LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An effort to allow only reusable bags at Los Angeles grocery stores may sound like a political long-shot, but one city councilman thinks the public will eventually warm up to the initiative.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports just the suggestion of such a ban raised the eyebrows of several Southland shoppers.

The measure introduced by City Councilman Paul Koretz would prohibit all single-use plastic and paper bags in L.A. supermarkets and would require stores to sell or provide complimentary reusable or fiber bags only or risk a fine.

Koretz said that while banning plastic bags helps reduce land and ocean pollution, the single-use paper bag still contributes significantly to the local waste stream.

Some local shoppers, however, were less than enthused about the proposal.

“I think they can find a different way to make improvements to the city,” one man said.

“It’d probably be good for the planet in the long run, but short-term I could see it being a nightmare,” another shopper said.

The measure still has to clear the Energy and Environment Committee, but proponents believe the waste reduction aspect of the bill will be a strong selling point that would leapfrog L.A. ahead of cities like San Francisco and Santa Monica in the battle against bag pollution.

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  1. Abe says:

    If Los Angeles bans plastic grocery bags, I’ll just buy my own and use them. Nobody is taking away my plastic bags. NOBODY!

    1. robsin says:

      Nothing in this state is complimentary. Everything you do here nickles and dimes you to death. Not a single store is going to offer reusable bags complimentary. It’s just another cost of doing life in California.

    2. 51 Phantom says:

      Kalifornia can then ban food!

    3. CaSam says:

      Absolutly correct. You put meat into a reusable bag and a few drops of juice leaks out and the bacteria grows and you contaminate everything you put in it on the next trip.
      Of course you can use the electricity and soap to wash the bags after every use, you all are going to do that right?

    4. David Powell says:

      What bags do they think people will use for trash and recycling? Paper bags to recycle paper, plastic ones to reuse for throwing away trash. WIthout this the papers will blow away unless cardboard boxes can be scrounged – or new paper bags bought, and people will have to buy plastic trash bags more. Guess what, you’d still have plastic bags except people would be paying more for them. This idea is idiotic.

      1. Rowwdy says:

        You are clueless Powell. Try using the large plastic garbage bags for recycling. The bags will also be recycled. Better yet, invest in some large trash containers with lids.

        America has turned into one big dump (politicians included). People think nothing of polluting the ocean and earth with their garbage.

        @ BettyS…you are sick.

      2. Patty says:

        I have been using plastic grocery bags for years for trash bags — why throw money away on plastic trash bags when plastic grocery bags work just fine? But did you notice the shopper in the picture is about to bag 4 large plastic containers she’s just purchased 7-Up, juice , etc. Pretty ironic considering the story is about banning plastic grocer bags because of how bag they are — Yes, Powell, this is idiotic.

      3. Jim says:

        David, you are not clueless, Rowwdy is. Every where this has been tried the sale of plastic trash bags has increased greatly. I use my plastic bags from the grocery store for other uses and that is a reasonable thing to do. They make good bags for small trash cans, they are excellent for wrapping food in that will go in the freezer (they prevent freezer burns), they are great for putting paint rollers in that you are going to use again so that the roller doesn’t get hard, they are good for putting my dogs poop in and there are many, many other uses.

      4. SamI says:


        You and your kind have outlived your agenda. You’ve cost us too much money…put people out of jobs…save a fish, kill a baby mob needs to STFU.

        We all know that your sort represents the minority…and we the majority are sick and tired catering to the minority.

        The table is being tipped to the other direction.

      5. J.V. says:

        For some reason, California has a predominance of people who elect politicians that see their role as rulers rather than public servants. And, apparently, those people like politicians who tell everyone what to do, who create bureaucracy and regulations in EVERYTHING both large and small. One day they make sweeping changes in energy policy, and the next day, fussing that they don’t have anything to do, they want to regulate…grocery bags. Why does California keep electing draconian, narcissistic, stooges who have to regulate everything at some point? Next, they’re probably going to require each resident to wear a collector that will regulate the amount of intestinal gas that can be passed on an hourly basis. We must have too many of them, because the seem to have SO much time on their hands deciding EXACTLY how all of the citizens should be regulated EVERY DAMN second.

    5. CalmDown says:

      Oversensitive BS. I grew up with reusable bags in Germany and “contamination” has never been an issue… I haven’t heard of anyone even thinking this might be a serious issue in 20+ years – until I moved here.
      So y’all calm down, invest 5$ in a bunch of reusable bags that you put in the trunk… and won’t have to deal with the damn waste anymore. And to go way overboard and make something as trivial as a reusable bag into a big deal over taking your freedoms away… I mean, really!


    7. BettyS says:

      I’m all for that idea! With all the unwanted animals in shelters in CA right now, there’s your leather source!

    8. mike says:

      OMG That’s just horrible. Why would you use bags with the fur removed? lol

    9. Mike says:

      BettyS you have a great idea there. NOW THAT is a REAL recycling plan I could endorse. You could make some beautiful Kitten-Hyde bags!

    10. Mike says:

      California government has lost its mind (I know this is just the latest BS they are up to). I have a question for you Debbie – why are you and others that live there not protesting to the government to make them just stop with all this nonsense??

    11. Cato says:

      I’ve been there too. Santa Monica is just going to drive business to other towns not run by bag Nazis. Then this creates a weird “arms race” among municipalities, as they compare their bag policies the way guys compare the size of their manhood.

      Santa Monica councilmember: “We ban all plastic and charge for paper.”
      Los Angeles councilmember: “Oh yeah? We ban plastic AND paper. So there!”

      There will always be some redoubts of freedom, however, where they might allow bags of all shapes and sizes (diversity, anyone?). Then the state will step in and pass a statewide ban, to be followed by a federal and then a UN mandate.

      This is how our freedoms get drained away, people, one baggie at a time….

    12. Frustrated in San Francisco says:

      To: CalmDown

      Trunk???? You don’t DRIVE to the grocery store, do you? And I certainly hope you are not contributing to suburban sprawl!!!

      I walk to my inner city grocery store and need a strong bag to carry my food up the hill to my kitchen. And if you are keeping your reusable bags in a trunk, I bet my carbon footprint is a fraction of yours.

      So until you start walking to your grocery store, I would appreciate it if you would stop telling people like me to calm down.

      We all deserve the freedom to make our own decisions about how we bring our food home.

      I mean, really!

      1. The rest of the State says:

        I am glad the Bay area has been heard from. I really hope for the next big quake and hope the bay area falls into the ocean. Damn Democrat Trash. Keep voting democrat and electing liberal fools like Capt. Moonbeam our present Governor. I don’t want another movie star either. How about a canidate the will do the most good for the most people.

    13. Jimmy says:

      That’s Switzerland this is America. We shouldn’t have to pay for it if the stores already provide them for free. It may seem like a little thing but it’s the principle of the matter and the next step then the next step as they erode away the freedoms that we cherish.

    14. mike says:

      Bill – I want you to get together with everyone that you can find that agrees with you and MOVE to Switzerland. In THIS country a business can do business however it likes. If YOU don’t like that they provide plastic bags then YOU shop somewhere else. How about YOU stay out the concerns of OTHER PEOPLE and BUSINESS. If you think you can run a business better – PUT YOUR MONEY at risk and TRY. In the meantime stay the hell out of others life’s.

    15. Matt says:

      I agree. I stopped using plastic bags about five years ago. It is not an issue. I like my reusable one better. They are stronger and the handles are better and some are insulated. Never going back.

    16. AnimalFarm says:

      In parts of Switzerland (the liberal cities) they also have “trash police”, cops whose job is specifically to inspect and catch people who dispose of their trash in the wrong way. You’re not allowed to throw away glass, plastic, light bulbs, cloth (old clothes), cardboard… You’re required to go to the proper disposal place, where there are many different bins, one for each material, and you’d better pick the right one. Also, if you live in town X you are not allowed to purchase trash bags in town Y. There are specific trash bags sold, with the emblem and name of your town, they are very expensive and very small. You can’t just buy Glad. Here in the US, many people like me use grocery store bags for a variety of uses. I use them daily to empty out my bagless vacuum cleaner, clean out the litter box and various bedding for my pets, empty bathroom waste paper baskets, on and on. I would have to buy plastic trash bags in lieu of the super light, super thin grocery bags, which would make me waste money and use way more plastic. California is demented and anal, all their brilliant liberal ideas always have unintended consequences, this will be no exception.

    17. AnimalFarm says:

      That would pi$$ off PETA… hehehe! Brilliant idea!

    18. Jmac5280 says:

      I would just add a $5 box of store brand plastic trash bags to my grocery list every week and make them use the kitchen trash bags to bag my groceries and then throw away the garbage bags after every trip.

      1. jess says:

        Sounds good. Way to get back at em. And since money is no object, how bout you donate some to the recycling centers?

    19. Perplexed says:

      Do you people realize how ‘nutty’ you appear to the rest of us?

      1. Mikey says:

        Your “the rest of us” in a very small but loud minority.
        The vast majority of us are upset about being nudged and pushed by this very small minority, who seem hell bent on pushing their agenda on the rest of us.

        Freedoms going away…drip…drip… where does it stop?

      2. Elaine Connelly says:

        I use bags if I can remember them. But as far as ordering this kind of thing to take place. THAT SOUNDS LIKE CHINA OR RUSSIA. California, YUP, George Carlin was correct. CALIFORNIA IS GRANOLA LAND, WHAT ISN’T FRUITS AND NUTS IS FLAKES.

      3. gnubi says:

        Maybe, Perplexed. But your future looks the same as that of the boiled frog.

    20. Joemama777 says:

      “A major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that … it gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”
      — Milton Friedman

      I want my plastic bags, my incandescent light bulbs, my big car and not what you tell me I want . . . FREEDOM!!!

    21. Rowwdy says:

      Have you heard of washing machines in CA? or how about hand washing them out?

      Recycling also helps. Not ont only do recycle centers keep people employed, keeping more plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum and tin out of the earth helps. But then, most people are too darn lazy to recycle.

      1. Mary Wright says:

        Hey, lets RUN to the Third world status you liberal freaks want. What if I don’t have a washing machine? Or a house? What if I am homeless? Whatcha gonna do? Make me buy a bag and walk around with it pinned to my shirt or over my head all day? Insanity.

    22. Caligula says:

      you’ll never get the blacks and latinos to use them. hell, they don’t even use trash cans. you think they care about the environment? LOL

      1. m.payne says:

        we can do without your racist commments. I pay taxs I dont litter,and I dont like this just like whites or any other race. keep your stupid comments to yourself sir.

      2. Mikey says:

        BINGO I think this might be the cause and reason most of the plastic bags are littered.
        Almost all littered bags I see are along inner city freeways and urban neighborhoods. Usually from fast food joints and liquor store purchases.

        This councilman is an obese slob that has no business trying to impose social engineering on anyone else.

    23. Mikey says:

      Completely Agree.
      No law passed is going to stop people from littering plastic bags or anything else for that matter. Littering is a character defect.
      You cannot legislate changes in personal behavior
      The unintended consequences of this ridiculous plastic bag ban are already being felt in some areas of LA.
      The stores have to hire extra baggers and the lines slow to a crawl as people try and fit 5 bags worth of groceries into 4 reusable bags in an effort to avoid having to buy an additional bag or two.
      Trust me, this happens more than you would think.
      Also people tend to underbuy the amount of groceries they purchase in an effort to prevent “bag anxiety” at checkout
      And now each person now has different size bags which stresses the baggers immensely as they try to accommodate each customer.
      Then theres the fussy shopper that wants her/her grocery items sorted, just so, into their reusable bags, without regard to the line backup behind them..
      All of this just slows the checkout line down, makes shopping an unpleasant experience and increases staffing, which increases prices to the consumer.
      Not to mention the increased regulatory burden on the stores.
      Theres also the germs and mess encountered with reusable bags which others here have commented on.
      And what about those of us that already “reuse” the plastic bags the stores give out, as wastebasket liners, for hobbies, sorting parts, and for doggie do-do pickups etc???
      More Unintended consequences!
      Today it’s plastic bags,
      Tomorrow it’s going to be Styrofoam.
      Then plastic utensils …etc
      The liberal fascists won’t stop until they can inflict their warped belief system on the rest of us. The seem to enjoy with relish the pain and inconvenience they can put others through.
      ” You wouldn’t want to hurt Mother Earth now, would you”??,.. can be used to justify any type of intrusion into our lives. It’s a power trip and it’s not going to stop.
      You would think that LA would have much more important priorities to worry about, but apparently not.
      The authors of this proposed law should be forced to work in a grocery store bagging groceries for a week, to see the effects of this attempt at social engineering first hand.

    24. Fedup says:

      What would you expect from the land of fruits and nuts! You may think they would have something a little more important to focus on – – -like keeping the state from going BK

      1. Ctesibius says:

        Funny, but sadly-correct statement Fedup. California, the economic and creative giant, is so poorly run… it freaking sickens me. How the state and local governments can suck in all of those billions of tax dollars and still be facing BK is utterly unconscionable.

    25. ImaSonofBeech says:

      @calmdown. Hmm Didn’t Germany just have a recent extremely deadly Ecoli outbreak they couldn’t trace? 10 variants of Ecoli have hit Germany in 2011 alone. Keep thinking you can’t cross contaminate your food, the world could do with a lot less liberals!

    26. Peter says:

      Switzerland also provides plastic bags for free at the check out. They are small and thin (think slightly better than bags used in the produce section) but they are still free. The paper bags are .30CHF and the reusable recycles variety are either 1CHF or 2CHF depending on the size. Coop, Jemoli, and Globus all do this. They don’t force you to buy a bag or bring your own if you don’t want to unlike the socialist republic of california.

    27. gah says:

      Why is everyone jumping down Bill’s throat? He’s making an observation. I can’t tell whether Bill supports the law or doesn’t just from that single comment and theory. There must be a lot of clairvoyant people out there who can.

      I agree if stores did that here people would bring their own bags too.

    28. SamI says:

      You think cloth bags will be any healthier? Sure you can wash them but they still have boogie boos in them. As an asthmatic I know you can’t get it absolutely clean. I’ll just use my asthma pillow case. LOL.

      silly people only cost you more money…put a gun to your head society.

    29. BlueCollarCritic says:

      Its not the governments business telling stores or customers what they can or can not use to bag items in. This has gotten ridiculous to the point of insanity. You people in Southern California need to stand up and stop these tyrannical politicians before they move to do something seriously dangerous like telling you what you can or can;t do on your own time. Think they won’t try it? Guess again If you don;t stop them now they will continue to grab as much power and control over you as they can.

      The founding fathers setup the complex form of government we have so it would be very difficult for any one politician to do something stupid like this unless they all agreed to do something stupid. This was by design and not a mere accident when they drew up our form of government.

      Tell those little wannabe dictators in your local government to get out of your affairs!

    30. VLMARTY says:

      It is obvious from the comments provided that the respondents who are in favor of the reusable bag do not buy a lot of groceries. We are a family of six and believe me we fill two full size carts when we journey to the market. From the pictures on the site it would appear that we would need 10 to 12 bags on average. God forbid that we run to the store and forget to pack an adequate stock of reuasable bags! Of course the same over the top eco-liberals who are in favor of the proposal would certainly be th first to point out that my wife and I have an irresponsible number of very large children and we should do our patriotic duty and cut down our consumption. Better idea- Just Move!

      1. faamecanic says:

        Marty… your part of the problem. Family of 6!?! We must limit all families to 1 child…NO MORE.


        Another great socialist ideal

        (Note the above was said in all sarcasm)

        What isnt sarcasm is Im sure all of us working stiffs will now have to buy these recycleable bags for our “poor”. Plastic and paper bags = free… recycleable bags = $1 or more a bag.

    31. teddysalad says:

      everyone should be killed, then landfills won’t be a problem anymore.

    32. Sue Nahmi says:

      This proposed law is misguided. People that shop for groceries aren’t the ones littering plastic bags. Think about it. The grocery shopper has their groceries bagged then puts them in their car trunk and takes them home, where they are usually saved or used for other purposes.
      Most of the plastic bags ‘in the wild’ are from liquor store and/or fast food purchases. They are either tossed carelessly (with other trash and bottles) out a car window or while on foot once when no longer needed.
      To burden grocery stores with extra regulations to ‘solve’ this problem is just plain foolish and not grounded in reality.

    33. William Patrick Bower says:

      Fly east for switzerland. You might use some of the money you stole from the conctration camp Jews… we fon;t do that in the USA either.

    34. Paul says:

      Don’t worry, There are ways around this

      1) you can take a half dozen of the plastic bags from the produce isle, stick them in your pocket and use them at the register.

      2) you can also use the hand baskets that most grocery stores have, you can take them back to the store when you are finished loading your car, but I find it much easier to just through them out.

      3) baby seal skin makes an great bag also.

      I find baby seal skin makes a great bag.

    35. alex says:

      Yes you can buy your own bags. Go to any office supply store or smart & final and ask for “thank you bags” a box of ’em is about $6.

      Cotton re-usable bags are great. A whole cottage industry and expression of individualism could come from making your own. Plastic/synthetics seem to be hygroscopic, that is, attract water and that’s where you might get yuckies. Stick to natural fibers.

      A free re-usable bag is as close as an extra pillowcase (they’re great) or that T-shirt you never wear, etc.

      The old paper bags were great – made the best school book covers EVER. Even used ’em in college.

    36. Klaus says:

      Let’s start by banning plastic containers for soft drinks. Soft drinks are unhealthy and should not be consumed by any human being.

      People who want to ban plastic bags sound like they want to ban people. OK, if that’s how they want it, let’s start by banning Mexicans.

    37. joe says:


    38. dan says:

      You can have my plastic (or paper) bag when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

    39. BigT says:

      I’m with you…they’ll have to take my plastic bag from my cold, dead hand. (Thanks Mr. Heston .) :o)

    40. lance uppercutt says:

      LOL @ William Patrick Bower, you’re insane.

    41. Bill Sundling says:

      They could make the leather bags from baby seals. It would be perfect.

    42. Yirmin says:

      Better yet kill and skin liberals and use their skin to make trash bags… would be very environmentally friendly, not only do you have a reusable bag but you eliminate a nut job trying to tell the world how to save the planet while they do more harm buying their starbucks.

  2. icecream says:

    These “geniuses never cease to amaze me.
    Wht can’t they just raise the price of everything in the store by just one penny. That will produce more than enough money to provide bags for their customers instead of charging ten cents for each bag..
    Purchasing the store’s reusable bags force the consumer to pay to advertise for the store.

    1. Emerson says:

      It has nothing to do with money. It’s about banning anything that can become litter. It’s about creating utopia – by that I mean the original meaning of the impossible “No place”. It’s a cult for leftists that involves the death of billions in order to lighten the load on Gaia, a group that doesn’t include themselves.

      1. Yukiko says:

        The countryside will be covered in reusable and fiber bags.

      2. BlueCollarCritic says:

        I wish it were just about that emerson but its actually about power and control at every level and this is just one brick in the tower of power that government is constructing.

    2. Really? says:

      You do realize that you are already paying for “free” plastic bags through higher store prices. Furthermore, you are paying for 2-3% in credit card fees that the stores have to pay to the CC companies… again through higher in-store prices.

      It’s self-inflicted by uninformed customers here, many of whom believe convenience doesn’t come at a price… so who’s the “genius” now?

      1. Mike says:

        Really? – Are you trying to say that the stores in question are somehow more special than the stores anywhere else? What are you talking about with this self-inflicted nonsense? and you think that the stores really charge so much more for the plastic bags? I think that you need to get YOUR OWN HOUSE in order before you go worrying about anybody else. You HOLIER THAN THOU types are ruining our country. Why not put the joint down and spend some time doing new things, you are so completely out of touch. It makes me sick.

      2. Ralph says:

        And you are paying for the parking lot in the price of food. So are the poor ones who can’t afford a car and ride the bus!

      3. faamecanic says:

        So I guess that means if they no longer offer plastic or paper, prices will go down proportionally with the cost no longer incurred (plus the profit they make selling these reusable bags)?

        Not likely….

      4. Joanna says:

        So now we are going to have to pay an even HIGHER price if we want paper bags…you think businesses are going to lower their prices now because they won’t have to supply plastic? I don’t think so! So yes, now we will still be paying the same prices with NO convenience, sounds great!

        By the way, this NEVER would have passed if the people would have been able to vote on it, which is why the City Council passed it behind the scenes–since there are no revenues, no vote is needed. SUPER SHADY! I can’t wait to get out of California.

  3. J.H. says:

    Just another way that the “Special Interest” groups are taking away another way of life.

  4. Rick says:

    What are tourists suppose to do, bring their bags with them from another state??

    1. haffa brane says:

      like all supposed “green” initiatives, has anyone considered the amount of plastic that it takes to create one of the reusable bags v. the lifespan of the bag. seems to me that the seams rip apart rendering the bag useless after usually only after a few uses. i’m not so sure that using the disposable plastic bags isn’t a greener alternative in the long run.

      just like compact fluorescent bulbs, what on the surface seems to be a better alternative ends up being far worse for the environment.

      1. Chris says:

        As with 99% of all environmental initiatives, it has little or nothing to do with actually helping the environment. It’s all about someone showing off their environmental “street-cred.” Why do you think that hybrid cars that look like normal cars sell so poorly, while the ugly-as-sin Prius sells so well? It’s because the Prius “looks” like a hybrid. After all, what’s the point of driving a hybrid if other people don’t see that you’re driving a hybrid? Environmentalism is 99% appearence and 1% meaningful action.

  5. Rick says:

    The environmentalists forced us into using plastic in the first place, instead of the recyclable paper we were using to begin with!!

    1. James says:

      Rick, Hit the nail on the head. I remember when that happened and that paper bags were destroying the forests we were told… Apparently Stupidity has come full circle with the left.

    2. mike says:

      Hey Rick – maybe reusable bags wouldn’t be that bad -IF- the store provides you with “disposable plastic liners” that you can get each time you visit the store. And these disposable liners should be strong enough that if by chance you don’t have your reusable bag with you they can support the groceries on their own. This way everybody is happy. This would be a total win-win.

      1. ImaSOB says:

        What is the difference? Just call the current plastic bags a “Disposable Liner”. No need to change anything but the name of the bag.

  6. Arod says:

    plastic I can kinda understand but paper is just stupid. Paper bags degrade pretty fast and it is A renewable resorce. This is what happens when special interest groups like tree huggers get taken seriously. I wonder how many more jobs will be lost if the no paper or plastic fad catches on around the country.

    1. Mikey says:

      Can’t we just legalize the commercial usage of hemp? Why do we need to smoke it? Paint is legal for all types of uses but it is still illegal to huff it.

    2. Avid Deehare says:

      Dear Karen,

      Hemp is not Marijuana. It’s a different but related plant that does not contain the psycho-active substance, THC. Get your facts straight.

    3. Karen says:

      Apparently you get off on calling people names. You must have a very petite one so you attack others because you are so small. Do you have a big truck too?

      And I definitely will never share my premium stash with you.

  7. Karen says:

    I stopped buying anything in the stores that don’t provide bags. Santa Monica that means you. I reuse my bags and don’t litter. Why don’t we enforce litter laws instead? You can help too. When I see someone drop garbage on the ground, I pick it up and hand it to them and sweetly say – sir/madame – you dropped this – with a smile on my face because I’m so helpful. Most people go find the trashcan after that.

    1. AG says:

      It’s not just about litter. Millions of barrels of oil are used to produce these single-use bags every year.

      1. Rick McCarthy says:

        The environmentalists are the ones who forced people away from paper, to use plastic instead!!

      2. icecream says:

        Better quality paper bags will work. Not many barrels of oil in them.

      3. Arod says:

        Not paper and it’s renewable. First we had to save the trees eventhough they are a renewable resource and now you’re saying we need to save the oil. Whats your solution? Sould we carry things from the store in our arms. Cloth bags are made from both wood prducts and plastic products and use oil to make. They don’t last forever either.

      4. matty says:

        whats your point ? Millions of sperm cells were used to produce you, look what that got us. Don’t you have a tree to hug or something

      5. Matt says:

        Millions of barrels of oil are NOT used every year to make plastic bags. Most plastic bags are made of recycled plastid to begin with and are recyclable as well. Plastic dummy is also used to make Child incubators, Neck braces, IV tubes. It has this awesome ability to be sterile upon creation and durable enough to be used in various forms and not degrade completely when sitting around.

        If you don’t like plastic than just say you don’t like Hospitals as well and prefer people die from unnecessary infections. Plastic is in the airbag of your car and the seatbelt.

        It’s only single use if you use it only one right?

      6. Tom Wilson says:

        Wrong. Plastic is a by product of producing oil and outlawing plastic bags won’t increase or decrease oil production one drop. Plastic is made out of whats left of crude oil after it’s been refined. Get it?

      7. Desert Rat says:

        Actually these bags are made of a refinery waste product that was burned before, and probably will be again when not used for bags. They could of been made of a corn-based material that degrades quickly. Who benefits from this ban? Who makes the replacement bags? What about the dangerous materials in them, like lead? It’s always about the money.

      8. mike says:

        AG – Do you realize how foolish your argument is? You do know that these plastic bags are recyclable right? So the bags are reused for something else anyway. Whats the big deal?

      9. Jmac5280 says:

        Nothing cries hypocrite like a liberal driving in a SMART car with a shell that is made COMPLETELY from PETROLEUM 🙂

      10. Sue Nahmi says:

        “Millions of barrels of oil” ….um…I call: B U L L S H ! T

      11. faamecanic says:

        And how much petrolium is used in the factories to make these re-usable bags??

        Oh I forgot…they are all made in Indonesia with child labor. The put the little tykes in hamster wheels and dangle a ham and cheese sandwich in from of them to make them run to generate the power needed for all the sewing machines that little old Indonesian ladies sit at of 19 hours a day, 7 days a week. I bet Pelosi owns this company too!!

      12. sigh - another political ploy says:

        faamecanic – The put the little tykes in hamster wheels and dangle a ham and cheese sandwich in from of them to make them run to generate the power needed for all the sewing machines that little old Indonesian ladies sit at of 19 hours a day, 7 days a week. I bet Pelosi owns this company too!!

        Better to make that a Turkey Sandwich what with Indonesia being a Muslim country and the unlikeliness of the tykes being tempted by ham…

  8. m.payne says:

    when raw meat juice seeps into the bag,and you use that same bag to the next time you shop for your veggies. What do you think will happen? These bags dont last forever. It sounds like another way to tax us further.

    1. Barry Burgess says:

      A good point! An even better one is all of the contaminants that get introduced into the carts and checkout lanes from these bags that have been “out and about”. You may be careful in your bag use, but many aren’t and they set the bar for all. This is a factor that never occurred with single use bags at the point if sale.

  9. Iatola says:

    Government regulation has run amok. Not only can they control what bags you use but also whether you have medical insurance, what technology you use, how you use your internet and other communications, where you work, how many hours you work, what you eat, what you drink, when you die, etc. If you think I’m wrong, pay attention to all the little nuances you come across as you attempt to live “your” life. We are truly not free anymore.

    1. DonM says:

      There are any number of small communities in East LA that would be pleased to give you a bag with your purchases. We would be pleased to get the sales tax money too. Let LA see what happens to their sales tax revenue when people buy elsewhere, and property tax revenue when the stores go out of business.

  10. Rick McCarthy says:

    Does this mean there won’t be any plastic bags for vegetables/fruit??!?! What do we do for pinto beans, or nuts???

  11. icecream says:

    Then have the stores issue reusable/recyclyble bags.

  12. icecream says:

    I guess we have to use our pockets !!!

    1. Tom Wilson says:

      Nah. That’s what oversized baggy pants are for.

  13. Ashlee says:

    They already have done this in Long Beach, but you at least have the option to buy a paper back for $.10–so if you forget your reusable bag you have something to carry groceries out in. I actually saw someone spend over $750 at Target and have to buy bags!!!

  14. Mark the Bagger says:

    As this is still a somewhat free country, you can use the type of bag that suits your political concerns and the rest of us can use what we want. I own and use reusable bags, but sometimes I forget them at home. I don’t feel like carrying my groceries home in my arms, dropping them along the way.

  15. Augy says:

    Oh God. Please do it. I live in Miami. This will not affect me at all, except that it will crack me up. Please do it.

    1. ewrtwer says:

      In spirit I agree with you, however, everytime these idiots are legitimized and made to feel justified by lack of opposition (silence is considered consent) this type of stupidity becomes more normalized. Why do you think Pols have passed stupid legislation like the lightbulb law? becasue they only hear these idiots howling and assume everyone out here wanst that type of lunacy enacted. Pols are machines they dispense legislation based on how much and what you give them. People are desperate for jobs – they hear that and think they need to rpovide them to keep theirs. They skip right over cause and effect and go directly to “meet the need” without stopping to think what they’re doing or what the repurcussion will be. It’s very irrseponsible and very devious of the Lefty granola types

  16. baybrewer says:

    Not that much oil,actually.A single cross country jet flight burns much more.

    1. Klaus says:

      Al Gore’s private jet has a bigger carbon footprint than all our plastic bags put together.

    2. willieinSFO says:

      A single flight by Moochelle uses more.

  17. slipperyOne says:

    Dear Ammie, plastic bags are made from a waste by-product of making natural gas. You are a classic uninformed liberal dimwit (sorry!), but now the waste product will simply be “flared-off” or burnt. While the gas used to go to solid bags, it will now be a greenhouse gas, i.e., CO2. Another left-leaning effort that has completely unintended consequences. Absolutely typical.

    Do your homework before you open your mouth!

    1. Steve Roberts says:

      Not a problem Libs will simply propose banning production of natural gas. Iit will be good for the environment.plus it would inconvenience Americans even more. It seems so obvious.

    2. jaline says:

      We used to pass by a refinery on the way home (1950’s to 1970’s). They did “flare-off” the gases. It was like a giant candle, every night. Liberals know not of what they speak most of the time. They’ve just bought into the claptrap spouted on the nightly news.

  18. Enzo says:

    People in LA are lunatics. Your whole state is going down hill and you are worried about paper or plastic bags? You’re playing in the orchestra while the ship sinks. lol. What a bunch of fools. You deserve to go down hill for the morons you elect. Enjoy.

    1. Klaus says:

      As our economy continues its deliberate implosion caused by the central bankers, we won’t need any bags. They can just put the groceries in the shopping carts we’ll all be living in.

      1. Retired SOF guy says:

        What? Obama is a central banker? I thought he was a half-black socialist. I can’t keep up.

      2. Sue Nahmi says:

        The “central bankers” as you call them, have very little to do with the imploding economy.
        You need to thank Mr. 0bama and his unelected czars for implementing misguided socialist policies on the economy which is causing the recession to lengthen
        Their policies have over regulated business (the job creators) as well as causing uncertainty in the markets with the monstrosity known as 0bamacare.

        But “central bankers” make for a better class warfare whipping boy.

        You need to start thinking for yourself and stop getting your news and information from George Soros controlled news outlets.

      3. Sue Nahmi says:

        The “central bankers” as you call them, have very little to do with the imploding economy.
        You need to thank Mr. 0bama and his unelected czars for implementing misguided socialist policies on the economy which is causing the recession to lengthen
        Their policies have over regulated business (the job creators) as well as causing uncertainty in the markets with the monstrosity known as 0bamacare.

        But “central bankers” make for a better class warfare whipping boy.

        You need to start thinking for yourself and stop getting your news and information from George Soros controlled news outlets.

    2. swhitS says:

      @Sue Nahmi “You need to start thinking for yourself and stop getting your news and information from George Soros controlled news outlets”
      LMAO .Who do you think Obama is working for but the – Banksters and who controls the banksters but Soros. Get your facts straight even if you think it is a bunch of doo. But hey, who did Obama bailout and who is controlling what is in this article?

      1. Sue Nahmi says:

        @swhitS… well you’re partly right, 0bama IS working at the behest of George Soros, who controls much of our media.
        As far as the bankers (“banksters” as you cleverly call them) receiving “bailouts”.. Who? Name some banks that received “bailouts”
        Several banks were made “TRAP”(TARP) L O A N S, that now have almost all been paid back (with interest I might add).
        No bank was just “given” bailout monies.
        That’s not how the banking system works.
        What? You would have preferred a complete collapse of our banking system along with all the little guys/gals (you and me) monies instead of providing them a TRAP cushion?
        TRAP wasn’t the best idea in the world, but it was necessary to shore up the banking system after the housing and RE bubble burst.
        And why the housing bubble burst has mostly to do with lack of oversight , (Bawney Fwank, Chris Dudd..et all) and liberal politicians/race hustlers putting pressure on these same large banks to make risky loans to people that couldn’t afford them. And some good old fashioned greed.
        And when enough of them defaulted….
        We are still bailing out (an actual bailout) Fannie & Freddie to this day, to the tune of 100s of billions.
        Yet it’s the bankers you seem obsessed with, that paid their TRAP loans back.

  19. WeThePeople says:

    “reusable or fiber bags”, what a joke.

    this subject has been studied from all sides, and ALL results show that these “Reusable” bags are worse for the environment and the economy that both plastic “one time” or paper bags.

    These laws are a torment of the population by small special interest groups who are bent on destroying both business and the ecology. Their ignorance to the “whole picture” is astounding, and their reluctance to heed the advice and warnings of numerous studies showing that they are wrong is beyond belief.

    If each “one time” paper or plastic bag is used twice, the economy and ecology is much better off.

    Study and learn, or you will be bound to duplicate the failures of the past.

    1. mike says:

      Sounds to me that California is run by a bunch of Cat-Ladies who have nothing else to do with their pent-up anger other than to find new ways to annoy. I think the people in Cali need to clean house at election time and start to get concerned with their economy. Let the cat-ladies deal with each other, but keep them out of office.

  20. Mikey says:

    Says the person typing on a keyboard made out of plastic.

    1. mudd says:

      excuse me, my keys are made out of 100% elephant ivory.

  21. Dean says:

    Commie land. Chinafornia. How will all the poor illegals deal with these new racist laws. Of course they don’t have the extra money for reusable bags.

  22. vick says:

    It’s taken me almost 2 years to get used to remember to bring my own bags to shop. Now its a habit – I don’t leave home without them. Paper bags are useless if you need to take city transit and its raining out. Prior to this, I was using the store bags, and getting them to double bag stuff as the bags were too thin.

    So, one day as I noticed the pile getting larger, I went thru them all, ( had them all tightly packed into other bags) and literally filled my hallway about 3 – 4 feet high, and about 7 feet in length – full of bags! I took a picture – my cat was sitting in the middle of this mountain, covered. That was the eye opening moment. I now have several resuable bags and have no doubts saved myself from taking home hundreds more in the last 2 years… every little bit counts!

    Start today, find out what bags you would use, how easy are they to carry when full – some of us short folks don’t like the bags with super long handles – live and learn. It’s not as bad as one might think 🙂

    1. Marc M says:

      It’s fantastic that you have bought into this… if it makes you happy then by all means go ahead.

      It should not however be FORCED on people or on businesses.

      For one, I DESPISE people who use these bags. It takes like 3x the amount of time to checkout when people use these. They don’t stay open, they aren’t convenient and quick to fill.

      People already recyle these bags… not using them will NOT accomplish anything.

      Government should have no say in what bags we use and if you think they should then that is your mental disorder, not mine.

      1. drcldh says:

        My question is, what if I end up buying more than what will fit into whatever reusable handle bags I have to bring with me? Do I leave part of my purchase at the store or have the clerk remove the items from my total, irritating the shoppers behind me because my purchase is taking so much time? Do I run over to another aisle and buy more reusable bags that I don’t have room to store at my house anyway? I’m really getting tired of the government crawling up my keister with a microscope and telling what, when, why, and how I can do things…

    2. Karen says:

      I’m with Marc and I can not understand why you did not re-use your plastic bags. I shop all the time and have lots of bags. I have nowhere the number of bag you had. I use them to line small garbage cans, laundry that I pre-soaked. They are very useful and I don’t litter.

  23. Frank says:

    It is good to know that Los Angeles has no major problems and that the LA politicians have plenty of time to spend on these types of issues

  24. Sam says:

    Take a chill pill and get your facts straight.

  25. Rogher Simon says:

    You liberals have become that which you used to protest against in the 60’s. Congratulations. Nixon would be proud.

  26. icecream says:

    Trash gets into the ocean, our rivers and lakes because lowlifes put them there the same way they can throw canvass bags, not because stores gave them out.
    I’m happy for you that you can carry your things through the store, but many others have families to provide for. It takes far more than an armload to do that.
    I love our environment too, but SELLING bags (for punitive reasons) will not fix the problem.

  27. TerrificallyCorrect says:

    Apparently you think everyone should be like you…what an egotist. The solution is not to limit freedom of choice, but to recommend that people do what you want them to. You and Michael Bloomberg in NYC are of the same spoiled, cry-baby ilk…”you’re not doing what I want you to do !!! whaaa, whaaa. Shut your front gate and do whatever you want to…I don’t try to manage you, don’t try to manage me.

  28. Richard says:

    I agree that this will be switching one pollution item for another. However, the re-usable grocery bag also poses a health risk. Several studies have shown that re-usable bags breed bacteria from produce and improperly wrapped meats. Most of the re-usable bags are not designed for washing machine cleaning.

    1. Yukiko says:

      With luck this will take out a good portion of the PETA terrorists. If they eat no meat products I doubt they will have any immunity to disease and bacteria carried in these bags.

  29. jslab says:

    Kalifornians, you got to love them!

  30. Trudger says:

    When you have full time a city council with full time staff, they have to come up with SOMETHING to justify their jobs.

    Why don’t they focus on fixing potholes, keeping the street lights on, and other fundamental city services before they go diving off into the minutiae!

    1. TerrificallyCorrect says:

      Very well-put…they wake up in the morning and ask, “what can I make people do today?” What a bunch of f-ing control freaks!

    2. Bunky says:

      Maybe they can start by improving traffic???
      Oh No!!!
      Too many people would benefit from that.
      Mother Gaia would not approve.

  31. Trudger says:

    Do you carry your canvas bags with you on vacation? What do you do when you go shopping when you are out of town?

  32. AlbertG says:

    OMG! The Chinese must be cracking up laughing at us. While they’re out building coal power plants, nuclear plants and growing their economy, we’ve got politicians in a state that’s broke spending their time writing legislation about plastic bags.

    Plastic’s not the problem… stupidity is. LA is bizarro world.

  33. john says:

    Another unintended consequence is that this will hurt businesses and the economy. Plastic/paper bags are convenient, and people tend to buy more at a single trip than they would bringing a couple or three reusable bags. For those that say “great only buy what you need and make several trips a week”, that is not possible with working families and kids. You do your shopping usually once for the week because it’s the only time you have for it. If forced to use reusable bags, people will not buy as much at a single trip and stores will lose revenue.

    As far as the environmental concerns, those are mostly ill-conceived as well. For reusable bags made of plastic: ok maybe they might not make it immediately to landfill or waterway, but they will eventually be thrown out or recycled as they wear out. And the amount of plastic/petroleum used to make one of those reusable bags is much higher than the disposables. For reusable bags made of fabric/canvas/hemp, you still have to wash these in order to keep them clean and free of bacteria. So here you are using water, power, and chemicals to wash your bags. How is that saving the environment?

    Sorry, I’ll keep my disposable plastic and paper, and reuse them for many other uses and recycle them when they wear out.

  34. Dean says:

    Wow, aren’t you just full of little helpful hints. Just keep patting yourself on the back and feel superior to the rest of us while you tell us exactly how you accomplish all your little “RESPONSIBLE” life choices.
    Do you also live in a cave and carry water from the creek. Maybe you wash your cloths on rocks and you can enlighten us as to how we should get the best results while building muscles. Gag me.

  35. jo says:

    you’re not the only people on this earth –
    Practice what you preach

  36. shooter says:

    Please God, Save us from these imbeciles, We have people, with no ability to understand economics or even connect dots, trying to teach us their version of what is good for the environment and economy. Like a 6 year old kid trying to run the country, wait a sec. we DO have a 6 yo trying to run the country.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      Uh, why are you insulting 6 year olds? Most of them aren’t socialists bent on destroying America. 🙂

  37. Dan says:

    Too much government regulation. Why can’t they just leave us alone. I am sick and tired of the constant governmental whining that I don’t conduct my affaris the way THEY want me to conduct them.

    We have run so many businesses out of California that it is not funny. We have the stupid CARB rules, the stupid HR rules, the stupid WC rules, and now this! …at a time when we can’t go to the parks because they are closed, colleges are overly expensive, and our entire way of life is in jeopardy, we focus on what…BAGS??? Gas today was almost $4 a gallon. The American currency is losing favor around the world which will drive inflaton up for us here…it is nearly impossible to get a job….and it IS impossible to start a business…and we are focused on BAGS?????

    Time to pack up and leave. I’m headed to Nevada or Idaho.

    1. TerrificallyCorrect says:

      Very good solution…I used to think that if these people don’t like the rules where they’re living, they shouldn’t go there in the first place, or move out…now I’m thinking, like you, that the best way to deal with their stupidity is to leave them where they are and seek a common-sense environment far away from their sick, controlling attitudes.

    2. Jim Nicastro says:

      Where we are the hiked the gas from $3.599 to $4.099, they couldn’t pay the police their salaries, answer was to to either lay off the police or cut their income. They can’t afford a trash service but heaven forbid, they can sell the service to another company who said that they will be hiking up the charge by $12 month making our area the most expensive trash service in the country. But boy they can afford to hire people to go round and harass people having Garage and Yard sales and dictate what they can and cannot do. They can also fine dead people for not keeping their lawns mowed.

      California is turning into a nightmare. We can’t even say that it is all leftwing lberals. Our local council is a stronghold of republican’s but they still come out with these crazy ideas. The sun must be getting to them all!

    3. drcldh says:

      Take me and my family with you!

  38. glenp says:

    Can we ban A HOLES from the city council

    I bet if we made this clown eat S&it , he’d warm to that idea too

  39. the other ken says:

    Reusable grocery bags are made in China, plastic and paper grocery bags are made in the USA. Everyone should call City Councilman Paul Koretz and ask him why he wants to put Americans out of work.

    1. Klaus says:

      Koretz probably has stock in the Chinese company that makes the reusable bags. Government never does anything for the people. Government is what needs to be banned.

  40. whazup says:

    This is stupid. What do people put their trash in? You guessed it, plastic garbage bags. Why is this different? What are people supposed to do with their trash? If you are going to ban plastic grocery bags then ban all plastic period. Idiot lawmakers have nothing better to do with the state of the economy in California they should make better use of their time. GO TO WORK and do your friggin job!!

    1. Klaus says:

      Excellent point. I already reuse my grocery bags as my garbage bags. What will I use for my trash if they ban bags?

      1. jaline says:

        Buy trash bags and use them for your groceries :-).

  41. DMK says:

    The reusable bags still end up in the trash.

    They are still made with oil or other materials that are not “green”

    The only advantage to this is that the small child in China working in the sweatshop that makes these “green” bags gets to keep their job.

    Try to find a “Made in the USA” label on one of those $.50-$1.00 bags they sell in the stores as reusable…

    1. Marc M says:

      They might be made in the US if the unions had not chased away so many manufacturing businesses of small items over the last few decades.

      I agree though, the “reusable” bags do not save the environmen they do not help our economy and they just hurt business and make things less convenient.

      1. DMK says:

        I agree with every point you made.

  42. orangemtl says:

    Good. Keep it up, California; all of your talented and rational inhabitants are streaming out the exits a little at a time (we get about 30 a month in our smallish AZ municipality).
    We’ll leave all the hard core granolas, leftists and illegal immigrants to you. You richly deserve them all.

    1. Shawn says:

      Orange, my wife and I are two of those Californians you speak of. And we are bringing all our money and assets to you and the rest of the good people of Arizona. Thank you for your warm welcome brother!

  43. Dad says:

    It takes approximately 500 times more material to make the reusable bags as it does the plastic throw-away bags. You would have to use your hippy grocery bag 500 times before seeing an environmental benefit, but you won’t live that long because of the health risks.

  44. firstpoppa says:

    “…the bill will be a strong selling point that would leapfrog L.A. ahead of cities like San Francisco and Santa Monica in the battle against bag pollution.”

    “Selling point” for what? That LA is crazier than the idiots running those other cities?

  45. Dave says:

    Yep, that’ll really shore up the failing economy. What a bunch of idiots! Get the CA economy moving by lowering taxes, reducing regulations, encouraging innovation and keeping the folks in Sacramento from spending any more money.
    Get to it!

  46. jimmy says:

    Reusable bags have been shown to be unsanitary and full of bacteria after a few uses. Bags have to be made of a washable, durable material.

    California leads the nation in fruit and nut production.

    1. Yukiko says:

      With luck this will take out a good portion of the the terrorists in PETA. If they eat no meat products I doubt they will have any immunity to disease and bacteria carried in these bags.

  47. Cass says:

    You are not saving the planet by not using plastic (or paper) grocery bags. Recycling creates more pollution than it prevents. You are putting on a public display so that others can see you engaged in an approved behavior. Some of us don’t care if the cool kids don’t like us, so we make practical decisions based on facts, not feelings. So get out of the way and go flash your plumage elsewhere. We have better things to do.

  48. Bob says:

    Los Angeles you are setting a wonderful standard for the Nation…for mockery. Another reason why I will never return to California. It’s just not worth it.

  49. Jrey762 says:

    Anybody who has read the lab results of bacterium cultures done on those reusable bags can see what an absolutely asinine idea this is. I would give it a month TOPS before someone gets seriously sick or dead from cross contamination from using those stupid germ infested clothe bags. I predict at least $200 million in class action lawsuits in the first year alone; conservatively. What idiots think these laws up? What idiots vote for the idiots that think these laws up?

  50. Pete says:

    Interesting. Kouretz was the councilman who likened the AZ immigration law to “Nazi Germany”. Ironic since he seems to enjoy restricting freedoms a great deal. When the left is in charge, their primary motivation in to leave no aspect of life either banned or required. Who is the fascist?

  51. chukkal says:

    I guess we all take the carts home with us…..like so many of the Obama crowd does!

  52. DonM says:

    I will be pleased to use oil to make plastic bags, to keep my children from getting food poisoning.

    Your mileage may differ. I am sure that you will be happy to see a sick child looking up at you as he/she dies in agony, and says “At least I died for Gaia.”

  53. PA says:

    Actually, the plastic bags are usually made from waste polymer, that if not used for bags, the polymer is disposed -you guess it, in landfills.

  54. Klaus says:

    If you want to clean the environment, you can start by punishing BP for polluting the Gulf of Mexico, and BP’s biggest shareholder, Chase Manhattan Bank, who owns 27.7% of the stock. The assets of BP are valued at $100 trillion. Seize BP’s assets instead of my bags.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      Actually, BP didn’t do really anything of consequence in the Gulf. Remember how oil balls “finally” washed up at Key West, only to be identified as naturally occurring? And where was the media onslaught of pictures? You know they do that when it fits their liberal agenda (think the non-story that was some knucklehead enlisted at Abu Graib). And of course, if we didn’t force folks into deep water drilling, accidents would be quickly contained. Oh, and the half-black President repeatedly refused offers of help…I could go on, but let’s not attack “big business.” Or, live in the 3rd world awhile and maybe you’ll change your view of living in a modern nation that is symbiotic with “big business.”

    2. Dr. Bumblebee says:

      Spot on Klaus. Also tell these morons about the 4 reactors in Fukushima that have melted down and are oozing radiation into the air and water directly headed toward LA. But the wonderful EPA isn’t telling anyone anything about that or what you have said.

      1. Klaus says:

        Fukushima has released 168 times the radiation of Hiroshima already. Where is Al Gore and his greenies when there is a real environmental threat? How about LA banning Bisphenol A? And GMOs sold as “food”?

    3. John Ferrari says:

      ??? ! one hundred trillion ??? What planet are you on. All the oil in the earth is not worth 100 trillion. Only the unfunded medicare and social security benifits are worth almost 100 trillion. And Chase does not own 27.7% of BP. the best idea here was to reduce the waste in food packaging. This would save alot of garbage. Also how about not buying chinese goods that are made from electicity from dirty coal plants. China is the problem not some garbage bags. We in this country aere the MNorons for voting these people in office. I like the motto of New Hampshire, ” Live Free or Die”. Its time we take our country back.

  55. audrey says:

    You can almost bet the councilperson who wants to do this has his sights on an investment in the reusable bags. That is what overgoverning is all about. Look at Al Gore made on his “man-made” global warming. The sun is the one doing the climate change.

  56. SkyMan007 says:

    This is just more taxation without representation. Don’t be fooled, It’s not about the environment… it’s about money plain and simple. I’m sure Brown loves this one…

  57. lukuj says:

    Does this mean I could start an internet business selling plastic and paper bags to people in LA? I’ll bring a stack to my son when I visit soon – just in case. Think of how this will limit purchases if people forget their bags or don’t have enough with them. And of course we will have to have subsidy for those who can’t afford the resusable bags, right?

  58. sograteful says:

    Isn’t it great that we have these liberals around to force us under threat of law to be good people and do good things? Compelling us under threat of prosecution to do what they have decided is right? It is so wonderful that they have taken it upon themselves to own us to the point where they feel they can dictate our choices, behaviors and lifestyles to us through law? Gosh darnit, they’re just the best people ever.

  59. idkwid says:

    another stupid idea from the so-called brains of liberals! By requiring the stores to give them away for free, in the eyes of the consumer, the reusable bags are rendered just as disposable as the paper and plastic bags. Liberals don;t understand how people act, socially and economically.

  60. Jon says:

    Awesome! Do not rest until the last of your productive citizens have been driven out, California!

  61. Jim Nicastro says:

    You know what, I don’t care how many barrels of oil make these plastic bags and how many trees are felled. I want to plastic bags and and want my paper bags and I don’t care if people glare at me for using them.

    I want them, I shall have them and no inbred idiot will tell me what I can and cannot use for my groceries.

    I have been in a shopping line while someone uses these reusable bags and it is HELL. You probably don’t use them and if you had to wait while so stupid woman tells the packer not to put that in this bag and put these together in this bag and only to put two things in each bag and after you had waited so long that you frozen items are thawing then maybe you would understand but people like you don’t have a clue how you turn a shopping trip into a living hell for others while you are busy telling the bag packers what they can and cannot put in your bags and then you stand there afterwards and write a check. and then you write it so damn slowly it’s like watching a child write their name for the first time. Even when the cashier says that the checkout do everything and all they have to do is sign it they still persist in ignoring and writing the whole thing in it’s entirety while we all stand there enduring hell.

    Then after 45 minutes we finally get to check through our groceries, the frozen items have packaging that has become soggy from the heat.

    So don’t even go there and as for that idiot councilman, he had better enjoy his life on the LA council because I he won’t be there much longer if he comes up with more bright half witted ideas like this one!

    1. Beaks says:

      I totally agree with you. First, I was a cashier for several years and to hear these customers tell it….they are saving the planet. Secondly, they act as if they are soooooo European with their little bags. Problem is, in Europe, they shop for just enough food for 2-3 days. These people in this country shop like hog-heaven. I have had to pack $350-$400 orders in the “save the planet” bags. It is disgusting to see what pigs they are. Also, they might consider the fact that the colorful pictures/paintings/lettering on the outside of these bags are contaminated with lead…yeah. Oh, did I mention…these bags are all made in China. I have not come across one yet that has been made in the USA.

    2. Mole says:

      Completely agree. You’ve captured the whole experience except for the old man with his coin purse and shaking hands that must count out exact change !

    3. claire says:

      I agree. Probably most of the people pushing this have either a wife or nanny who does all the shopping anyway. They personally have no frickin’ idea what a pain in the ass for no good reason this is.

  62. John says:

    Hey Aimmie. Shut the hell up and go hug a tree. Idiot.

  63. Matty says:

    Who the hell let you out of your rubber room.? Assisted living is calling you dear. Please tell me your not eligle to vote.

  64. Arod says:

    If everyone stops buying from stores who don’t supply some type of free bags to carry things home in they will come up with something. Even if you have to drive a little distance to shop it will be worth it just so these morons get the message that we the people still make up our minds what we’re willing to put up with. I know it’s not the stores…it’s the feel good save the world from everyone crowd which seems to spawn like rabbits here.

  65. Beau says:

    If we outlaw grocery bags then only outlaws will have grocery bags.

    1. Todd says:

      lmao…thats hilarious Beau!

      1. Karen says:

        Everyone’s comments are making me lmao!

  66. A reader says:

    How much more oil will be used when people make extra trips to the store due to keeping their per-trip purchases low so as to fit in the bags they happened to bring along? The first mile of an extra cancels out any oil-based savings, I am sure.

    How many more plastic trash or utility bags will be purchased to replace free bags re-used in the home?

    Systems-based thinking seems lost on some people…

  67. Andy says:

    And, just where are most of these re-usable bags made? IN CHINA, OF COURSE! Where are all the plastic and paper bags made… right here in the United States. HOW MANY GOOD JOBS WILL BE LOST DUE TO THIS NEW UTOPIAN INCOMPETENCE? PLENTY! Thanks alot, Lefties!!!

  68. Matt says:

    Sorry Ammie but you have a fools logic. Plastic can be recycled and every store has a bin at the entrance to deposit old bags. The bag is reusable so long as you actually use it again. I re use them several times before they eventually hold kitty litter. And it is hardly Millions of barrels of oil to produce bags. It takes very little actually and it does not contribute to high oil prices. The fact that we don’t drill for oil in this country is why that price is high.

    Take your head out the sand and wake up. The reusable bags are made of plastic as well and a lot more of it. Econut jobs like yourself never seem to realize that plastic is good. It saves lives by the thousands everyday. From child incubators to Neck braces to IV tubes. Plastic is where it is at.

    1. TheBigPicture says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if all the enviro-nazi’s had to wear a green head band? Then when they go to the hospital for treatment they can be sent away to a place where no evil plastics exist. The waiting room for that place would probably be shaped like a box, and most likely made of pine. 😛

  69. gooojooo says:

    Need to follow the money trail. Who’s elected politician’s relative stands to gain from this?

  70. Phil Better says:

    More comedy from the land of fruits and nuts…..

  71. Jeff says:

    You ban plastic bags and I am going to be leaving my dog poop all over the place.

  72. HSU says:

    They still have not gone far enough. It’s about time for California to ban all packaging for takeout food. Think of all the bags, cups, straws and napkins that are spoiling our beautiful state. People should bring reusable bags, cups and pizza boxes when they pick up their fast food. It’s about time we end these crimes against the earth.

  73. JK says:

    Ah yes, add another expense to the budget of lower income and homeless people who now have to pay for something that used to be free. This is discriminatory!! I bet homeless people are some of the best recyclers out there when it comes to finding new uses for disposable plastic bags. Now they are going to have to spend money for reusables? $1-$2 to pay for a bag vs. 4 double cheeseburgers at mcdonald’s? You are forcing people to choose between food and bags!

  74. Russ says:

    I bet Los Angeles was a fantastic place to live. In the 1950’s.

  75. garryj says:

    Plastic bags were banned last year in Brownsville, Texas. But instead of giving paper bags, most of the big merchants, like Walmart and HEB food stores chose not to provide any bags at all because prices would have to go up because of the more expensive paper bags, storage space and handling. So everybody has to bring their own bags, buy the cloth bags or walk out with an armload full of groceries.

  76. Bill Jenkins says:

    Those bags are made from petrochemicals which are derived from oil. Before you spout your eco speech condemning all that is bad in life is tied to oil, consider that plastic bag you put your organic veggies in. Will you stop using them? What about the trays that those veggies are displayed in? Will you stop buying foods that are encased in plastic? How about batteries? After all they’re encased in plastic. Will you stop using reusable bags? It takes petrochemicals to make them! Will you stop using your computer, cell phone, car or TV? You like those new shoes you bought? Guess what? Almost everything you use is made with/using pertochemicals. Most of which are derived from oil. Before you preach to others sit back, look around you at all the stuff that you use/depend on in your life. Unless you want to go back to the stone age and live in a cave, stop preaching about something you have no clue about.

    1. Rowwdy says:

      Tell us Jenkins…do you get a new cell phone every time you use yours? Do you buy a new car after 1 use or do you wash clean your car out occasionally? You analogies are ridiculous.

    2. claire says:

      One years worth of plastic grocery bags weighs less, is made of less plastic than my keybpard. Newsflash, you are not going to “save the earth” bringing your own bags to the damn grocery store.

  77. Scott says:

    The plastic bags used in stores are NOT made from oil. They are made from a normally burned off by-product of natural gas production. You will not save millions of barrels of oil at all.

    I don’t know why this myth of petroleum and grocery bags continues to be brought up. I guess that it demonstrates the stupidity of Californians and why the state is collapsing under its own weight and regulation.

    1. Bill Jenkins says:

      I guess I should have said the bags are made using petrochemicals. Sorry Scott but you are only partially correct. Bags are made with ethylene which is made from the by products of natural gas and petroleum production. You have to have some form of petroleum to make plastic. If it’s carbon based, it most likely has petrochemicals in it. In addition, there are several companies that make these bags and not every one uses the same formula. If it is made of plastic, it will have petroleum in it. On top of that, guess what lubricates the machinery that makes the bags?
      Bottom line is that you can’t get away from petrochemicals and oil. I agree if everyone stops using these bags, the savings will only be a drop in the ocean.

  78. Steven Moshlak says:

    Too many taxes, too many regulations, too much crime, and the list goes on as taxpayers and companies are leaving the city and state.

    Does the word, “oppressive” come to mind?

    Sorry, but the high cost of social engineering is leaving illegal aliens, welfare rats, the homeless and the unemployed, left in Los Angeles, California.

  79. Willis says:

    Yawn. You can become Mexico. Vote in 2012. Real change this time. Not fantasy posing as Communism. Or vice versa. A mess either way. School some more please.

  80. Jane says:

    Why are you so eager to be spoon feed a political opinion, rather than thinking for yourself? There is no proof that this ban will accomplish ANYTHING!! All this will do is change the unintended consequenses from one form of damage to another. What about the water and energy use needed to wash reusable bags?

  81. MDWhite says:

    More “we know better than you because we love the planet” garbage from the bobble-headed fools who think the have a mandate to save the world.

    The best way to save the planet would be to let nature take its course and have all the idiots who dreamed this nonsense up simply evaporate.

  82. Caligula says:

    You expect the moocher class, and i think we all know who they are…the people who litter all the time without a second thought, to actually abide by your ingenious plan? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  83. Willie Lowman says:

    Did you think “they” would ban smoking and Happy Meals, and then go away?

  84. Agent Meatball says:

    You progressives (read: regressives) should learn to think about an economy in terms of an ecosystem. When you mess around with one part of an ecosystem, another part is also affected–often negatively.

    Artificially regulating the use of, and banning plastic and paper bags, may have unintended consequences somewhere else in your local economy or on the environment. You should let the market determine the most effective way for people to transport goods from the stores.

    By the way, the price or supply of oil will absolutely not be affected by using fewer plastic bags. The rising price of oil has more to do with our government printing, borrowing & spending money it doesn’t have thereby reducing the value of our dollar. In other words, because of the insane spending by government it is taking more and more dollars to buy the same barrel of oil.

  85. MrsFudd says:

    People are getting sick by using “reusable” bags because they forget to WASH them. Paper bags are a renewable resource – they are biodegradable. Only a rep from LA would initiate something so stupid. Leftist liberals are trying to tell us how to live our lives – AGAIN. They must hate freedom a lot because they are trying to take away most freedoms we enjoy. Losers!

  86. alan hart says:

    Another stupid intrusive law brought to you by a nanny government that can’t balance their own books. They want to tell us how to live while drawing a hefty salary at taxpayers expense.

  87. Caligula says:

    The people who do most of the polluting…we know who they be… aren’t going to abide by your ingenious plan. They throw trash on the ground while walking, driving, riding in a car, pretty much anywhere because they hate America and feel like they’re owed something from the rest of us and feel like they’re sticking it to the man by polluting his beautiful country…and you expect them to bring canvas bags shopping?! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Caligula says:

    Wonder how much pollution making all the new bags will create?

  89. me says:

    Please, oh please do it. One more reason to ridicule the moonbat state.

  90. Robo says:

    Doesn’t it kill bag boy jobs? That’s okay., They’re probably to young and too poor to need the money anyway.

  91. Angus says:

    Yeah that’s what we need, more government control freaks telling us how to live our lives.

    Why don’t they take the Fluoride out of the water..which is a GENUINE threat to the health of every man, woman and child in Los Angeles? Instead this bozo grandstands with this? whoa.

  92. Chuck says:

    I going to the nearest Starbucks and I going to punch the first hippie I see in the mouth. Patchouli doesn’t cover butt-funk and B.O. You still stink.

  93. rob says:

    I’m guessing City Councilman Paul Koretz brother in law owns a company that manufactures reusable shopping bags

  94. stesse says:

    Follow the money. Whose political campaign funds are backed by the manufacturer of reusable bags?

  95. Joe says:

    What a crackpot state. Let’s see , Ca is BILLIONS over budget, as if these morons know what a budget is. Ca is over run by illegal criminal aliens and what is important? plastic dumb ^%#**( bags. Another reason I’ll be leaving this crackpot state when my daughter heads off to college. LOL. to those left. Enjoy the illegals going to school free on YOUR dime LOL ROFLMA !!!!

  96. Tom Wilson says:

    Hello Ammie !! Plastic is a byproduct of fuel refinement. Prohibiting plastic bags won’t decrease oil consumption, not one drop. There’s no shortage of oil now with plastic bags, we already have high oil prices. Allowing oil refiners to sell the sludge that bags are made of actually reduces the price of fuel. What an ignorant dope and perfect little liberal you are.

  97. Walt C says:

    If I lived in southern Cal, I’d order a bunch of those bags from the manufacturer and stand outside the grocery store selling them for less than the store bag costs.

    Show the what capitalism is all about.

  98. The Voice says:


    You are clueless. You evidently are from California and a Liberal/Socialist. PE( polyethylene is a by product of “Cracking” crude oil in refuneries. When there is too much PE produced, the refineries burn off excess gas by Flaring it.

    How bout this, sell the bags by the pound. Use the money to install trash to energy generators, thereby lessening each stores demand for power from the utility. A pound of these bags would equal around 135 bags. Then revate back half the cost to consumer forevery pound they “recycle”. Cost of operating stores could actually drop by reducing utility costs for heating/refrigeration. Then less in landfills, out to sea.

    Pound for pound PE burns with 20 times the BTUs of coal.

  99. Sailfish says:

    Dummies, the Law of Unintended Consequences suggests that this will ultimately drive more people to use Amazon.com to get their non-perishable groceries which will reduce the LA labor force even more and reduce the state tax revenue.

  100. Thomas says:

    Will dramtically hurt economy because people will buy less if they have to bring bags in… If i dont have enough bags for purchase item today i’ll figure out how to get by without it… Large
    Number of purchases are impulse buys.

  101. cuda65 says:

    On the sound clip note where the woman says “It’s not an inconvenience, it would be an inconvenience if we don’t have a planet anymore” you get a sense of the MINDLESS FEAR which has paralyzed those brainwashed by the propagandists of the LEFT. How can anyone anyone with a lick of sense seriously claim that the planet is at stake if L.A. keeps using (and recycling) paper bags ? These are not intelligent scientists behind this, these are evil totalitarians.

  102. Hal McCombs says:

    When you get down to it, both paper bags and plastic bags are re-usable. We already could ‘recycle’ if we wanted to.

  103. Perplexed says:

    Do you people realize how ‘nutty’ you appear to the rest of us? Thank goodness I don’t live in California!

  104. newrep says:

    Note on the audio clip where the woman says something like “It’s not an inconvenience, it’s an inconvenience if we don’t have a planet anymore”. Note the level of MINDLESS FEAR which the propagandists of the LEFT have inculcated into these people. Anyone who thinks that the planet is at stake depending on whether or not LA uses/recycles paper bags is out of their mind. The people behind all this are not intelligent scientists – they are evil would-be totalitarians.

  105. mmjbyrnes says:

    Vote the a-hole out of office

  106. Miguel says:

    This is a really poorly thought out idea. What difference will it make? Look at all the excessive food packaging before it even gets into a bag.

  107. George says:

    Cool! If this were to go nation wide. It will be great to see more people in the unemployment line.

  108. paperpushermj says:

    I foresee a new Fashion Trend arising from the soon to be no way to carry you’re newly purchased groceries home.

  109. Mike Wilson says:

    But…but…but… It’ll creat jobs. It’s for the children. Hope and Change.

    Yes We Conned.

  110. Joe Jericho says:

    This is nuts. I love living out here on the left coast, but I am tired of the doo-good governments out here. I don’t even mind living in liberal areas. Leave me alone and do whatever you want, as long as you don’t bother me. But, these government doo-gooders and the SM and Hollywood types just don’t know where to stop. They can’t help themselves but dictate to all others how we all should live. Stop it! It should be unconstitutional for the government to engage in this kind of behavior.

  111. Ken Manning says:

    What about the poor guy at the bag factory who gets downsized over this sillyness.

  112. yo says:

    This will be a great disadvantage to minotries, women and children because they don’t own cars and cnnot get their groceries home without bags.

  113. jackspratt1 says:


  114. gary-bg says:

    I have a nice pick up truck guess next time they say paper or plastic I’ll just say neither put it back in the cart.Then I will roll the cart into the back of my pickup truck and take that home for next time lol.

  115. Greg C. says:

    To everyone that supports bringing your own bag to the grocery store:

    I hope you bring your own re-usable popcorn tub every time you go to the movies, or you’re a hypocrite.

    1. Karen says:

      Actually, I bring homemade popcorn in a paper grocery bag because it absorbs the extra oil and I hide it in my oversize purse.

  116. Hank Warren says:

    Useless politicians banning bags, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  117. Jimmy says:

    I’ve been saving up on my own plastic bags for some time. Doesn’t bother me because I will have plenty plastic bags for years to come. This is what you get when you elect idiots California! I live in California but I don’t understand the voters. I have liberal insurance in California–prepare for your freedoms to be taken away. You have to think ahead of your liberal politicians to live free.

  118. Mole says:

    OK after the plastic bags disappear how do I get the cat poop out of the litter box, how do I take my lunch to work, what do I put the kids toys, books etc in for a car trip, what do I use for a litter bag int the car, how do I dispose of my broken CF lightbbulbs. I reuse plastic Walmart bags for EVERYTHING around the house. Often more than once. This is a stupid intended to make the tree huggers feel good .

  119. Bob says:

    The plastic bags from the store are already reusable. First, they bring the groceries home…then they’re lunch bags, then they’re trash bags for my smaller refuse containers.

    So, what’s the problem?

  120. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Plastic and paper bags actually do something good for me and are actually “worth something” — as opposed to the lying, arrogant, bloodsxcking, tax-eating thugs and gangsters who rule us by armed force and by fraud — i.e.: every level of American government. Keep the bags. Trash the government.

  121. Early says:

    True story. While checking out at the local market the cashier asked the older guy in front of me if he wanted paper or plastic. The guy tells her it doesn’t matter because he was bi-sacksual.

  122. Fecal McStool says:

    I like to talk about stool.

  123. jaline says:

    Simple solution: Buy a small roll of garbage bags. Take that roll to the grocery store and use them for bagging your groceries. When you get home, use the garbage bags to line your garbage cans. As the old saying goes, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”. And there’s more than one way to let a politician know that freedom will win in the end.

  124. DirtyD says:

    Paper bags, another product that could could be made with hemp, an infinitely renewable resource, if only it were legal. Then we could make environmentally friendly paper products without cutting down trees AND create jobs here in California. The revenue would be tremendous as we’d be the only state in the union producing hemp and hemp products. More money for farmers, more work for laborers, and most importantly, manufacturing jobs making both disposable, and reusable hemp paper bags (amongst the myriad of other products that can be produced with the fibers). I guess that’s just too common sense a solution for our brain-dead legislature.

  125. 12.3% unemployment in the City of Angels and THIS is what the LA City Council has time to work on?? How about bringing a paper-bag manufacturing plant to the city?

  126. JT says:

    Nero fiddles while Rome burns…

  127. KP2GMU says:

    This is actually not about protecting the environment. The city will now have to hire more inspectors (probably union members) to make sure the businesses are complying with the law. Your taxes will have to greatly go up to pay for their pensions and $200K a year jobs (including overtime). This is just another way for the government to reduce your freedoms while lining their own pockets and their union cronies pockets with your hard-earned money. The madness has to end!!!

  128. I H8 LIBBIES says:

    Glad I left this schitthole state. After I left, the place got 10X stupid and put the BROWN ROT in office. hope the state goes Chapter 7…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SUCKERS!

  129. SueDonim says:

    I think they will be hearing this a lot. “Clean up at checkout #4. Clean up at checkout #7 ….”

    Funny thing about all this non-sense too. When I lived in LA in the late 80s, the enviros were guilting people out of paper bags because it killed trees. They WANTED everyone to use plastic.

    Soon, they will want to ban reusable nylon shopping bags since they are petroleum based, then canvas reusable bags because they result in erosion, etc.

  130. IGetItAlready says:


    Well don’t stop there you ultra-evoloved geniuses.
    Those “reusable” bags would never have been possible had it not been for dead cotton or hemp plants. And what about the packaging? Unless you’re eating your meat off the hoof, making your own bread (oops, can’t do that due to the carnage that creates in the wheat population) and raising your own vegetables, only to slaughter them in the twilight of their lives; unless you’re doing all these things you’re contributing to the raping of the earth’s vegetation.

    And don’t talk to me about plant growth cycles. Who are YOU California to decide what plants should grow where and prevent any child of the earth from spreading it’s seed?!

  131. Pensieve says:

    Why don’t you all just eat the food you buy right in the store? Whenever you’re hungry, walk (don’t drive) to the store, and eat the food right there. You would all have to decide whether you want to ban food that needs cooking, which would help our environment, right? – or whether the stores should have little hibachis where you can grill meat, etc.

    Hey, what about reusable toilet paper? That would be good.

  132. Jmac5280 says:

    I would simply add a $5 box of store brand plastic trash bags to my grocery list every week and make them use the kitchen trash bags to bag my groceries and then throw away the garbage bags after every trip.

  133. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Oh please… why stop at grocery bags? Let’s just cut right to the chase of what liberals really want and start eliminating the carbon footprint of people all together. We can start with anyone over 50 and keep lowering the age every year.

  134. Jmac5280 says:

    Don’t forget to mention that EVERY CFL LIGHT BULB contains MERCURY and you will be throwing them into your land fills 500,000 a day once incandescent light bulbs are banned.

  135. m.payne says:

    all this has nothing to do with saving the planet.since they cant pass a tax hike they cant get the 2/3rds they have simply devised a way to pass a cost to the people of calif. how many jobs will be lost with this mess. They are nickle and diming us to death. Yet they want us to pay for peoples childrens education how have broken the laws of this country. we must vote them all out of office.

  136. Guest2187 says:

    How ’bout let the STORES decide what kinds of bags they will or won’t provide, then the PEOPLE can decide where to shop??

  137. Kel says:

    So every time you pop into a grocery store unplanned you will have to buy another reusable bag? Really it seems silly to feel this will affect our freedoms, but with each new law placed, it just seems to add up over time.

  138. tony says:

    oh i can see it now flash mobs and there reusable bags

  139. Jmac5280 says:

    Nothing screams HYPOCRITE more than a liberal driving in a SMART car surrounded by a shell that is made COMPLETELY from PETROLEUM. 🙂

  140. Caligula says:

    you’ll never get the blacks and latinos to use them. hell, they don’t even use trash cans.

  141. IGetItAlready says:

    If nothing else, this is a nice illustration of how government regulation adds to the price of everything. If the stores are forced to “provide” reusable bags the cost of your groceries goes up. If the consumers are forced to buy reusable bags, you have an added expense to your budget.

    Now take that same logic and apply it to the 30 record set in FY2010 in the area of new federal regulation. That’s a $26.5 billion bill on the American public and doesn’t include ANY of the new EPA regulations.

    Get it yet?

  142. John McGraw says:

    LA? Lunatic Nuts.

  143. IGetItAlready says:

    If I still lived in CA I think I’d start buying my groceries in NV.

  144. tooheavy says:

    We have tried the reusable bags and my wife hates them. No matter how many times she tells the folks bagging the products they ultimately end up loading them so full she cannot pick them up. It is not like we only bring one or two bags there are always extra left over. We no longer use reusable bags. They are in the land fill.

  145. Joe E in the IE says:

    Most single-use paper and plastic shopping bags are made in the USA.

    ALL of the reusable bags sold in supermarkets are made in China.

    Yeah, that’ll help the economy in a recession.

  146. Rod Anders says:

    Reuseable bags are unsanitary.

  147. tom says:

    This is what happens when you vote for IDIOTS!!

  148. dion says:

    Plastic bag Bad
    Plastic Nancy Palosie mug good

  149. JM in Southern Ca says:

    Times up! No more chance to convince me that these eco-freaks have anything going for them.

    Effective immediately, anything and everything said or done in the name of environmentalism is wrong.

    Total rejection, including any criticism. Go hug a big cactus, instead.

  150. kf says:

    Sounds like a good way to force people to pay for bags.

    I once saw someone buy one item then demand “Put dat inna bag!” Then she walked out the door, opened the bag, took the item out and threw the bag into the curb.

  151. labillyboy says:

    I will never carry a bunch of ratty cloth bags around in my car with me. Whatever bag the store provides will be what I use and then throw away when I get home. California is being run by a bunch of nuts, $800 Billion in unfunded pension liabilities and they come up with this? Just another example of why businesses and jobs are leaving the state in droves. It will be funny when only the illegals and the liberals are left, who’s going to pay for everything then?

  152. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    If Californians are worried about their environment and quality of life, why don’t they join America in the fight against legal and illegal immigration? Every immigrant puts another car on the road, dumps trash into landfills, and causes sprawl.

    1. swhitS says:

      The illegals by me think the landfill is the streets.

  153. David says:

    Does liberalism make people stupid or do stupid people naturally become liberals?

    Either way, liberals are stupid, stupid people.

  154. Smokyjoe says:

    Why dont we just use an oversized reusable bag, put California in it and drop it in the freakin pacific.What a bunch of fruits,nuts and Flakes!

  155. TimDC says:

    I can understand the plastic bags (sick of seeing them hanging in trees and clogging gutters, but paper bags?? When will the libs stop?!?

    Paper bags are bio-degradeable and actually help to feed/grow the miicrobes necessary to break down waste in landfills!!!

    Come on libs, think before you act!

  156. Jonah Jameson says:

    Shouldn’t they ban disposable diapers too. I’m sure they have true same effect on the environment as plastic bags. This is bank is purely politically motivated, not an environmental issue.

  157. TheBigPicture says:

    I wonder how much more pollution will be caused by people driving back home after they get to the store and realize they forgot to bring their bags. Silly hippies and their myopic causes. You’ll save the earth from paper bags while you make it choke on extra carbon monoxide. hahahaha

  158. Matt SF says:

    I think that it is a good idea. Maybe not the best one, but something needs to be done.

    Cheap LA Storage

  159. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    As Fukushima bathes Los Angeles in deadly radiation … be afraid of plastic bags.


  160. JWnTX says:

    You see it in the story–this is an attempt by radical greens to outdo each other in the land of fruits and nuts. This ceased being science long ago and has become a religion of the left bent on ridding the earth of any evidence that intelligent life ever existed on this planet (and they’re exhibit A). Progressive??? HA!

  161. Brian Edwards says:

    someone should ban l.a….i used to think all the kooks were in san fransicko.

  162. Johhny Boy says:

    follow the money, what politician has them self or family members invested heavily in the re-usable fiber bag market

  163. George Fremont says:

    Why not ban newspapers? After all, most of them are only good for lining a bird cage or as fish wrap. Then they get tossed into the trash. (And no, most people don’t recycle newspapers.)

    Perhaps a new cottage industry will spring up and people will sell plastic and paper shopping bags near the stores.

  164. Mister C says:

    Where de all the recycling deposits and fees go?

  165. Mister C says:

    In a life time one creates 100,000 pounds of trash.

  166. M says:

    California is going to eat itself into Mexico.
    Learn to vote for morals, values, and the people & not for democrats or RINOS

  167. JohnRalph says:

    They need to make the bags out of baby seal fur or better yet aborted baby human skin.

  168. RS says:

    Why not cut to the chase and ban food sales.

    How far will you sheep go in supporting these green nazi’s?

  169. HC Here says:

    Doing this will cetainly vaoult LA into the lead past San Franciaco and Santa Monica in the tace to the bottom. First to grab the “FAIL” key wins a truckload of illegal aliens to take home.

  170. Kathy says:

    Californians are fruitcake control freaks. Enough already of taking them the least bit seriously. They’re like two year olds throwing tantrums strictly for attention., ignore, ignore, ignore them already.

  171. Bill says:

    Brazil’s new law requiring only bio-degradable bags has only been in place for a few months – bags bought at check out for about ten cents (or bring your own). Logistically simple – but I hope someone besides the government and bio-degradable manufacturers get real value …

  172. James says:

    Yet another fine example why I left California and will never go back.

  173. AeroJack7 says:

    I think it might be more of a common sense idea for the city find a way to just run basic city services effectively instead of wasting time on PC causes that just drive taxpayers nuts. Once they learn to get the pot holes filled and illegal criminal gangs off the streets, I may show my appreciation by voting for one of their silly causes.

  174. G Marks says:

    In France people take the carts to their cars and put everything in the car… individually … NO PLASTIC.

    I got used to taking bags to the grocery…. SO CAN YOU

    save ourselves…. and the oceans… the rivers… the trees?

  175. Califia's heartbroken son says:

    Criminy! I’ve long been embarrassed to tell people I’m from California, but now I’m just going to avoid any discussion of my origins entirely. Get it together, CA. You’re the laughingstock of the nation because you keep electing prog trogs to eat up all your personal resources while reassuring you that the delta smelt (and, more importantly, their bureaucratic gaurdians) are doing just fine.

    Either that, or unite with Mexico and stop shaming this country with your incompetence, entitlements, and irrational nonsense.

  176. JLEVENCE says:

    Money is not an issue for elected officials because they have a six figure salary, expenses, and a pension that is through the roof…. They need to get back to the business of serving the people and not intruding into our lives. I live at the beach, walk every day, and have not seen a plastic bag in the water or sand for more than 10 years.

  177. Jack Squat says:

    One more example of The Man sticking it to you as a TAX. This slows down the line as no two bags appear to be the same. Visit a store in Long Beach to see what a boondoogle this is!

  178. David Griffin says:

    Hot girls and beaches be danged! Can we disown California?

  179. Anabell says:

    Well, I use my plastic grocery bags to clean out the kitty litter box, to double bag the wet smelly things I am throughing into the kitchen PLASTIC BAG lined garbage pail, and to line the smaller trash cans I have around my apartment. But if I did not have those plastic bags, I would BUY them, so what is the point?
    I dont know anyone who just throws those bags away.

    I know by my resuing them they end up in the land fill, but it is them in the landfill or a bag I bought, so what is the difference?

  180. Alvin Marcott says:

    I sure hope they try this. just give the libs enough rope and they hang themselves.

  181. L_T says:

    Tree huggers need to move to where ever their magical utopian cosmic bunny hole is and just leave real world people alone.

  182. jasper says:

    Lets give Californiia away, That state and their liberal agenda is a drain on our economy.. Let the liberals reap the awards of their thinking. They can have all the illegals and all the wefare and hold hands as they starve . Enough is Enough!!!!

  183. Bob Forsberg says:

    Judging from the physical size of illegals within the LA population they should ban food too……smaller bodies to cram into 1 bedroom apartments and garages.

  184. tinylites says:

    I agree. I stopped using plastic bags about five years ago. It is not an issue. I like my reusable one better. They are stronger and the handles are better and some are insulated. Never going back……YEAH and your 50 something with a gray ponytail and your wife doesn’t save her under arms and you eat fish heads and nuts…FINE but don’t tell me how to live ( again who is telling who how to live the “rightwingers” ( oh scary ) or these communist nutcases.

    1. Johhny Boy says:

      reusable bags are unsanitary and transmit diseases

  185. J.V. says:

    This is the reason why California is circling the drain. If City Councilman Paul Koretz gets his way with the ban on plastic shopping bags, the next thing the city government will regulate is how many sheets of toilet paper one must not exceed per #2 dump.

  186. upthecreek says:

    would rather just ban the Governmnet

  187. Pcp smoker says:

    the State squats over Angelenos and takes a nasty dump. How are you liking voting for liberals?

  188. Paul says:

    I live in Santa Monica. As of Sept. 1 there is a ban in place for plastic bags. So how is LA going to be ahead of a city that already has a law in place? With that said it really is no problem using reusable bags.

  189. stevefraser says:

    ……Mexicans excepted….

  190. nunya says:

    Please, oh please let them do this! One more nail in the coffin of socialism. One more thread out of the social tapestry, and one more straw for the camels back. These liberal fools wont realize how wrong their ideology is until it causes them direct pain and suffering. One more thorn in their side.

  191. brando says:

    but in our household we use them as trash bags too. We do not buy “Trash Bags”. This is a savings of $10-12 monthly. So in turn those plastic bags are not a “single-use” item.

  192. nortntrix says:

    i BURN all my plastic bags. paper ones too

  193. richard a says:

    This proposal already is working in South Australia, Australia for at least a year!

  194. gpstracker says:

    All I can say to City Councilman Paul Koretz is ‘REALLY?!?!’ With all of the serious problems in LA and Cal, this inane measure is one of your top priorities? Education…no; crime…no; unemployment…no; plastic bags…YES! This just goes to show that we have too many politicians with too much time on their hands. On the other hand, perhaps this landmark measure will earn the honorable Mr Koretz a place in the history books. Just shoot me, please

  195. Doug says:

    If it’s insane, anti-business or suicidal, Los Angeles and California will do it.

  196. doo doo says:

    I have a better idea.
    Lets all vote to ban politicians and the environmental insanity then the clutter that has clogged our beautiful state would soon clear itself up.

  197. Mike says:

    Koretz, the left-wing Democrat who loves to regulate our lives, is hardly an example of promoting our ecosystem. The man is grossly obese; it’s frightening to look at his three double chins. He should work on his own over-consumption, and not using the coercive powers of government to direct our lives.

  198. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 or more illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 22%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 3rd year of the depression carries on … paper and plastic bags.

    And you wonder why people call LA degenerate?


  199. Pitbullll says:

    What about those pesky plastic bottles and cans? And boxes? Can we ban those too? Once again, LA liberals lead the way…. to idiocy.

  200. Libsarefunny says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    It is truly hilarious watching the once great state of California blow up…

    HA HA HA HA HA!!

  201. Pitbullll says:

    All you sheeple get in line! No more plastic bags! That is all!

  202. Brian Astby says:

    Is it really the role of city government to dictate how people carry their groceries. The fools of LA get what the elected.

  203. Joe Blancher says:

    LA County is one of the most corrupt places that I’ve ever visited. The roads look like a demilitarized zone. You can tell when you live their county because the roads suddenly get nice again. The fools in the LA City council spend all their time worrying about stupid things like paper and plastic bags when they SHOULD be dealing with REAL ISSUES. The voters are responsible for this. They need to throw these bums out of office.

  204. stuck in a left state says:

    The question of freedom comes into play when you consider who is making the decision. The local government is forcing the hand of the local businesses to switch to the reusable bags. If a local business would like to rid themselves of disposable, one time use bags, that decision should be made by the businesses. The same then goes for the consumers. If the consumers wish to use reusable bags at the stores they frequent, that is their choice. If the enter a business who only offers reusable bags and they would rather use disposable bags, then as a consumer they have the right to shop elsewhere. If the policy were to be implemented by the government, it strips the choice away from the businesses and citizens, therefore infringing on their freedoms.

    1. stuck in a left state says:

      Plus, what’s stopping the consumers from treating the reusable bags into disposable bags?

  205. longun45 says:

    Reusable bags, what a novel concept. This person should be singled out and congratulated for finding a solution for a problem that does not exist. They should also tax non reusable containers, under the guise of recycling. OH wait they already do, but they don’t recycle.

    The current crop of reusable bags are not appropriate for wet items. Like meat or poultry. The dampness will cause the growth of very unwanted bacteria and raise food born illness rates to the moon. Sorry guys but burlap does not wash well at all.

    Not to mention the large number of people that will become unemployed because someone wanted to be a ECO heroin.

    Can we Move LA 50 miles west please?

  206. commonsense247 says:

    Another idiotic central planning approach to an actual problem. Clean up the plastic from the ocean as some NGO’s are doing, recycle it for other purposes, and enforce our littering laws with hefty fines and a campaign to put plastic where it belongs once its used. There are countries actually getting fuel out of the plastic.. so many better alternatives than a dumb ban.

  207. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Why can’t we just recycle dead cats and other large house pets into shopping bags? And then there’s all those dying old people clogging up landfills. Wouldn’t they make great shopping bags and all natural lampshades?

  208. matt says:

    just make plastic bags a 100 a pop and there it is , instant dictatorship. republicans will fall but democrats will live with the knowledge of doing good

  209. StopThisMadness says:

    If you think this is bad here in NYC we have trash inspectors who trespass on your property to go through your garbage. You’re fined if you don’t recycle.

  210. John Campbell says:

    I prefer to use the grocery supplied Paper and Plastic bags. I don’t want this socialist wannabe dictatorship running my life nor anyone elses. Get rid of the commies in the LA City and County government and we can all get back to fixing real issues, starting with repealing a great many laws that should never have been made.

    By the way, if a store wants to supply bags for groceries to their customers that is their right. It is a right, not a privilege, for the store owner to make that decision. If some people can’t figure that out they need to go to a better school. Obviously their parents failed them.

  211. BigDaddyOK says:

    So… is LA going to ban the plastic bags that businesses and individuals use to line their trash cans? And if so, how do they propose that people get their trash out to the garbage bins? Carry a trash can out one at a time? And for a state that has forestry as a prime industry, it is interesting that they want to kill paper bags too. Glad I don’t live in CA.

  212. ginny says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen this many comments on a single story on this or any other local news site. I’d love to see more involvement like this on some of the other issues reported as our elected officials continue to force more and more of ‘whats right for us’ down our throats, Lord knows there are allot of thm out there these days. As for this plan, I also remember when they told us that we were terrible because we were destroying trees so we had to go to plastic because it was ‘environmently’ friendly. Now they say, it’s bad. In the 1970’s I lived in England, and I learned to use my own cloth bags. When I came home I made them for my shopping trips here and I actually have some of the original ones that I still use. It’s my choice, but paper or plastic should still be an option to all of us. It’s getting so that before long they will be telling us how many times a day we can flush, how may hours we can use electricity, etc. But I guess our elected officials believe it’s their job to protect us from ourselves and normal living.

  213. Arthur landsford says:

    Plastic bags as well as trash are not a problem in my neighborhood. How about first controlling the third world population you have let into Los Angeles.

  214. Jimmy not THAT jimmy says:

    what a moron. a “complimentary reusable fiber bag” is a fancy term for an expensive single use bag. exept the food put into it will have to be more expensive, to cover the costs

  215. Ed says:

    if people were a bit more eco conscience and dont throw trash everywhere then we would be having this problem. i cant believe how hoggish people are. they throw everything thing on the ground or out the window on a car….that is totally uncalled for. i cant keep beer cans, soda bottles and other mentionable s things out of my yard. what i the hell are these people thinking. what if i drove past their house and threw my cans or bottles in their yard…dont think they would like it too much….so put the shoe on the other foot and be a bit more eco conscience and keep your trash where it should be. got to europe and look at the highways and then compare them to the US. there is no comparison….we have a bunch of hoggish people that dont care what their country side looks like and they are the same people that will go to europe and astonish how beautiful the country side is…DUH!!! why cant you see your problem of littering. i keep a plastic back in my truck and everything goes in it and disposed of properly….i respect other people’s property and respect our country. i am a very dedicated american and served 26 years in our military…for instance…drive onto any military post and look how clean everything is….well, this country can look the same if people would take a little time to keep your trash to yourself.

  216. Distillerman says:

    Just stop eating, you Cali freaks. The sooner the better. Pathetic state, pathetic subject matter, pathetic people. More libberish.

  217. Bruce says:

    One might ask if anyone on the city council receives or has interest in the companies that manufacture the reusable bags. I should be looked into

  218. SandyfromMO says:

    Isn’t it unconstitutional for the government to force citizens to purchase reusable bags?

  219. floyd says:

    Wonderful Idea, maybe the grocers and stores could just shut down for a couple of weeks and refuse to sell anything that goes in a sack …then after the hungry mobs riot and hang the council and the idiot that proposed the idea they could start over and not infringe on the rights of free enterprise maybe they could bury the perpetrators in plastic bags before stuffing them in the ground to keep them from contaminating the soil.

  220. ssj12 says:

    You morons realize this was petitioned for right? and any contamination from reusable bags is due to people not smart enough to waste them.

  221. teddysalad says:

    everyone should just die, then landfills won’t be a problem anymore.

  222. TexRon says:

    Sure is sweet sittin’ back watching Kalifornia circle the drain.

  223. Big D says:

    How many more jobs and business will be lost for another stupid enviro law put on the book? When will this state and counties and cities wake up? It all add up to more money out of our pocket, plus more TAXES/FEES for the remaining workers & business.

  224. anon says:

    get new council members, I’m sure they’ll ‘warm up’ to the idea of having no skills and not being able to find a job.

  225. truthBtold says:

    I walk to the grocery store and I use a large backpack.

    The PROBLEM for me is that I’m considered a shoplifter for having a backpack. I have been told I have to leave my bag at the front counter. I once refused and I had the manager follow me around the store. I called corporate headquarters and I got a return phone call for their lawyer assuring me it would never happen again.

    I don’t mind using my backpack (which I use in conjuntion with bags that I carry) but I’m sick and tired of being treated like a shoplifter every time I go to a store.

  226. Kirk says:

    Yet more Nanny State rules. Whatever happened to live and let live? CA in general and LA in particular might want to pull their collective heads out and address some of the real problems in the state. FWIW – if you look at Koretz’s record, he’s an utter buffoon.

    Plastic evil? Cripes! It’s in everything anymore! What might the world do? Go back to metal bumpers on cars?!? No, couldn’t do that. It would add too much weight and fouls up that idiot CAFE standard that we must observe.

    I already have given up shopping at one local store in an unincorporated part of LA county due to the county law that requires them to charge me a fee if I don’t bring my own bag. I’ve frankly got bigger things in my life to deal with than making sure each vehicle has a damn grocery bag in it.

    Makes me mad and sad. I’m a 5th generation Californian and there’s a lot about this state that I adore, but it’s not the state that I grew up in anymore, nor is it the financially strong state of that time. Sad as it is, I’m crafting an escape plan with a horizon 2 1/2 years out if the imbeciles that have driven this state into the ground are still running it. Unless there’s a huge reversal pf the idiocy – out of county for sure, out of state a possibility.

  227. claire says:

    I really wish the powers that be would analyze the waste that goes into the trash bin each week. A very, very small amount is grocery bags, by weight and volume. Much more is empty plastic containers, cardboard, wrappers, old food, etc. Why do we have to make life expensive and miserable for such a small impact?

  228. Claire says:

    What if you’re from out of town and didn’t pack any reusable bags in your suitcase? Gotta buy a bunch of new ones? Lug them home? Throw them away? Rent them? Give them to charity? Uh huh.

  229. Alice Ramirez says:

    The eco-Nazis strike again! When, oh dear God, WHEN will normal sane people rebel against these self-righteous and power-hungry tyrants? How soon until California eco-nazis push for forced abortions?

    1. Kirk says:

      It’s a mystery to me as to how these folk keep getting elected. Look for my post on here – I think you may get a kick out of it.

  230. Claire says:

    If everybody is worried about bags ending up in the ocean. then stop dumping trash in the ocean, duh!

  231. Chuck says:

    I think LA should require food shoppers to carry home their food in bags made from dolphin skin and lined with spotted owl feathers.

  232. JaseQ says:

    Similar policies are in effect in Australia and China. I live between both countries. They gave us fiber bags like the kind available from Trader Joes in both places. While the degradable plastic bags are still available, the stores charge a high fee for these. At first it was an inconvenience but now its become a habit to remember to bring 3 or 4 green reusable bags with us when we go to the supermarket. And in the 4 years since these policies went into effect in both Sydney and China, there is a visible impact in the reduction of the volume of plastic bag trash floating around the city.

  233. Mikey says:

    Although not scientific sampling, the comments here seem to be running 100 >1 against.
    And most commenters here seem pretty upset with well thought out responses.
    Someone from CBS might want to forward these comments in full to City Councilman Paul Koretz, so he is aware of the overwhelming backlash he will receive if he attempts to move forward with this stupid and poorly thought out proposed ban on plastic bags.

  234. wallace1303 says:

    I wonder if the councilman was drinking out of a plastic foam disable coffee cup when he made that proposal….Just asking….

  235. Tim Bates says:

    They were doing this in Germany 25 years ago. We are just now getting caught up with it???

  236. Kirk says:

    Or one just choose to be responsible from the start.

  237. Nic says:

    How many jobs will that cut? All those people who work in paper and plastic manufacturing plants are gonna be without a job.

  238. Matthew Glover says:

    well, sounds like to me a good way to fill up the landfill with reusable bags. Why not just come up with a biodegradable plastic shopping bag, seems like a better idea to me.

  239. tikisbs says:

    This is complete f*****g insanity!

  240. tiredoflibs says:

    Another fine law from the state that bought us Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein. Go figure!

  241. nam_vet6869 says:

    Truth be known, they tossed paper bags several years ago in favor of plastic. Now the realize that paper was a lot more environmentally friendly than plastic but they will ban both before they will admit they were wrong.

  242. Rob says:

    It is very few times I can blog in under 200 words; today, Mike said it perfectly for me! Try putting a cart full of groceries in 3 “fu-fu” bags Bill…


    In Switzerland stores charge about 45 cents per bag and this prompts folks to reuse the bags or buy cloth shopping bags.

    Bill – I want you to get together with everyone that you can find that agrees with you and MOVE to Switzerland. In THIS country a business can do business however it likes. If YOU don’t like that they provide plastic bags then YOU shop somewhere else. How about YOU stay out the concerns of OTHER PEOPLE and BUSINESS. If you think you can run a business better – PUT YOUR MONEY at risk and TRY. In the meantime stay the hell out of others life’s.

  243. Rob says:

    You Da Man AnimalFarm !!! Liberal Californians and Liberals everywhere, will always be like Forrest Gumps box of chocolates …


    In parts of Switzerland (the liberal cities) they also have “trash police”, cops whose job is specifically to inspect and catch people who dispose of their trash in the wrong way. You’re not allowed to throw away glass, plastic, light bulbs, cloth (old clothes), cardboard… You’re required to go to the proper disposal place, where there are many different bins, one for each material, and you’d better pick the right one. Also, if you live in town X you are not allowed to purchase trash bags in town Y. There are specific trash bags sold, with the emblem and name of your town, they are very expensive and very small. You can’t just buy Glad. Here in the US, many people like me use grocery store bags for a variety of uses. I use them daily to empty out my bagless vacuum cleaner, clean out the litter box and various bedding for my pets, empty bathroom waste paper baskets, on and on. I would have to buy plastic trash bags in lieu of the super light, super thin grocery bags, which would make me waste money and use way more plastic. California is demented and anal, all their brilliant liberal ideas always have unintended consequences, this will be no exception.

  244. Radioflyer says:

    California legislators in general should be eradicated while there’s still a California.

  245. Rick says:

    When I was growing up, my mother drilled it into my head that large bags should never be carried into a store lest one be unjustly suspected of shoplifting. Respectable stores in our area often post bans on large bags of any kind being carried onto the premises.

    Given the crime rate and losses to shopkeepers, I doubt suspicions of large customer-owned bags can easily be overcome, unless store personnel are personally allowed to unload the contents at checkout.

  246. confused and educated says:

    I really dislike how Americans get so defensive when people mention that things are done differently in other countries. The quick jump to ‘well just move to country x’ is petty and shows little intelligence and class. It is amazing how narrow minded some have become. It is a big world out there that involves much more than America

  247. TexasGolfer says:

    California politicians just don’t learn. It’s not the government’s business to legislate how a business conducts its activities. What’s next, telling you that you can’t buy your own plastic or paper bags and use them? What these liberals always do is make laws that people disagree with and when people develop new workarounds, they write new laws to keep you from using the workarounds. Californians better start kicking out their liberal legislators or they will eventually get around to imposing rules and regulatons that even you disagree with.

  248. Bruce Humphrey says:

    another affect to the political hard headed stronghold is if you refuse paper or plastic bags in such a large city, or state, what does that do to the work force. you will drive those companies who produce these bags out of business. so here we go again with the dominoes.
    i suggest you give it back to the stores or some kind of incentive, where they have the option to use these bags or not. but watch out, next you will have to go through metal detectors and have your bag searched…

  249. TruthTeller says:

    It’s time to ban the idiot politicians that keep coming up with stupid ideas in order to justify their feeble existence. We’re beyond the proverbial slipperily slope; we’re in full downhill mode

  250. JerryBrown says:

    Kalifornia…what a sorry excuse for a state…can’t fall off into the Pacific fast enough for me…and to the 12 normal people that live in that state….move…

  251. Fred P. says:

    Those stupid morons passing these idiotic laws will continue to be elected by the sheeple because – the sheeple believe what the politicians tell them.The voters are led down the rosy path by the promises, and they never wise up.

    As long as you hav e “useful idiots” voting without doing their homework, you’ll continue getting what you deserved. If you vote a straight party line, you’re included in that list of idiots.

  252. Tom Genin says:

    And when the grocery stores on the border of this law go out of business because shoppers will simply shop right outside their jurisdiction and the city loses the tax bse of those businesses and employed, I’m sure those people will be happy with the new rule.

  253. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    One point that is overlooked is that store security uses THE BAG as a way of telling whether a customer has paid for an item or not.

    If people go through the express lane with just a couple items and head for the door with the items in their hands and stuff tucked under their arm, they look no different than a shoplifter to store security.

  254. H. Grantham says:

    People who have traveled the world in previous decades know that “bring your own reusable bag” is a total third world maneuver.

    Too bad folks aren’t recognizing the move for what it is.

  255. Fullov Mahnoor says:

    Please, please do it.

    It’s called Creative Destruction. That ‘s when a company can’t compete and dies becuase it makes products no one wants or are too expensive to buy. Creative Destruction also applies to cities, states and yes the people who run them. The only hope for Calfornians to stop pulling the D lever in elections is to let the idiots on the City Council contunue their self destructive efforts. At some future time if they pull the R lever, they won’t have these idiots in power.

    That’s the only hope for Californians.

  256. Dennis in WV says:

    If LA bans old bags does that mean Pelosi can’t go to Disneyland?

  257. Jason says:

    I think “waste reduction” is a reasonable approach.
    How much money do L.A. taxpayers pay to the “Energy and Environment Committee?” How many people receive paychecks (food shopper’s money) on this committee? Perhaps a ban on money (a paper product) to these Environment Committee’s could be passed. The taxpayers would A) Save US dollars that could be used for food B) Reduce paper waste with the paper money, forms, filings etc. these offices consume and C) Eliminate ALL plasitic’s from the face of the earth involved in the construction, operation, and use of these offices.

  258. barry soetoro says:

    Reusable bags become a breeding ground for bacteria. Let’s carry food home in a petri dish. Liberals are so short-sighted.

  259. Suzanne says:

    This is why I, a resident of California for 56 years moved to Colorado. I loved the state but not the politics. How sad that lib politicians have ruined a beautiful state.

  260. littlericky says:

    After a while those “green” bags will start harboring harmful bacteria from the shopping carts, which are one of the most dirtiest items in the store-then you bring them home to share with your counter top and family!

  261. James says:

    “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy” and that’s just about all that City Councilman Paul Koretz is doing.

  262. stop2think says:

    Let me guess; Koretz is a Democrat.

  263. Bill Sundling says:

    More idiocy in The People’s Republic of California. The is another reason why businesses don’t want to come to California. More idiotic game-changing regulations at any moment. I guess unemployment is so low they can keep other businesses from relocating.

  264. KnowRhistory says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember a few years ago when plastic bags where “green” — and we were told to NOT use paper and go with plastic because it was better for the environment — what’s next?

  265. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Why is it so hard to teach these little “Progressives” to PICK UP THEIR TRASH?! I’m certain it is not just the Conseratives who are spoiling the Planet.

  266. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    The Liberal Enviromental Fraud is best exemplified by their loving embrace of the “Prius” Hybrid, which common knowlege proves contains many toxins and hazardous chemicals in it’s production and use.

    Environmentalists could really help save the Planet by aborting Themselves Until then, I have little respect for their selfishness..

  267. JOSE says:


  268. Robin says:

    Oh come on people ! … is it too much work to bring a reusable bag or two with you … when I was young everyone had their own bags

  269. Roze says:

    I am not one for any government body telling me what to do or what materials I use while doing those things but guys, this should have been implemented from the get-go. If grocery stores would have GIVEN their customers free reusable bags from the start, we wouldn’t be seeing this. Sure, small plastic bags can be used for small trash can, kitty litter, etc. and paper bags have some purposes too but you don’t really NEED them. I think we should leave it up to the grocery stores as to what bags they give their customers to use, in the end they’ll give you reusable ones because it’s cheaper. Save money, save the environment, it’s a win-win. This countries citizens need to get a sense of BALANCE, it seems we are either on one side or the other, one extreme or another and it’s getting ridiculous. We have bigger things to worry about like Jobs, rampant illegal immigration and this seems to be never-ending war, NOT grocery bags!

  270. Mary Wright says:

    Sure: make poor people who can’t afford much of anything anymore ( and there are more and more such folks every day) fork over money to the grocery store to buy a bag. This is one sick state I live in.

  271. sickofliberals says:

    City Councilman Paul Koretz needs his head examined. Either before or after he is kicked out of his cushy overpaid position. Any city council member who supports this should also be removed. You people are truly psycho!

  272. youpeoplearedumb says:

    dont take my guns!
    dont take my plastic bags!

    there is not benefit to plastic bags. are you all really so lazy you cannot bring a cotton bag to the store with you? for the sake of your children? for the health of the planet?
    selfish disposable people

  273. worldshopper says:

    The store chain ALDI’s has been doing this for forever. They have never offered disposible bags of any sort. They offer you the boxes they get the bulk products in and let you choose from among those to carry out your purtchases if you haven’t brought anything to carry your purchases out with. They also are well known for having all of their shopping carts accounted for by having people place a coin into the slot to release the cart from the cart in front of it. The result is that to get your coin back you need to return the cart making people happy to return your cart for you since they will them get the coin. In Germany the coin is a one mark/euro coin but in the US it is usually a quarter dollar. ALDIs has been in business since at least before I first saw their stores in 1991 and this model has worked for them. I disagree with the law but I can see voluntary store choice if the customer base supports it.

  274. Larry Sheldon says:

    I wonder if my parents were the last sane or intelligent people south of Gorman.

  275. Larry Sheldon says:

    “Third world” my butt–we are headed for Stone Age.

  276. doo doo says:


    The way to clean the whole mess up is to get rid of all the politicians and econazis and it would at last put California back to it’s pristine state. And it would not cost a dime!! Imagine that!!!… :–)!

  277. The Mad Man says:

    Now it is paper that is a threat to the world environment. Will they ban toilet paper? Plastic has been around for years and now this BPA thing is taking hold which apparently presents a threat to our health. Well, let’s look at this. Plastic has been around for years and if our health is affected, it is too late because this stuff would already be in our system and as for the oceans and the landfills, well I think we need to clean up our own back yard including JOBS instead of worrying about the environment. We can’t afford to go anywhere with the price of gas so what are we going to see? Plastic and paper all over? Amazing how the environment takes president over the real world!

  278. Duh! says:

    So they want people to get food poisoning.
    One week you use the bag to bring home some poultry. The next week, you use the same bag to bring home some beef. The next week, you use it to bring home your vegetables and food for your small children. Low and behold, you now have cross contamination. Salmonella has been festering in the bag for two weeks and is now covering your fresh produce and baby food.

    Bet they didn’t think of that. Or they did think of that and are trying to make people sick?

  279. Al says:

    I remember years ago when plastic bags were introduced. The sales pitch for them was that they could be ‘recycled’ and were sturdier than paper bags. The fact that they could be recycled was also touted because it would decrease the paper bags in landfills that took a long time to degrade. Now we’re told plastic bags are clogging landfills because they don’t degrade at all. My best conclusion is we were lied to then and now. Ban both paper and plastic bags, and I bet there’ll be an increase in shopping cart thefts; then what?

  280. Reason says:

    look at all the whiny people living in one of the richest countries in the world and in one of the richest areas of the country, crying about having to find their own way to carry their own groceries. Wow.

    1. Kirk says:

      This has little, if anything. to do with carrying groceries. If you don’t see the distinction between this as being an issue about grocery bags versus our idiot body politic trying yet again to tell us how to live our lives, you have simply missed the point.

  281. NONCOMFORMIST says:

    yes, the commies are coming for youre jobs!!!!! just like the green police did when they raided gibson guitar and threatened the owner if he didnt send his business to madagascar. told gibson it was illegal wood and a crime for american citizens to manufacture the guitars.

    1. Kirk says:

      Wasn’t that absurd? I had forgotten about that till your mention here.

  282. Sage Advice says:

    This is yet more useless political posturing and “to get his name in the headlines” as campaign material for free. Paul Koretz is the same hack who repeatedly, and for years, promoted several bills to ban rifles chambered in .50BMG, a specific caliber for which ATF, the FBI, AND the CIA all noted repeatedly they saw no terrorist threat from the rifles any different than could be had from a rifle chambered in a very common round such as .308 or .30-06 . The claims Koretz made about the rifle were inflated, fictitious, coming from a hack that has no firearms experience of any kind. And it is that same lack of knowledge that promotes these bills without considering the unintended consequences. In this case, within weeks of AB50 being passed, it was essentially deemed useless; firearm owners and ammunition makers simply changed the shoulder angle of the .50BMG cartridge, and came up with a new chambering called .50DTC, which offers the SAME power, and SAME punch as .50BMG. Furthermore, since the passing of AB50, nearly 10 years ago, which ONLY bans rifles chambered in .50BMG in California from being sold, NOT from being owned, there has not been a SINGLE incident of anyone being killed, or a single incident of a terrorist threat NATIONALLY for all 50 states. Additionally, in the months leading up to AB50 taking affect, sales of .50BMG rifles skyrocketed, merely because people wanted to buy a novelty rifle (wherein they would not have normally bought one at all) simply because there was a deadline to buy one. At the time of AB50’s passing, it was estimated there were about 4400 actual owners of .50BMG rifles within CA. Sales in the months after AB50’s passing shot to an estimated 220,000 rifles by the time AB50 went into affect 4 months later. So BECAUSE of Paul Koretz, more .50BMG rifles were sold than ever would been in peoples’ hands in the first place. HOWEVER, this is all for not anyway; because now we ALSO have .50DTC (same bullet, same powder charge, same shell – just a different shoulder angle) AND .416 Barret, a slightly lighter bullet, but shoots flatter and more accurate than .50BMG with similar sized shell, similar power and higher speed. But “Poll” Koretz won’t talk about that oversight will he? You want to know another thing he won’t talk about? That AB50 was merely a trade off to get his vote for Schwarzenegger’s budget he was trying to push through CA’s congress at the time, and Koretz was one of the last hold-outs – essentially Arnold knew AB50 was useless stumping and thumping by Koretz to get his name on a bill, but figured it would not affect the majority of gun owners, so Arnold passed the bill – a blackmail bill. It’s so sad, his narcissism that even first renditions of Koretz’ bill called it “The Koretz Sniper Rifle Bill” – sickening.

    So here is yet a another useless bill that Koretz is promoting, just to show how much of a “do-gooder” he is, without actually thinking through the unintended consequences – of which there will be PLENTY – but all to get his name on a bill and in the papers.

    By the way – I’ll just shop OUTSIDE of Los Angeles, just like I do for all of my ammo and guns – it’s that simple, and so will others; the loss of revenue will be staggering, and as some have mentioned here; people will still simply buy plastic bags, use them for groceries, and then use them for garbage bags and picking up dog-poo – the same thing they do now.

  283. Chris says:

    How do you tell a Democrat from a Republican? If a Republican wants to do their part to help the environment, they may use reusable bags… A democrat insists ALL people are banned… This is socialism in its purest form. Government wants to have its hands in every part of its citizen’s everyday lives. Newsflash – its a free country, and no government body should be allowed to dictate how any private business choose to run. I urge everyone to take a stand against this. As silly as it sounds, how you bag your damn groceries should be your choice, not something forced upon you. Remember, if you don’t stand for SOMETHING, you’ll fall for anything… this will be just the beginning….

  284. John Q. Citizen says:

    I’m all for making resuable bags out of baby seal skin. Meanwhile i will hoard as many plastic bags as possible until this goes into effect.

  285. Forrest Sergente says:

    For those of you preparing to flee your wretched state, please leave your stupid liberal/democrat politics behind rather than bringing this kind of idiocy into your new state.

  286. Maria Ladd says:

    Hey folks, there is an island, about the size of a small state, in the Pacific…it is made out of plastic. The water is being poisoned. The fish are dying. There is no oxygen. All because of our thoughtlessness. The reuseable bags is one step toward the right direction. When I was a child in California, we had flocks of birds, clear streams and green pastuers…yeah, I am old. Now…where are the flocks of thousands of birds? What color is the sky? Why don’t our kids know what a strawberry really tastes like. And look at the water…who in their right mind would want to drink that? That island will take generations to clean up. We need to start now.

  287. Society needs change says:

    To start I could rant on and on and on, about all that is wrong and there is a lot to gripe about. Plastic, Paper, reusable. Not the governments business at any level.

    I use all three types for many reasons, they are not littered on the streets when I am done (the plastic island, liberals and tree huggers cry about. They all end up in some land fill some where eventually. Not good either,but what to do? Earn a living or spend just as many hours to sort and recycle. It has to be done sometime. Why not have the liberals go into business do do the sorting and such?

    Many changes are needed in our society and store bags, fat kids TAX, and over regulation are not helping.

    Let’s change they system and who gets elected. We need THREE Parties, Left,, MIDDLE, and Right. With the advancement of the internet ensure that the system is secure and on such matters hold online REQUIRED polls that those elected MUST take head. I am not for putting it to an actual vote because far too may are too STUPID to be voting and rely on the media and popularity to decide rather than read and learn about who and what they are voting for and how it will be paid for. There is “no Government” magic fund all that money comes from those working and paying taxes.

    Leave the bags alone and as things are at the stores. Those in office need to be voted out. Elect individuals that WIIL, OR CLAIM they want to get elected for the vast majority of society and to do what is right for the population at large.

    Want to reduce oil consumption, Change the laws to obtain and keep a drivers license. After all it is a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT to drive. Abuse the privilege and have it taken away first for a set time 3 months, second violation six months and then permanently. Take a lead form Europe and Australia with a POINTS System and fines. Yes, we would have far fewer drivers quickly, lots more public transportation and those walking too.

    We need courts that follow the law and actually enforce it. Commit this crime and this it the punishment for that crime. No bargains or good behavior. Need more prisons Well build a few off shore like oil platforms, and stack the crooks like cord wood. No escape, no internet, television, or cell phones. When their time is up a boat will come get them. Such off shore platforms could also be good for the chronic homeless. I am not saying have them so close that we on land have to look at these platforms either. Several miles out (15-35) would be nice.

  288. sigh - another political ploy says:

    Will Heal The Bay and other organizations be providing volunteers with burlap sacks or paper bags on Clean Up Day – yeah, probably not ….

  289. Valerie Barrett says:

    Really? This won’t do a damn thing for or against our planet. Please. Just give us our paper bags. Don’t be so ridiculous. There are more important things in the world to take away or change to make a bigger and better impact on the planet at large. And it is a very large planet.

  290. Tim says:

    Will Rogers said it’s probably a good thing we don’t get all the government we pay for, and this proves him right once again, as if we need more intrusive, expensive social engineering from that pinko nitwit Koretz. The proximate cause of environmental problems is simply too many people, and some smug yenta thinking she’s living an environmentally correct life by driving her hybrid SUV to the mall with her recycling, then bringing home over-packaged consumer goods from Whole Foods in a reusable shopping bag is feel-good nonsense that doesn’t help the earth one bit. The problem is not plastic bags, but the multitude of brown people throwing them carelessly on the ground (this last statement is clearly inflammatory, but go to a park this weekend, and see who throws their litter on the ground. It’s socio-economic, of course, but true…though I have met environmentally conscious Latinos).

  291. Manuel Martinez says:

    Project GreenBag is the sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. 100% organic cotton, biodegradable, and made in San Francisco California.

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