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  1. Anthony Termini says:

    I will never look at football on CBS. Stopping A game like the Raider & Bills with 27sec left to go to a new game is unthinkable !

    1. Tristen says:

      I agree. This is just plain disrespectful to football fans.

  2. Wade says:

    Way to alienate all Raider fans CBS. Cut away from the game to go to a COMMERCIAL. Not happy. I hope you lose sponsers, you definatley just lost a viewer.

  3. Victoria says:

    Your week end sports programmers are IDIOTS! Bills/Oakland Raider game 30 seconds left and you flip over to the charger game that is just beginning! OMG what could possibly happen in the first 30 seconds of that game that could be more exciting than what was going on in the bills/raider game!!!! Contractual! Yea right

  4. Victoria Steinhorst says:

    Your week end sports programmers are IDIOTS! Bills/Oakland Raider game 30 seconds left and you flip over to the charger game that is just beginning! OMG what could possibly happen in the first 30 seconds of that game that could be more exciting than what was going on in the bills/raider game!!!! Contractual! Yea right

  5. Jay says:

    Leaving the final moments of a game that had multiple lead changes in the final quarter and was seemingly about to change again? Who made this decision? That person should never again be employed in television.
    If this is a “contractual obligation,” the people who signed that contract should also be fired immediately. I will never again be able to trust watching sports on CBS again.
    In fact, I had been looking forward to the following game (Chargers/Patriots) but could not watch because of my anger and resentment.
    If anyone knows names, addresses, phone numbers of appropriate places to complain, please post. I will gladly follow up.

  6. Raoul Duke2 says:

    I guess Mr. Hill doesn’t have the journalistic integrity to address the debacle
    of the Raiders/ Bills broadcast . It reflects on the honesty of his and KCBS’
    reporting. The crediblity Walter Cronkite demanded of and CBS stood for is no more. I suggest that others like myself contact their local cable provider
    tonight and subscribe for the NFL network so they don’t have to rely on the capricious incompetence of CBS

  7. weirdboy says:

    I agree with others who have voiced their displeasure at the way CBS handled switching to the Chargers/Patriots game with 27 seconds left on the clock in the Bills/Raiders game. Completely incompetent. Good luck getting me to watch the NFL on CBS again.

  8. SteveJ says:

    When I heard the “due to contractual obligations …” notice I thought, “there’s no way they would be that stupid to cut away from this game.”. Whoops, you were. At some point someone has to exercise some judgment, even if costs the station a little money or you have to make it up to an advertiser with some free advertising time later. You are in a service business and your obligation is to your viewers, not just your advertisers. This is just one more example of the complete lack of common sense these days.

  9. John says:

    PLEASE consider watching only FOX for games or NFL network. If you have no choice becuase of the game, go to a bar and have fun, they’ll be showing it on the NFL network. BOYCOTT CBS Football.

  10. Duane says:

    I want the idiot who made the decsion to switch the Raiders/Bills game when the outcome of the game was in doubt, FIRED! This is the whole ‘Heidi’ game situation all over again! What sort of idiot would change to a 1. commercial, then 2. start of a late game when there is less than 30 second left in the game they are currently showing and the game is in doubt with a team in scoring position???!!!! Who is the clown responsible for that decision???!!!! This idiot needs to be FIRED, it is obvious they make horrible, stupid decisions, have no clue about history or they would had remembered the ‘Heidi’ game situation and wouldn’t have the brain power to walk and chew gum at the same time. That person needs a huge ‘MORON’ branded onto their forehead and be FIRED!.

    Due to mental midgets like the one responseible for such a stupid decision I will be watching DTV’s Sunday Ticket ONLY from now on for my NFL games or going to games in person!

  11. Glen Crampton says:

    The Heidi Bowl Revisited. CBS you need to lose your NFL contract that is the worst thing you could possibly do cut out of a game with 30 seconds to go in a tight game? I thought they learned their lesson with the Heidi bowl that game at least that game was thought to be unattainable.. this one was deliberately cut off to show freaking commercials? Horrible no wonder there is no team in LA The TV Media Sucks ASS i wouldn’t want to bring my team here either and when the Chargers are moved to LA i damn sure wont be watching unless they are playing the Raiders so heres a big FU CBS IM OUT Sunday ticket here i come.

  12. Shawn says:

    I agree 1000% with the previous comments!!! I woulld also like to enlighten cbs that your first and foremost contractual obligation is to your viewers without whom you would be out of business. Your blunderful decision has now
    created a lot of uncertainty among your viewers who witnessed this atrocity. In the future will cbs switch to another NFL game when the NFL game that you’re currently watching goes into sudden death overtime?????? The viewers need a formal apology from cbs regarding this broadcasting abomination with a guarantee that any future NFL game in progess will never be switched away from until the outcome of that came has been determined.

  13. Scott says:

    To all you complaining – I feel your pain, but it is not KCBS decision. It is NFL rules, and I agree it is an absolutely ridiculous rule!!

  14. Don says:

    Here is a message I sent to CBS programming, enjoy

    Good afternoon, During your Sunday Afternoon sports recap with Jim Hill, …This is not in reference to Jim, but a reference to a recap video that occurred during his show (2pm pst).
    First, I saw the unadulterated post game interview with Denver’s Tim Tebow. I then saw an edited video replay on Jim Hills sports recap. Ironically (? or intentional) the video in your Jim Hill recap cut off Tebow’s comments which started, “first I’d like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ, and then thank my team mates.” Your video editor’s cut off “first of all I’d like to thank Jesus Christ my lord and savior”. My question is, Why?

    You know they took away something from his sincerity, not his but the potential interpretation, by thinking that editing a God believer must be edited out. Again, why? In the interest of honesty and accurate reporting, CBS how no right to do that!

    I doubt I’ll get a response, let alone a commitment to avoid the politically incorrect thing in the future, but as this is a first of sorts for me, it sits that strong that I have to comment and not just let it go .

    Surprisingly to you maybe, my faith is private and not broadcast, but I found the intrusion to distortion by this video editor was as a minimum inappropriate and at worst anti-Semitic.

    Maybe CBS ought to take the forefront and start committing to embrace the good things in life instead of being purposefully cynical because it appears on the surface to be political correct. How about morally correct next time and just report the facts and issues, leaving the commentary of acceptance or rejection to us, the viewers. Thanks for listening, and I do look forward to hearing how all will be represented by CBS in the future Sincerely,

  15. Blair says:

    After being utterly disapponted by the decision to cut away from the Raiders/Bills seeral weeks ago, I shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the Cowboys/Bills was cut off at the end of the third quarter. I realize the game was out of hand but don’t you realize how many Southern California residents are Cowboys and Raiders fans? They want to watch their team from start to finish and robbing them of that chance is disrespectful at best. When we see the game listed on the guide, we expect to see that game. It is that simple. The game is blacked out on the NFL package when it is shown locally, so we have to watch the local broadcast. When we set our DVRs to the local CBS channel, we expect that will be the game we will see when we get a chance to sit down and watch it. A team’s fan doesn’t want a more competitive game, we want to see our team. Cutting off an entire quarter of that game is so completely disappointing. Why is it that people in suits who sit in offices and make these decisions can’t see things the way that the rest of us do? Bad form CBS.

  16. Bruce says:

    Just thought you should know that every time that screaming JC Penny commercial comes on the air, I change the channel. Could you have possibly run a more annoying commercial — I don’t think so. It really shows how little you care about your viewers.

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