PASADENA (AP)  — Authorities say three hikers clinging to a cliff 100 feet above a canyon floor were airlifted to safety by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department rescue team.

Deputy Tony Moore says the hikers were near the upper waterfall of the Eaton Canyon trail near Pasadena in the Angeles National Forest on Sunday when they got stuck and were unable to move.

Members of a sheriff’s Emergency Services Detail team were lowered from a helicopter and rescued each victim from the cliff face.

Moore says none of the hikers were hurt and all three were released at the scene.

Last month, two people fell to their deaths in separate incidents as they hiked the same heavily traveled trail in the Angeles National Forest.

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  1. Arod says:

    Who has to pay for all these nature freak hikers that have to be rescued every weekend….I hope they do and not tax payers

    1. Dean says:

      You pay for it through taxes, I too am getting tired of paying to rescue the totally stupid.

      1. get over it! says:

        But it’s great training for the search and rescue teams that some day may need to rescue you.

      2. JB says:

        The rescuers get paid for practice runs or the real thing. I can assure they don’t sit in the firehouse hoping something happens so they get paid.

        The people rescued most likely pay taxes (or their parents do) so when something like this happens, THEIR money can be put to use to rescue them. Money that’s spent every day, rescue or no rescue, fire or no fire, car accident or no car accident.

        I’m sure you both have paid countless THOUSANDS into the tax system…If something were to happen to you or your loved one that required rescue? I wouldn’t b*tch about it…I’d be happy you were safe. And be glad that YOU paid into the system that saved you.

        Seriously, what the hell do you think taxes are for?

        Every time something like this happens, this same tired argument is always repeated like a broken record.

  2. ogscoprion says:

    @JB: Here here! Well said. Enough of this whiners. Sometimes I hope that these whiners do get stranded or get in to a situation that they need rescue so they’ll know/understand what it feels like instead of b*tching all the time.

  3. joke says:

    It’s something to need emergency services for everyday life. It’s when idiots go out not knowing what they are doing and needing rescue!
    These are the ones that need to pay extra for services they would NEVER need if they had half a brain

    1. JB says:

      News flash, you don’t have to “not know what you’re doing” to get into a situation that requires rescue.

      To assume ones ignorance and pass judgment without all the facts is well, ignorant. One thing’s for sure, they were smart enough to stop and make the call and not end up like the other two unfortunate souls that died there.

      Funny how no one complains about fire/rescue having to retrieve bodies…Same thing except the victim is dead; actually harder because you don’t have the victim helping. “Idiot had to die and now my tax dollars have to pay to get their carcass! Their families should PAY!!! Waaah!”

      So much contempt for our neighbors…sad really.

  4. joke says:

    LOL! How about stay on the trail. You can tell they didn’t know what they were doing.
    it wasn’t one stuck on a cliff, with the other two calling for help. This is all three in a stupid situation.

  5. Gretchen Hoffman says:

    HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR TAXES WHEN SOMEONE’S LIFE WAS JUST ON THE LINE! i happen to know those who got rescued & trust me, you attain a different perspective when it is someone you know! I’m sure you children will know of that one day.! I’m thankful nobody got hurt and came out alive! You stupid commmenters are complaining but when this happens to your gf, wife, bf, son or whomever, you’ll know how it feels! Karma’s a big you know what… So goodluck with that you ignorant trashbags.

  6. abodarry says:

    must check mbt for more detail

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