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This is another of those “Somebody left a box of explosives at the airport for a training exercise, and then they disappeared, but somebody else found them later, and nobody was hurt, so it’s all OK”-stories.
Except, it’s not OK.
In Phoenix, police were training at Sky Harbor Airport, when somebody apparently took the box and left. Days later, a driver found the box –it was easy to identify, thanks to extensive news coverage– and opened it up, to see if it was the box of boom-booms.  Opening it up, while suspecting it may have been explosive, is a story for another time.
Anyhoo… the bomb squad gets the call, and figures out it’s safe (Hey! That driver coulda told them that! -Ed.), and takes the box back to… I dunno, this time, maybe a shopping mall.
And none of this seems to anger anybody? None of it seems unusual? The airport says its operations were affected by the incident.  I can’t carry 4 ounces of shampoo, but the airport won’t change the way it does business after a box of explosives disappears? 
There doesn’t seem to be any sort of follow-up, so I’m assuming ‘case closed.’  It doesn’t appear anybody will lose their job over what happened.  The good news is, that means they won’t have to look for employment in another field… say, nuclear plant safety.  D’oh!