SIGNAL HILL (CBS) — Local artist and sculptor Patrick Vogel couldn’t forget 9/11.

In 2002, on the one year anniversary of the attacks, he premiered “The Unity Monument,” a 4,500 pound work of art made from five different metals (to represent the five races of man getting along). The top is shaped as a pentagon, too…to remember the victims who died in the nation’s capital. spoke to Vogel Saturday about why the Monument — the only standing monument to the victims of 9/11 in the Southland — is still so important on the anniversary tomorrow.

“It’s to remind people that some of the planes (that crashed that day) were headed here. And I thought it was appropriate to always honor those people, many of whom lived here, had loved ones here, with a lasting tribute.”

Vogel, a metal artist and fabricator for 30 years, worked on the project three months — probably something that should have taken twice as long to complete — but he was “determined” to have it finished before the first anniversary. The intense work, the custom lighting, finishing without complaint. “It was definitely a labor of love,” Vogel says.

On the tenth anniversary Sunday, at 5 p.m. Vogel — along with a Marine Corps guard, a Long Beach hook and ladder company — will hold a special memorial celebration to honor the victims. (The monument stands at the intersection of Hill and Temple Streets).

For more information call the City of Signal Hill (562) 989-7330.

For more information about the artist, go to

Comments (3)
  1. randy says:

    Hmm… something that supports America and its people, and memorializes those lost in a terrorist attack? I’m sure the ACLU will promptly be in court to prevent that atrocity from moving forward.

    1. anon says:

      Randy, that’s silly. Clearly you have no idea what sort of cases the ACLU gets involved with. Your ignorance is astounding.

      1. Frank Burns says:

        The ACLU is the biggest bunch of idiots around. They are supposed to be for all of Americans civil liberties, but only take on the cases that bring on the biggest headlines. Pay attention to what they are really doing if you are going to try and defend them.

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