LOS ANGELES (AP) — Despite years of research, scientists still cannot predict when the next earthquake will strike.

In recent years, a camp has emerged that’s more hopeful. It’s pushed by researchers using satellites who say it may be possible to someday predict quakes from space and others who think they can tease out signals in rocks.

Mainstream seismologists remain skeptical about the claims. The two groups recently met in Los Angeles to start a dialogue.

Scientists have been trying to solve the riddle for decades. They’ve studied everything that might be a sign of an approaching quake including ground warping, weird weather and animal behavior.

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Comments (4)
  1. duh says:

    LOL… on thing at a time, guys! Let’s see if we can get predicting RAIN right, first, then maybe move on to the more complicated stuff..

  2. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

    Some might not consider astrology as a prediction method. There is, however, a very interesting book by Joseph F. Goodavage called “Astrology: The Space-Age Science. Many of the world’s most historical earthquakes have been accurately predicted by the position of the planets in combinatiion with solar and lunar eclipses. This knowledge has been available for a very long time now. Why mainstream science continues to ignore it is just exactly that. IGNORANCE.

  3. J&C says:

    There is a discussion on this topic at the following liink:


  4. Warning says:

    Mid September, be prepaired.

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