that day was in the 80s.

“Our security personnel and the sheriff saw the dog, which they thought was dead,” according to Six Flags spokesperson Sue Carpenter.

“[They] broke into the car to get the dog out. We brought it over here to the dog kennel, revived it, gave it some water and cooled it down,” Carpenter said.

The kennel door was left open while the dog’s water was being replenished and Malibu ran out the front door and into the parking lot.

(credit: CBS)

Six Flags officials say it’s standard policy to rescue dogs from cars. They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.

“We do in-park announcements and we leave messages on your windshield to let you know where your animal is, and that no animal should be left in the car — that’s the law,” Carpenter said.

Brooks said she’s upset and doesn’t believe she was putting Malibu in danger. She just wants her beloved pet back.

“I don’t know how I’m going to go back without my daughter,” Brooks said. “I don’t know how I’m going to live in my house without her — I just don’t.”

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  1. chatsworth Doc says:

    or if Six flags had done nothing:

    Woman Upset With Six Flags Security For NOT Rescuing Dog From Hot Car…

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Most importantly: She’s clearly nuts, but relatively hot. In a crazy sort of way.

      1. Sara says:

        If you’re into ghetto looking hoes. Her bra didn’t fit and her roots are worth me needing to poke my eyes out.

    2. Jessie B. says:

      Idiot shouldn’t have left the dog in the car. She’s too stupid to have a dog.

    3. menwa says:

      I cannot tell you how many animals I had to rescue from hot cars when I worked in Animal Control. And each owner “loved” their dog, even though they left it in a vehicle which will turn into an oven rather quickly. I have even called people out in parking lots and threatened to call the police if they did not remove their animal from the car. Everybody loves their animals up until the point that the inconvenience of the animal will interfere with the person’s daily entertainment. Then the animal is disregarded and left to slowly roast. Heck, they need to lock her in a car on a hot summer day with a small amount of water and windows cracked, and wrapped in a fur coat. See how long it takes her to roast.

      1. Catnip1 says:

        Perfectly said menwa!

      2. Charma says:

        Could not agree with you more! I too have rescued many pets from “beloved” owners negligence — not to mention a few children. I question the physician who prescribed her a living creature! – I would second guess her ability to care for another living creature – send her to a support group or other therapy.

        Thank you six flags for rescuing the little creature and to those who returned it – although I am concerned to the level of care the poor thing will receive.

    4. 1944victoriam says:

      I could barely understand a word she said – the crying was only partially to blame I fear. Exactly what language was that?

  2. Dusty King says:

    She’s an idiot. I hope she doesn’t have children.

    1. Jeezus says:

      She drinks SMART water.

      1. Bryan says:

        Good catch.

    2. Retired SOF guy says:

      Well, she thinks the dog is her “daughter.” Ah, California…

      1. Just Passing by says:

        Don’t let this one person in California reflect others. I’m from California and… well “oi vey” can only express just a small bit of what I feel about her..

    3. bumblefoot2004 says:

      She’s calling the dog her “daughter.”

    4. Albert MacMeda says:

      In any sensible world she would be ruled ineligible to have any pets due to her cruelty.

    5. Maudie says:

      She’s why Saint Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood. Obama-2008!

    6. Catnip1 says:

      or worse … more animals!

  3. Melanie says:

    She called the dog her “daughter”? Would you leave your daughter in the car because the wheel on the stroller broke? Who takes a dog to an amusement park anyway? I guess someone who needs a doctor-prescribed emotional support dog. She is a whack job.

    1. LuLu says:


    2. Karen says:

      Here is another crazy one. I saw a woman driving down Beverly Blvd. one day – KISSING her dog on the lips.

      1. Rushgroove says:

        And you’re surprised?

        I mean, it’s L.A. right?

      2. Spanky says:

        Good thing you didn’t follow them to watch what happened next.

    3. John Scott says:

      A better question would be “What kind of sadistic doctor would prescribe an ’emotional support dog’ to a nutjob that far gone”? Doesn’t the “doctor” need to take the welfare of any animal they “prescribe” into account? What ever happened to shock therapy anyhow?

    4. Bob says:

      ANIMALS HAVE NO RIGHTS! Sorry no one should ever be put in jail for animal abuse.

      1. Meredith Sprague says:

        They do actually Bob, animal cruelty can be punishable by jail time.

      2. Al Swearengen says:

        Well I gotta tellya, if you or anyone were to abuse my animals, I would beat you to death. A little worse than jail no?

    5. Marie says:

      Bob, Animals should have rights and do in many states! Just because insane human animals don’t have the wisdom and compassion we should for either other living things or our environment does not mean we are right. Just look at our history with ourself, endless wars, slavery, rape, murder, etc. I feel sorry for your ignorance but I feel worse that your ignorance is so rampant its destroying our planet and so many innocent animals have to suffer.

    6. Radlib says:

      Bob, you are correct. Lulu? I ate a chicken for supper, a cow for lunch and will eat an unborn chicken and part of a pig for breakfast. Being cruel is one thing, but granting rights to an animal, personal property under the law, is bad law.

    7. Radlib says:

      I’m sorry, MARIE!

    8. Don says:

      I love animals. With potatoes and steamed vegetables.

    9. Solairith says:

      As stated in the article what she did is illegal. Regardless of whether you THINK an animal should have rights letting one suffer or die in those conditions is and SHOULD be illegal. She needs jail time. I’d feel the same if it was a chicken or a pig… I expect you won’t be cooking your lunch by leaving it in the car, either.

    10. Joe says:

      I’d leave my food in the car to keep it warm.

    11. Bo Ling Pin says:


      I agree. You’re an animal. Let’s strip Bob and other “dumb animals” of their “rights”.

      1. Sam1968 says:


    12. SaTony says:

      I am with Bo Ling Pin on this one.

    13. soqueesh_mulhatra says:

      Or if you’re Michael Vick, you can brutally torture helpless animals as much as you want, do a pittance of jail time, get released early, have news reporters do stories about how you “paid your debt,” and “are a changed man;” and then get a multi-million dollar job where people cheer you…

      Effed up world we live in, no?

  4. pedro says:

    she calls a male dog, her “daughter” ?

    i am speechless,

    but please VOTE

    1. Jeezus says:

      ya what the heck is that? she’s all over the place. the dog is free! anyways, doctor’s can just prescribe her another if she cant find a dog for herself

    2. Chris says:

      Where does it say the dog is Male? Anyway…she got what she deserved and does not deserve to be a dog owner…..I’d like her to sit in the car wearing a winter jacket and see if she could stand the heat!

      1. Jennifer Kennedy says:

        Well, probably from the article where it said “she did leave HIM in the car…” However, there is another part in the article where the woman says “she.”

        I would not say that Pedro is dumb, maybe missed the other part of the article where they said “she.” Also, I read the article but did not watch the video. Not everyone watches the video if there is enough in the article to tell you what is going on.

    3. Duh! says:

      @pedro – they say right in the video that the dog is female. I guess there is more than one dumb person here.

    4. CraigO says:

      The dog was up for gender reassignment operations paid for by the state.

      1. Bo Ling Pin says:


        Thanks for the laugh!

      2. Joe right says:

        I think the woman had already undergone such a process. Sounds like a tranny to me.

    5. James says:

      Yes Vote PETA and Democrat… LOL

    6. grammer police says:

      I don’t know what she could have “did” differently…

      1. Colleen says:

        grammar*…..spelling police

    7. Sofia Ramirez says:

      Um.. if you pay attention to the broadcast, it states that the dog is a female.

  5. jj says:

    She’s an idiot…but has a great rack!

    1. ??? says:

      1st i thought she was an idiot, now I think u r !!

    2. BigT says:

      That’s not her rack – those are the two big bags full of dumb-ass that she keeps with her at all times!

    3. RG says:

      JJ is just making a vliad observation. She does have a nice rack.

    4. rr528 says:

      California taxpayers probably paid for that, too.

      1. Don Medford says:

        her boobs provide her advice and support when ever her “daughter” is not around, like when she is in a hot car, oven or tied to rail road tracks.

    1. Duh! says:

      Hey, that is an insult to Ho’s.

  6. Kim says:

    It was stupid of Magic Mountain to lose the dog, but I feel no sympathy for this woman whatsoever. If the dog is found, I hope she doesn’t get it back. I think she should be prosecuted for animal neglect. I don’t care what her doctor says, she should not own a dog. I feel sorry for the dog for having her as an owner.

  7. John says:

    Why was she not arrested?!?????

    1. Amazed says:

      Need to arrest the doctor for prescribing the dog on animal cruiety

      1. Sofia Ramirez says:

        Not the doctor’s fault the lady is an inconsiderate moron.

  8. LA says:

    I hope they find the dog. And then put it up for adoption with a responsible and loving family. This lady is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to have the dog returned to her. Better yet, she should be fined. If not for the magic mountain security team this dog would have surely died. Although they did drop the ball. Hope the little guy is ok.

  9. John Holmes says:

    They probably didn’t loose the dog. Someone who works there thought she did not deserve to neglect such a cute dog and probably said the dog escaped, but took it home instead so she couldn’t get it back.

    1. Dorthea says:

      i like your ending to thiis story mr.holmes

    2. Nutstuyu says:

      lose = no longer in possession
      loose = make not as tight

      1. grammar police suck says:

        Oh geez now we got the grammar police here. “Nutstuyu” get a freaking LIFE for yourself. You still know what the poster meant, you pathetic idiot, so who the hell cares (except losers like yourself) if he or she used the wrong word. You still understood it.

      2. Richard Henkle says:

        No really, people need to learn this. There is nothing wrong with knowing how to spell properly. I think you should get a life, and an education, if you believe that improper grammar and spelling are ok. You’re a product of our public schools aren’t you?

      3. Kevin says:

        I hardly think it’s worth calling nutstuyu the grammar police. Where he/she criticizing the commenter for proper use of commas that’s one thing. But BASIC spelling isn’t exactly a high standard.

    3. poor doggie escapes bad owner! says:

      That would rule.

    4. James Angryjew says:

      Grammar Police Suck, I’m guessing you have your big boy panties in a wad because you hate those that actually finished high school!

      If people can’t use the English language properly then perhaps they shouldn’t use it all. Do you understand the difference between “idiot”, “simpleton”, “stupid” and “grammar police suck”? Correct. Nothing!

      Here’s an article to help you climb that elusive evolutionary ladder:


  10. Marsy says:

    She should have been arrested for Animal Cruelty. If her dog carrier snapped & was broken she should of turned back where she came from & made plans to come to the park on a different date.
    There is NO one to blame but herself for using bad judgement. You should never ever ever leave any pets in the car. Either they stay at home or you make sure they are with you all the time.

  11. Dirk says:

    And we wonder why the rest of the country refers to California as “the land of the fruits and nuts”.

    1. GO HOME says:

      Too bad we keep attracting more from other countries and states.

  12. Kobe says:

    Gloria Allred will be having a news conference with this wack job and they will file a lawfuit against the park and they will win because California supports insanity.

    1. Jessilyn says:

      *Sigh*… I fear you are correct 🙁

  13. Mike says:

    Magic Mountain’s kennel is free of charge for anyone traveling with their dog. If she had dropped her dog off there, the dog would not have tried to find her. I think the problem was that strangers took the dog out of the car, and the dog was trying to escape what he thought were the “dognappers.”

    1. Rob Adkerson says:

      Logic fail. The dog wasn’t trying to “find her” The dog didn’t think they were “dognappers.”

    2. Unreal says:

      You’ve watched too many Disney movies.

  14. ??? says:

    Look at it this way, the dog took his opportunity to make a break for it. He was waiting for the warden to open the cell, he looked left & right and decided to go for it. He booked it onto the 5 fwy and hopefully took an exit to a proper, loving home with a new caring owner. He would do anything to get away from this person who uses bad judgement. Go little dog go!!!

  15. Ro says:

    She needs tobe arrested for leaving the dog in the car to begin with. She needs emotional support but is capable enough to go enjoy a day at Magic Mountain… and leave her support behind to die… Why do people keep getting away with stupid things like this. Stupidity should be a crime!!!

  16. swhitS says:

    By loosing the dog I think they did it a favor. This woman should be arrested and locked up.

  17. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    I’d be glad to offer my services as her support animal. Bow wow wow. Yippee yo yippee yay. (Sorry, folks. It was nothin’ but the dog in me.)

    1. Bow Wow says:

      Alpo Kenny Gone,

      You are such a Hot Dog,

      1. Zulu Queen says:

        He was singing a rap song – Atomic Dog – by George Clinton.

  18. Duh! says:

    If she reqally loved the dog she would have either (1) taken it inside the park to put in their kennel herself or (2) gone home since her bag ripped and waited until she got a new one to go to the park.

  19. Crankenstein says:

    The dog had the right idea – RUN FORREST, RUN!!!

  20. Roberta Johnson says:

    Please stop giving this bimbo ditz publicity ! She should be in jail for animal cruelty. Leaving her dog in a car with the “windows cracked” in 80-plus degree weather is torture, pure and simple. No amount of water is going to overcome the hyperthermia that dog, especially with that heavy coat, and the short snout typical of Poms, is going to experience. And the water was in a freakin’ quart-sized plastic cup ! What?? Like the dog has a straw it can get down into the container with….? Gimme a break.

    While it’s sad that the dog bolted, and is now (assumedly) a stray, what’s even more sad is that this stupid, careless, airheaded moron had a dog in the first place. These creatures are not toys, nor dolls, nor stuffed animals, nor Beanie Babys. They are feeling, intelligent, caring, emotional beings, who feel real pain and real suffering. LIke what they would feel dying from hyperthermia in a locked car in close to 90-degree heat. Which causes the interior of the car to have temperatures close to 120 degrees. Dying slowly while wondering where their person is, and why they left them to suffer.

    I say let’s lock this bimbo into the same car, under the same conditions, and see how she likes it. Then throw her sorry soul into jail, fine her butt a scary amount of money and blacklist her from ever owning an animal of ANY SORT, ever again.

    I only hope the dog is found, and adopted by a family or a person who understands and values what a true gift a companion animal is.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      It never ceases to amaze me when I see how violent and vindictive folks in California become when talking about animal welfare, yet those same folks are all about murdering unborn human babies. I doubt I’ll ever understand priorities in the minds of liberals.

      1. Susan See says:

        Sweeping generalizations about “folks in California” is not productive; also using the word “liberal” which is probably the most overused word in history and is used to replace thoughtful consideration of the real situation. You know, the human one?

      2. Susan See says:

        Your sweeping generalizations about “folks in California” is not productive; also using the word “liberal” which is probably the most overused word in history and is used to replace thoughtful consideration of the real situation. You know, the human one?

      3. Cali-Dude says:


        SOF is expressing his personal opinion.Your attempt to derail the comment by objecting to his choice of words is a typical liberal, excuse me…. progressive…. tactic. Change the subject, make the commenter the center of controversy, all without addressing the original issue.

        As a Native Californian, I happen to concur with SOF’s observations.

    2. Spanky says:

      “in a locked car in close to 90-degree heat. ”

      On a sunny, 80° day, the temperature inside a locked car can easily reach 110°.

      After an hour of 90° heat, the inside of a car can reach 140°.

  21. Uhoh says:

    Excellent job Six Flags. I’m sure one of the employees took the dog to a safe home. Maybe the doctor will prescribed her some medical marijuana nest time..

  22. Cathy says:

    Sx Flags did an OUTSTANDING JOB to save this dog!!! I see the results way to offten for heat stroke in an animal ER. People NEVER realize what happens to the animals body until it’s to late. The very sad fact is that to many dogs die or are euth from this every year when it can be prevented. People do not realize that running with your dog, playing fetch on hot days can also kill them or that the pads on the feet can be severaly burned from the pavement. Think first would you put yourself in these situations???? My only is that the dog is not micro chipped or has tags on so it will not be returned. Agan THANK YOU SIX FLAGS FOR THE OUTSTANDING JOB WELL DONE!!!!

    1. Paul in FL says:

      Oh, yeah, great job. It’s not our responsibility for what happens to the dog after we trespass and steal it?

      1. Unreal says:

        Would you prefer they left it in the car to fry?

  23. Stephanie Haertling says:

    “emotional support dog??” really??? So because you have more pity parties than the average human, it means it’s ok for you to drag a defenseless animal out to theme park and leave it in a sweltering car? I have a feeling your issues are more on the mental deficiency side of the spectrum… You are lucky the poor thing didn’t die. You obviously shouldn’t own animals.

  24. wolfbyte820 says:

    how stupid for her to leave a baby/animal in a sweltering car in CA. whille in an amuzement park. I praise 6 flags for taking action and the woman should be jailed! I hope the lost dog is found safe.

    1. 1608thepoet says:

      This DC gives women a bad name.

  25. James says:

    LOL, now the dumb little pooch is eagle fodder, that is if the coyotes didn’t get it first

  26. Nutso Bananas says:

    cuckoo! cuckoo!

  27. Mufon says:

    Does a person being offended or having their feelings hurt now warrant a news story on every occasion? The further decline of “journalism” before our eyes.

    1. Bo Ling Pin says:


      Journalism disappeared in this country sometime in the 19th century. What we have now is propaganda and distraction.

  28. Ranger01 says:

    Shelanon Brooks, the dog is better off with out you! I hope someone with an ounce of brains took the dog home and it will not have to get it’s brains fried by this nut job!

  29. Deskboy says:

    They did not lose the dog. The dog ran away from you. Who is the stupid b tch now?

  30. Kimmy Pants says:

    what a freaking idiot!!! Im glad that woman lost her dog! Hopefully someone who knows how to take car of a dog has her!

  31. I am me says:

    I don’t get why she took the dog to the amusement park in the first place… If the dog was a support dog for emotional problems, does that really warrant taking them everywhere? And if it’s not that stressing to bring the dog into the park (on a leash maybe) then why couldn’t she have just left the dog at home like a normal dog owner would do… :-/ While Six Flags should have taken better care after rescuing the dog, the lady should never have taken the dog to the park in the first place. smh.

    1. Astonished says:

      Depends on why the dog was prescripted as support for. If she has anxiety attacks when she is in large crowds, then yes she would be taking the dog most places with her. However, I would suspect that if anxiety were the case she would be avoiding places like Six Flags. I know I would, dog or no dog.

      Either way, she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong. Maybe she will if the put her in a hot car like that.

      She really should be permanently barred from owning anything that lives and breathes.

  32. Melvin says:

    And this woman has the ability to breed. Heaven help her spawn because they’re on their own.

    1. Spanky says:

      They probably aren’t on their own, they’re probably being paid for you us taxpayers and living in foster care or an institution or with family members/friends who are getting welfare.

  33. Rayban64 says:

    It’s obvious the dog took it’s chance to escape. It would rather take its chances on the streets than be trapped with that loon.

  34. mike says:

    I don’t see where she has the right to say anything. She’s the moron that left the dog in the car. It’s her fault, if she didn’t leave the dog in the car they wouldn’t have had to rescue it.

  35. Spanky says:

    Since ““Malibu”, was prescribed by her doctor for emotional support,” that means that it’s likely that her insurance is paying the cost of the dog.

    If she’s on some government program, that means we taxpayers.

    Maybe the new Obamacare slogan should be, “A dog in every hot car.”

  36. pogue says:

    Perhaps her stupid emotions aren’t what she needs to be working on.
    Idiots like this are why we are doomed as a nation and a species.

  37. Spanky says:

    Woman is named Shelanon, after her pregnant mother’s time spent in Alanon.

  38. Jeff says:

    My favorite part of this story “They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.”
    So they break into someones car for not being responsible and now they don’t want to be held responsible.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. It just seems a touch hypocritical.

    1. Chris says:

      Jeff, They wouldn’t have had to break into the car if Stupid did not leave her pet in the car! I Commend MM for acting on action….The dog was not breathing! they had no choice! DID YOU NOT READ THE ARTICLE?

      1. Laughing Man says:

        Wow! I wouldn’t have had to break into your car if you hadn’t installed that nice stereo! Really! I was just keeping it safe until you returned…er….after all…we wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. Sorry, I fenced it…er….lost it.

  39. Stryker says:

    Is this a story from The Onion?

  40. Yucaipadave says:

    The dog should have never been left in the car. Judging by how cute the dog was, though, I’m sure it went home with one of the people who rescued it. This dog didn’t run away and get lost.

  41. estryll throckmorton, esq. says:

    wow. stupid AND crazy. can you imagine a one minute conversation with this nutbag?

    1. Bobbie West says:

      We just WATCHED it…and it was stupid and a waste of time..like her

  42. Bobbie West says:

    She doesn’t know HOW she’s going to LIVE without her dog..works for me if she decides NOT to live..not feeling any remorse for this stupid baggage

  43. Kick Ax says:

    If a doctor prescribes a dog for emotional support, what would he prescribe for STUPID? This woman is an idiot. Hope this helps.

    1. Unreal says:

      I think stupid people should be prescribed cobras. Or maybe scorpions.

  44. sean patriot says:

    “prescribed by her doctor for emotional support” ????? IS EVERYONE IN CALIFORNIA A FREAKIN PSYCHO ???

    1. Paula says:

      No we aren’t – and how do you know she is from California? She might be from your state.

    2. Cali-Dude says:


      Not all. Just about 83 percent.

  45. Car+Sun=Hot says:

    This young woman is a moron. If security hadn’t rescued her dog from that car it would have been dead by the time she got done playing in the park.
    She should sit her stupid backside in closed car in the sun for an hour and feel what 120 degree heat feels like, and wear a fur coat while doing it.

  46. HempFree Bogart says:

    we can’t even get prescriptions for marijuana in Connecticut, much less for Dogs!. Awesome!

  47. Mark Silvers says:

    Unfortunately, this yutz will probably sue and win her case against Magic Mountain. Service dodgs are just an excuse to bring pets anywhere. You can go online and purchase jackets for pets that say service dog.

    1. Astonished says:

      In some cases, your probably close to correct. However, true service dogs are invaluable to those who depend on them to live independent productive lives. And that includes Support Dogs and Medical Alert Dogs who alert their owners before they have seizures. So don’t categorize all of these valuable animals as bogus just because of this one particularly dim bulb.

    2. Tamandra Michaels says:

      Whoah there! CLAIMING a dog is a Service dog is an excuse to bring a PET anywhere. A REAL Service dog isn’t an excuse to bring a pet, it’s truly to help a person with a disability have an easier time in life. An invaluable, wonderful tool. Yes, you can go online and purchase jackets (which are not required by law) and even “certification” papers. But if a person truly has a real disability and their dog does tasks that helps them, they are legit. An emotional support animal is NOT a Service dog, and is not afforded the same rights.

  48. Mighty Design Studio says:

    Doctor should of prescribed an adult toy not a toy dog.

  49. 5thcommjarehad says:

    Brooks would be better off spending her time in a psychiatric clinic than Magic Mountain.

  50. Richard Henkle says:

    Oh no, way to funny. Thank you Sunny

  51. happytam says:

    She keeps thinking what she could have done differently? Well, she could have taken the dog home. Or she could have not brought a dog to an amusement park to begin with. Or she could have used a leash on the dog as an alternative to the bag. Or she could have placed the dog in the on-site kennel for the day. Or she could have walked into traffic and saved us all from her stupidity.

  52. Erin says:

    THIS LADY IS A MORON!!!!!! She would have come back to a DEAD dog anyway. I dare her to sit inside the 110* car for hours with the windows cracked and see how longs she lasts. ITS A BIG METAL BOX IN THE SUN…it gets really really hot. Why can’t idiots understand this. I do not feel sorry for her at all. She should be arrested anyway for animal cruelty and extreme stupidity.

  53. Darrel says:

    Lock the bimbo in a hot car for a couple of hours and see how she likes it.

  54. A dog prescribed for emotional support…..left in the car?


    This woman would be better off being prescribed a pacifier.

  55. Mano Man says:

    Only in California would a doctor prescribe someone a dog for emotional support. I’m sure that tax payers picked up the tab for this Pomeranian, and now I am sure that this woman will sue the park, because obviously this has caused more emotional distress to the young lady and she has a prescribed dog to prove it.

  56. StaticKlingon says:

    Can she still get the”disability” check without a dog?

  57. Paula says:

    Lets put her in the car and see how she likes it when the windows are all closed and she can’t get out! I have no sympathy for her. But I do think 6 Flags is responsible for the pet if they have it in their care.

  58. CJ says:

    This woman should be removed from this planet. Thus to all abusers.

  59. matador527 says:

    I have my own solution for people who abuse innocent children or animals….it involves a wood chipper…

  60. Dawgta Dawg says:

    Bad decision for doctor’s to prescribe dog ownership to irresponsible people. Yes, XANAX would have been okay to leave in the car.
    Irresponsible Doctor and person and poor dog. Hope she finds a better home.

  61. Bruce_Almty says:

    Can’t somebody sue somebody for something ? Check with a lawyer.

  62. Red in Denver says:

    I’m SO GLAD they “lost” the dog. Hopefully the woman won’t get another one.

    Anyone who leaves any helpless living thing (human/animal) in a car in a parking lot in 80 degree weather — KNOWING they can not roll down more windows, open the door to escape, etc. — while they spend the day at an amusement park — should NEVER be allowed the privilege or the responsibility of having a child or a pet again.

    The Six Flags people saved that dog’s life.

  63. Dad says:

    The dog would have drowned if it had to drink more than halfway down in that deep tupperware container.

    That dog is much better off without that psycho bimbo as it’s “owner”. Moron!

  64. Sal the Stockbroker says:

    “They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.”

    Wha, Wha, What ?!???!???

    Doesn’t this comment directly contradict itself, if the dog is in your care you are responsible for it.

    1. Red in Denver says:

      They didn’t ASK for the responsibility of caring for your pet while you entertain yourself in their amusement park all day.

      YOU are responsible for your pet, and should not leave it in a car sitting in an uncovered parking lot when the temperature outside is 80 degrees. The dog would have been dead had they not rescued it from the car.

    2. Unreal says:

      Here’s the park’s policy:
      Is there a place where I can leave my pets?
      Pets are not permitted in the park, with the exception of service animals. Six Flags Magic Mountain does provide kennel services. Please ask a parking attendant for the location outside of the park. For the health and safety of your pet, do not leave it in your car for any length of time while visiting the park. Six Flags Magic Mountain will call Animal Services to rescue your pet at your expense, which may also result in prosecution.

  65. Mina says:

    She leaves the windows down, but the park broke into her car? She didn’t take the dog in the park because the SACK she wanted to carry it in was ripped? The park claims they are not respondible for pets in their care? The kennel worker left the gate open? So much is wrong with these people.

  66. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

    dumb c unt should be in jail!

  67. Anna, happily owned by a beautiful dog says:

    Some people should have neither kids nor pets. That idiot is one of them.

    I hope a kind-hearted soul finds the Pom, takes her home and keeps her, and spoils her rotten for all the abuse the poor little girl went through!

    Involuntary sterilization for the human.

    1. Bo Ling Pin says:

      I’m sure it made a tasty Chinese dinner for some immigrant.

  68. Leslie says:

    Oh why are humans so damn stupid?

  69. glenp says:


    reminds me of the polish joke– hear about the guy who locked his keys in the car? It took him 2 hours to get his family out.

    1. Astonished says:

      They broke in because the windows were only open about 2 inches. Not nearly enough air circulation for even a cold day.

  70. brandon says:

    I’m surprised she knows where her house is still.

  71. Billv says:

    Why would a California doctor prescribe a dog? You can’t smoke a dog.

  72. John VA says:

    Okay I don’t really care what happened. But how can someone take something out of your car, and not be responsible for it? They take the dog because the owner’s not being responsible, and the dog escapes because the park is not responsible. However, the only one in this party of irresponsible people to be HELD responsible is the lady who has already been deem irresponsible in the first place? C’MONNNNN!

  73. John VA says:

    Okay I don’t really care what happened. But how can someone take something out of your car, and not be responsible for it? They take the dog because the owner’s not being responsible, and the dog escapes because the park is not responsible. However, the only one in this party of irresponsible people to be HELD responsible is the lady who has already been deemed irresponsible in the first place? C’MONNNNN!

  74. Tinker Bar says:

    She has a “prescription” dog for emotional support? Sheesh… more people should just die off.

  75. FIsh Head says:

    This entire thing is sad. Chosing to leave your dog in a hot car while you enjoy a theme park? Selfish beyond words. Kudos to Magic Mountain for resuing the dog from the car. However, WHY was it not taken to a veterinarian for proper medical treatment and care? Does the kennel employ a veterinary technician? This is suspicious on all sides. Dog was scared and ran away. Sadly, will probably be hit by a car. Bad judgement on both sides.

  76. FIsh Head says:

    This entire thing is sad. Chosing to leave your dog in a hot car while you enjoy a theme park? Selfish beyond words. Kudos to Magic Mountain for resuing the dog from the car. However, WHY was it not taken to a veterinarian for proper medical treatment and care? Does the kennel employ a veterinary technician? This is suspicious on all sides. Dog was scared and ran away. Sadly, will probably be hit by a car. Bad judgement by owner and MM. How can people still be unaware that you NEVER leave anything in a car on a warm day? No kids, no pets, no plants, no food? “She “thought” it would be OK. In other words, she was willing to take the chance that it would not be, so she did not lose her day of fun. Sad. Hope the dog is OK and is found.

  77. FIsh Head says:

    PS: If this woman tries to sue Magic Mountain for her own mistake in bad judgement, many people will truly be disgusted. I hope you find your dog, I hope you learn better animal parenting and educate yourself about dogs and their requirements. I seriously hope you put your dogs interests before your own in any questionable situations, instead of hoping she will be OK. You have been trusted to care for another living creature, now it is not just about you. I do hope you are reunited and you get another chance to prove to her that you are a good Mom for your fur child. If someone took this dog, please return it to the person. You are not doing a greater good by selfishly taking the animal either. Dog owner, get some dog education, or let someone else give the dog the life it deserves.

    1. Unreal says:

      If someone took the dog, they are not being selfish. Giving the dog back to her would be like putting it down. If you have the dog, please KEEP IT!!!!

    2. JL says:

      And you’re trying to place blame of “MM”. Why would they have a veterinarian on staff? It’s not a Zoo and it shouldn’t be their responsibility.

      P.S. “put your dogs interests before your own in any questionable situations” – Are you nuts. For one, that is not a questionable situation. And two, me and my wife’s best interest will always come before our dog, of 12 years, in any all all questionable situations.

      1. Fishhead says:

        I did not mean a questionable situation regarding humans, I meant a questionable situation in regard to the animals welfare. Yes, I am placing some blame on MM. If they have a dog they feel is sick enough they have to revive it, they should take it to a vet. They are putting a KENNEL on their property. Things go wrong. They should have a veterinairian they can take the animals to if there is a medical emergency. There should also be a fence around this “Kennel”, so if a careless employee forgets to shut a door, the animal cannot run out into the public. MM needs to upgrade their kennel at the very least. I did not say have a vet on staff, I said take it to a vet. A vet technician barely makes above minimum wage, they could employ one, instead of a non animal trained kid off the street. Both sides have fault here. And no one knows all the facts, it is a news report.

  78. Unreal says:

    Brooks sobbed. “I thought she was OK, I thought she was OK. And I keep thinking what I could have did different.”

    Really? You don’t know what you could have done different? You stopped by the store on the way there to buy a container to put water in. Why not buy a new CARRIER for the dog? Or, even better, LEAVE THE DOG AT HOME!!! You were obviously able to be without your support dog while you were in the park. Why not leave the dog at home to begin with? DumbaZZ!!!

    1. Paula says:

      Leave the dog at home next time!

  79. thesiege says:

    Six Flags should be prosecuted for breaking and entering, and charged for the price of the dog. The woman should have a mental evaluation, and the dog… well… given to someone responsible.

    1. JL says:

      Sorry, but B&E won’t fly. The vehicle was on their property and what was going in the vehicle was illegal.

  80. weird says:

    Did she check with the Six-Flag officials? While I agree the dog MAY HAVE needed rescuing…sounds to me like someone wanted a dog and this was way easy.

    1. Unreal says:

      From the Six Flag Website:
      Is there a place where I can leave my pets?
      Pets are not permitted in the park, with the exception of service animals. Six Flags Magic Mountain does provide kennel services. Please ask a parking attendant for the location outside of the park. For the health and safety of your pet, do not leave it in your car for any length of time while visiting the park. Six Flags Magic Mountain will call Animal Services to rescue your pet at your expense, which may also result in prosecution.

      You can’t fix stupid.

    2. Astonished says:

      Didn’t you read the article. The dog was suffering from Hyperthermia (Heat Exhaustion) and not moving. Once the body temperature goes up by more than 4-5 degrees, brain damage and death can occur. And the damage can happen very fast!

      This holds true for any thing alive and breathing left in such a situation. The sheriff Deputy was well within the law to break the window and remove the dog.

      As for why the dog wasn’t transported to the vet, my guess is they wanted to stabilize her first.

  81. wootendw says:

    We don’t know how far the windows were rolled down and Six Flags officials could well be lying. They would likely do so to cover their as*s after stupidly letting the dog escape. In any case, the dog is probably worse off now than it would have been had they not interfered.

    1. Unreal says:

      So you’re saying it was better off dead?

    2. Bryce Kirby says:

      Thankfuly in AZ she would be in jail as abandoning dogs in cars here is against the law. THANK YOU SIX FLAGS FOR CARING MORE FOR THE DOG THAN ITS OWNER DID.

    3. jtracy says:

      Obviously the windows weren’t down that far to prevent the dog from jumping out the window. With windows cracked on an 80 degree day the temperature would have been more than 100 in the car. The dog would have died if not for the intervention of the park employees. Instead, it is alive AND now back with its owner. Had they not “interfered” as you say, the dog would be dead. Thankfully you weren’t in charge of parking lot security. And lets also not forget that the Valencia police were also there. So obviously they agreed that the dog needed to be taken from the hot car too.

  82. Deus Vult says:

    Guess it was just a “dog day afternoon”
    and everything was “going to the dogs”
    wonder if this would still have happened if it had been “raining cats & dogs”
    well thats it because I’m “dog-tired!”
    and going to grab a “hotdog”!

  83. Sniffit says:

    More of you anti Obama idiots griping. I bet if this was an old white woman you racist f’s would be whistlin a diffrent story

    1. Unreal says:

      Yes, I’d be griping if she’d left an old white woman in the car, too.

    2. Sniffit says:

      You’re racist.

      1. Bobbie West says:

        What the heck does HER race have to do with the fact that she is STUPID????

      2. Unreal says:

        Sniffit is a troll.

  84. Unreal says:

    Or they could give her a placebo–a Beanie Baby dog.

  85. Fool says:

    She’s a GD fool. She needs a swift kick in the butt for being such an idiot.

  86. thesiege says:

    What’s hysterical is all the “goody two shoes” comments for the dog, when thousands are put down every day… children aborted in astonishing numbers. We are living in one really jacked up world.

    At least the dog has an opportunity to find another owner… maybe someone with even half a clue.

    1. Unreal says:

      What makes you think that just because someone cares about a dog that they don’t care about babies, too? Also, what does the abortion debate have to do with this story anyway?

  87. Mildly Amused says:

    Hopefully somebody discovered the dog in the parking lot. If not, it’s coyote food. I live a few miles from there and there are coyotes all over the place. People with small dogs and cats lose them all the time.

  88. JT says:

    We sometimes travel with our dogs and if we happen to go to an amusement park and have the dogs with us, we put them in the park’s kennel. Every couple of hours we check on them, give them snacks, water, walk them and put them back in the kennel while we continue to enjoy the park. We don’t really want to take our dogs with us in the first place but if we have to, this is a very good option. Safe for the animals and the owner.

  89. g55rumpy says:

    critters are the closest thing to an angel most people will ever meet

  90. James Ridge says:

    They broke into this woman’s car. THEY BROKE INTO HER CAR to save a dog. They didn’t call the police, they didn’t call Animal Cruelty, or the Humane Society, or PETA or whoever the hell else has all that free time on their hands. I’m trying to figure out why vandalism charges aren’t being filed. I see dogs in cars all the time, which I’m happy to liberate at will, if indeed random concern for pets supersedes the law.

    1. Joe Schmoe says:

      You are a moron. CA Penal Code 597.7. Drop dead.

      1. Echo4Texas says:

        Joe Schmoe, I think you are the moron. Then you request this fellow drop dead because a dog was uncomfortable?! You are concerned for all living things like this dog but then request death for a human? Put down the bong.

    2. Meredith Sprague says:

      They were not going to wait for animal welfare pros to arrive, it was an urgent situation, further the police were called, and AC is now involved. HSUS, PETA and other PRIVATE animal welfare organizations most certainly do not have “free time” on their hands. The law was being broken, a law that an animal can not be left iin a hot car, a life was at stake,that trumps “supersedes”(sic) personal property.

  91. keith says:

    how stupid can this woman be…..very stupid considering she is upset at the park cause she left the dog in a hot car and they took it out….dumb bimbo

  92. Joe says:

    “Six Flags officials say …….. they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.”

    BS you’re not! you sure as hell are!!!

  93. Joe Schmoe says:

    The ignorant Bi tch should be put to death. Period.

  94. Malibu the Dog says:

    hi, this is Malibu. just dropping all my human b*tches a line, i am OK. my owner is f-ing NUTS. can you tell ? i ran for my f-ing LIFE like an f-ing GREYHOUD, dawg. i left those six flags homies in tha DUST. that chick is as crazy as a 2-bit chihuahua high on paint chips. i’m OUT !!

  95. Echo4Texas says:

    When it comes to someone else’s dog, everyone is an expert. People, as seen in these comments, think they have the right to interfere and/or subject pet owners with unrequested advice and direction. If the windows were down the dog was fine. You will notice the people with the stupidist and ill mannered dogs are the most arrogant and self assured busy bodies using the justification ‘I love all animals.” They walk by an abortion clinic where childrens lives are being ended to nag a pet owner their dog is too hot in a car with the windows down! Enough is enough! Mind your own business.

    1. FishHead says:

      You are incorrect Echo4Texas. Windows cracked or down in a car in the sun make very little difference, unless a strong breeze is blowing. Dogs overheat much faster than a human, what is comfortable to you may already be dangerous to some dogs. They do not sweat, they lose heat through panting and blowing out heat. A car parked in 80 sun can rise to 120 degrees in as little as 10 minutes. I am a veterinary technician, I have seen many cases of heat stroke and heat exaustion. Even dogs just being walked on the beach. It does terrible things to a dogs body. One dog brought in ended up blind. Many dogs die every year from this, so please DO NOT put misinformation out there on this dangerous condition. Same goes for your kids people. Do not leave them in a car parked in the sun on a warm day.

    2. Tamandra Michaels says:

      Oh brother! You’re damn right I would give unrequested advice or direction if someone is abusing a living creature!! No, a dog is not fine with windows down. Try it. Next 80 degree day, crack the windows and sit there for a good 20 minutes. Obviously if the dog was not moving, it was in great distress. And thank you very much, my dog is not ill mannered, he is a real Service dog. What are you expecting people to do with an abortion clinic…go in and murder human beings for performing them? They’re not ending children’t lives, it’s embryos.

  96. sara says:

    What’s with everyone being prescribed “support dogs?” And if you needed the dog to function there’s no way you should have left it in the car risking it’s life.

  97. Margaret O'Brien says:

    Stories like this make me furious! This poor little dog is a victim of totally stupid and irresponsible people — both the owner AND the kennel! WHat owner would leave a little dog in a hot car on a hot day while she went into an amusement park………..for how many hours??? AND what KENNEL personnel would leave a kennel door open and unguarded while getting water for the dog???? Ridiculous and disgusting people! I can only hope this little dog is with some kind family….and hasn’t fallen victim to more cruelty or irresponsibility in people!

  98. Sheltiman says:

    Lady, you “lost” your dog when you decided to leave it in the car instead of going down the street to find another bag to carry it around. BE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE!!!

  99. Jacquemeoff says:

    How much time went by between security finding the dog and this wackjob discovering her “daughter” was missing?

  100. Me says:

    1) This woman is stupid to bring her dog to a them park whether she intended to leave it in the car or take it with her into the park in a “bag.” It’s not the place for a dog! 2) If Six Flags is going to go to the trouble of “saving” dogs from hot cars (which I commend them for), they should be responsible for them afterwards. What is the point of “saving” a dog from a hot car if you’re going to let it run off. This little dog will probably not be able to fend for itself. So, really they did not save the dog and they are just as guilty of neglect as the owner. Hopefully, someone will find the dog. The owner should have been looking for her dog instead of talking to the media.

  101. Costa Mesa resident says:

    Boycott Six Flags. She should sue them for losing her dog.

    1. Unreal says:

      Yeah! Now I won’t have to stand in line with a bunch of stupid people! More ride time for me!

  102. Nickmar says:

    Say the dog instead of escaping it happened to die in the kennel. Who would have been to blame for that? Magic Mountain was providing adequate care and shelter trying to keep the dog alive and had it died it would have not been their fault. The dogs death and repercussions following its death would fall solely on the owner of the dog not the person(s) who’s care it was in prior to it’s demise. The owner of the dog is responsible for the dog no matter where it happens to be at the time. If your pitbull attacks somebody while you’re at work even though you are not present, even if it leaves your yard and travels down the block and mauls a child, you as the owner of that dog are to blame. The law is a pets owner is responsible for the life of an animal while the animal is inhabiting this Earth doesn’t matter where it happens to be or what it’s up to at the time or if you’re even around.

  103. Jimmy says:

    “Six Flags officials say it’s standard policy to rescue dogs from cars. They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.”

    Umm… they’re at least liable for losing the dog. Come on. She didn’t even drop the dog off at the kennel…. give me a break. Theft and then loss is really their burden. They should at least pay for the cost of replacement (which I’m sure in California is priceless due to all that mental anguish and loss of a loved one).

    Californians are so dumb.

  104. Chris says:

    Thanks for the update CH2 However I would like to know if the owner has been charged? fined? any type of punishment??

  105. J Kale says:

    They are just as responsible for the dog when it’s in their care as this lady was when the dog was in her care, and they both failed miserably. The lady, however, was criminally negligent to leave her dog in a car on a day when the outside temperature was 80 degrees. Anyone who has been to Six Flags knows how hot that parking lot gets. She should be prosecuted.

  106. J Kale says:

    And she did let something happen to that dog. She left the dog alone in a car unattended. She should be thankful it was the Six Flags people who rescued it. People steal dogs.

  107. me says:

    she is a moron and a ditz
    the dog should never have been left in car like that
    she should not have the dog because she is a moron with no common sense
    its not a “service dog” either…..all pets are for emotional support and help their owners that way…

  108. KLC says:

    You dumb (_._) — let’s lock you in a car with a fur coat on when it is 80 degrees outside. Sheesh it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are — and you can’t fix stupid!

  109. Lewis says:

    This woman does not deserve a pet, plain and simple. Try this lady: sit in a car with the windows cracked in 80+ degree weather without it running with very little water (because that dog couldn’t reach more than half of it) and see how long it takes you to weaken and get dehydrated.

    It’s things like this that make me wish the government could regulate hysterectomies and vasectomies.

  110. Jon Anthony says:

    Boy, that’s a whole lot of stupid going on thar’

  111. Meredith Sprague says:

    I really hope this miscreant is charged with animal cruelty. She is from Michigan by the way not CA.

  112. Red Warrior says:

    That creature is a disgusting piece of trash. It should of been the howling shegroid that was left in the hooptie to bake. I pity any animal that is “owned” by this parasitic sub-species, especially since the animals rank higher on the evolution scale. They rape, torture, beat and kill their own sprogs so why does cruelty to an animal surprise anyone?

    I did not know that Six Flags takes EBT for admission into the park. I hope the shegroid is so upset she over doses on her medications.

  113. Bobbie West says:

    The fact that someone SAW her stupid behavior on TV and STILL returned this dog to her…. scares the bejeezus out of me.That POOR dog!!

  114. Tim Smith says:

    6 flags did the right thing, shame on her

  115. jtracy says:

    Clarification – my above comment was directed at wootendw who thought the dog would have been better off in the car for several more hours.

  116. rtg says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize you cannot leave a dog in the car, especially when it’s hot out. It’s illegal and immoral. When she found the dog’s bag was ripped, she should have taken the dog home, not left the poor thing in the car. She should be charged with animal abuse instead of having a hissy fit blaming the people who saved her dog from losing it. She should thank those people that her dog didn’t die in that car she left it in. Stupid people are annoying.

  117. Dawn says:

    I wish more places would actively rescue dogs from hot cars!

  118. Gr0o says:

    That dog should NOT have been returned to that moron.

  119. Victoria says:


  120. j says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    Also since that time, they have been using gang members to harass me and tampering with my car with they intention of causing an automobile crash.

  121. Racquel says:

    AND if the poor crittas carry bag wasn’t broken..she would have what? taken it into the park to go on the rides with her???? Unbelieveable, her animal abuse is clearly captured on camera now whens her court date?

  122. Sharon Waldrop says:

    I’m wondering why the dog was returned to the owner. She should be charged with animal abuse, prosecuted, and never allowed to own a dog or any other pet. I am absolutely amazed that anybody would think it is okay to leave a dog in a car when it is 80 degrees outside! Leaving water and the windows cracked obviously does not help. That is apparent by the fact that the dog was near death and had to be revived.

  123. Leo Rezende says:

    And this report kind of accuses the park for saving the dog. And it doesnt even ask hard questions to the woman who almost killed the dog. This woman, you can see, is unstable and she shouldnt be allowed to have any pet.

  124. David says:

    I completely support dogs being utilized as service dogs, but this new push for service dogs for “emotional support” and everything else is absurd. There have even been companion/service snakes (ball pythons)!!! Ridiculous!

    If this person needs a chihuahua for “emotional support” maybe she should NOT BE RIDING ROLLER COASTERS!!!

  125. Sunny says:

    Per this story, it is hard to tell who was the worst caregiver, the owner, or the shelter they removed the pet too ~

  126. diana says:

    So irresponsible of her to let her fur-baby in the car! In these HOT temps that we have been having here in Calif, and especially in the Valley (Valencia, CA) were Magic Mountain is located! What the hell was she thinking???? Obviously, she was not! She is lucky that someone rescued the dog, and that she did not go back to her car to find a dead dog! Did she really think that someone would not see the dog and not do something about the dogs deadly situation??? I really feel she should face charges for being so STUPID!

  127. j says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

  128. Sam1968 says:

    Evidently this woman is mentally impaired and has no business driving, much less owning a pet. REALLY? “I thought the dog would be okay”…..left in a car in 80 degree temps? She is obviously BRAIN DAMAGED and should have charges filed against her. Hope she does not intend to bred…..

  129. Dottie says:

    I can’t believe somebody actually handed that poor pup back to her after leaving it in a car in the parking lot. I hope to god she gets a stiff fine for it. Obviously a service dog can’t help with stupidity.

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  132. Riggs says:

    Emotional support dogs are not service dogs.

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