GLENDALE (CBS) — Glendale residents say a pack of at least seven coyotes has taken over an abandoned home on Brockmont Drive that was destroyed by a fire last November.

The homeowner has given the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture permission to place traps on the property, but officials worry they could be dangerous to pets or neighbors.

County officials, however, are concerned the coyotes might get too comfortable there to return to their habitat.

An application in front of the home says the homeowners pulled a permit last month to demolish it, which means they have six months to tear it down.

Officials are working to expedite the process.

Comments (18)
  1. PatricParamedic says:

    When the coyote family is evicted, as they surely will be, please give them the following address, where they will be warmly welcomed:

    18240 West Balboa Ave San Diego, Ca

    We’re guessing they’ll be cleaner, quieter & show more animal class than the current residents. And if they promise to keep the junk cars & profanity around their children to a minimum, the neighborhood real estate agents assure us our property values will improve.

    It’s simply a matter of going with who happens to be higher on the food chain.

  2. Jack says:

    Hope the coyotes snack on your pets Glendale residents

  3. Sam Sindaha says:

    why would coyote traps be dangerous to pets and neighbors? If you have coyotes on your property that need to be trapped and relocated, just call the proper agency, post a sign and do it. You might want to keep an eye out for the nut that wishes your house burns down to save the coyote’s habitat.

    1. Gina Farr says:

      Traps are not specific to coyotes, any animal or child can get trapped. Relocation is against the law in California. This family of coyotes would be inhumanely trapped, taken away from public view and shot and killed, bodies dumped into the landfill. There are better options: exclude and haze.

  4. Rick says:

    At least they are legal US residents!

    1. Graciano Barraza says:

      Oh yea they are!! But you are not.

  5. Gina Farr says:

    It is illegal to relocate wildlife in California – they will be shot and killed. Coyote traps are absolutely dangerous to domestic pets and children. They are cruel as well. Exclude and then haze them – DO NOT CALL IN TRAPPERS.

    1. Montebello Ecology Lover says:

      are any people going up to the area to protest the sadistic solution? there has to be a different solution… do you have any influence?

      1. Gina Farr says:

        you can email me at Project Coyote – Gina


    the homeowners in that video are ugly republicans!!!!!! POS

  7. Montebello Ecology Lover says:

    STOP the killing.. Just say NO to euthanasia….How many people and pets have actually been harmed or killed by the coyotes? How many coyotes have been harmed and killed by people? The difference is enormous… the paranoid, brainwashed, anti-life, anti-nature sadistic humans have to be stopped from inflicting even more damage and death on the animals. It is totally irrational to destroy the animals with out at least first attempting get them to leave the abandoned and neglected by human habitation. That this whole area is right up in the natural habitat of coyotes, and the humans choose to live here is also a factor. It is like being afraid of a native ethnic groups anyone else in a country ivnaded by others simply because of ignorance and lack of facts and then rushing to kill them in ‘self-defense’… stupid and cruel.. and probably really expensive .. a dumb thing to do in this time of economic downturn.. Stop the killing…

  8. PatricParamedic says:

    Montebello Ecology Lover :

    And my absolute best coyote front paw salute to you.


    Wiley C.