LOS ANGELES (AP) — Coroner’s officials found no drugs or alcohol in the system of Russell Armstrong, who appeared with his wife on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and killed himself three weeks before the show’s second season premiered.

A report on Armstrong’s death released Wednesday provided no new details about why the venture capitalist hung himself. He left behind no note, but the report notes that Armstrong had been depressed about financial issues and problems with his estranged wife, Taylor.

There were no signs of foul play, the report states.

Armstrong, 47, made no mention of killing himself on Aug. 12 when he was last seen by his roommate after dinner. Armstrong’s body was found Aug. 15 in his bedroom and he had been dead for some time, according to the report.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said toxicology tests completely ruled out that Armstrong had been drinking or taken any drugs before he died. Winter said it “takes a long time” for alcohol and other substances to break down once a person dies.

The new season of the Beverly Hills edition of “Real Housewives” premiered Monday. The marital problems between Russell and Taylor Armstrong were expected to be a major plot point before the businessman’s suicide, but the show has been re-edited.

Taylor Armstrong did not attend a scene that was aired in the premiere in which the other “Housewives” expressed shock and some guilt about Russell Armstrong’s suicide.

Bravo, which airs the “Real Housewives” franchise, has not said how it will use footage of the businessman in future episodes.

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  1. richie kotzen says:

    killed himself from being taken for a fool by money grabbing hos..

    1. Ron says:

      It is quite evident, that these housewives place their STATUS above any concerns about their spouses HEALTH or HAPPINESS. Those HOUSEWIVES that are individually successful in business, are entitled to flaunt their RICHES, but the ones that live off their husband’s success are just FAKES.

      I am very sorry for Russell’s family’s loss.

  2. wgaf says:

    No drugs, BFD he’s still dead. Too bad the brain dead morons that watch this cr@p don’t follow his lead.

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