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And maybe he’s still alive today. But apparently, Elvis was alive back in 100 A.D. And here’s the statuary proof. A bust of the King, is being auctioned off  in England. The sale is set for October. The price may be more than $1.3-million. If you had to pay by the pound, be thankful this is the skinny Elvis.
Apparently, this Blowin’ in the Wind– Elvis was a corner piece of an old tomb. Kind of like a scarecrow for evil spirits.  Back then, women must have swooned:  “Those eyes, those lips, that hair, that nose….”  All, actually do have a resemblance to Elvis. Except now, the nose. I’m pretty sure Elvis had a complete one.
Elvis Presley 460b 784302c Picture Proof, Elvis Lived A Lot Longer Than Previously Believed
  1. Robertson says:

    Kent, I saw him several years ago at Hot August Nights.

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