STUDIO CITY (CBS) — A male driver was killed Saturday evening on the 101 (Ventura) Freeway in the Studio City area.

The driver apparently crashed his car into the center divider on the westbound side at Lauren Canyon Boulevard. The accident was reported just after 9:40 p.m.

According to CHP Officer Patrick Kimball, the motorist got out of his silver, four-door vehicle and jumped over the divider into the eastbound lane where he was struck by another car and fatally injured.

The name and age of the driver were not released.

The CHP has closed the two left lanes on both the eastbound and westbound sides of the freeway.

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  1. ACD says:

    Lauren Canyon Blvd???

  2. Sonny says:

    That time of night, Even staying in or besides the car you risk
    injury or death
    Not saying trying to cross the freeway was a smart move
    Cars going over 65 mph can’t slow to avoid you

  3. BD McGee says:

    Smooth move, ex-lax.

  4. ginny says:

    Lived here for over 40 years and I have never heard of a Lauren Canyon off- ramp. Have I just gotten so used to knowing where I have to get on and off that I don’t notice a new ramp? Or do we have a growing number of people not familiar with the names of our streets? Maybe it’s just that there is no one proofing stories any longer.

  5. Aynne Pryce says:

    Last night at 9:40p my friend was driving, i was in passenger seat, on fwy, a man jumped in front of us, no time to react. We hit him, he smashed through our windshield, we saw him like in the movies. Stopped the car, told my friend to call 911, and I jumped out to the man. He didn’t have shoes or socks, no shirt, only shorts. His foot was curled up by his head, he had a huge whole in his chest. I immediately got down on the ground with him, in his blood, close to his face. I said, “If you can hear me, move your shoulder.” He moved his bare shoulder. I said, “Stay with me, my name’s Aynne, and I love you. Move your shoulder.” He moved his shoulder. I watched his eyes, staring straight ahead, it looked like he was struggling with death. I said, “You’re not going to die. Stay with me. I love you. Move your shoulder.” He moved his shoulder. I watched death take over as he was giving up the battle. He seemed as if he wanted to be with me. “Stay with me, move your shoulder.” He moved his shoulder. Someone said, his name is George. I said, “George, move your shoulder. I love you.” By that time, I noticed the fire dept standing around me, and the police. Someone said, “do you know him?” I said his name is George. No I don’t. They told me to get back, and they gave him shocks to his heart. I knew he gave into death when they took me away, he had no more reason to live, and death escorted him away. I wish I could have stayed with him longer. I came close to him, and called, “George! Move your shoulder!” but it was too late. I noticed his car on the other side of the freeway — the two sides separated by an enormously high wall — with its blinkers on and the door flung open. He must have jumped and run!

    They had stretched him out by this time, and threw a sheet over him. “There was nothing you could have done,” said the witness in the lane closest to George. “It all happened too quickly.” I hugged her and asked for her name and number. I believe they would have hit George if we hadn’t.

    Within minutes, everyone left but my friend and me, and a couple of cops. I was appalled that no one seemed to make a fuss or say prayers over George’s dead body lying across the lane of the freeway, just lying there alone, completely ignored.

    We waited until someone took my friend’s top of the line BMW away, the only two left. “I don’t want that car anymore,” said my friend. “What about George?” I thought.

    This morning I heard in the news that George was drunk and hit the huge divider. He probably had other DUI’s and didn’t want to get caught with yet another DUI. In his drunken stupor, George decided to jump over the divider wall into Saturday night 101 traffic. Bad choice, George. I wish I could have saved him but at least he had a friend as he was exiting this life. Who knows, maybe his only friend.

    I didn’t want to wash George’s blood off my hands when I got home. I wanted to keep him near me a little while longer but thought better of it and jumped into a hot bath, stunned.

    Rest well, dear friend George. God bless your heart and soul.

    Friends and loved ones, please don’t drink and drive. I love you.

  6. John Holmes says:

    Aynne, I am sorry that you and your friend hit this man and had to witness this mans’s horrible death. At least he only killed himself while driving drunk and you two could have been killed also. I hope this make others aware of what can happen to them when they drive buzzed or drunk.

  7. Mike says:


    We are truly grateful for your presence. I am sitting here with his ex-wife, now my significant other. Our only consolation is that you were there as he passed. He is survived by a large loving family. It was nothing less than tragic to tell his 5 and 6 year old boys that he died in a car crash last night. Again, thank you for telling George the most important thing anyone and all of us would have said givin the opportunity ” I Love You”. Thanks for saying it for all of us….

    1. Aynne Pryce says:

      Dear Mike and the former Mrs. George, I am dreadfully sorry for George’s passing, and please know he fought hard to stay alive. I sensed he was a gentle soul though troubled and confused. I can’t imagine what your family must be going through, the pain his four children are enduring. I’m sure they love him beyond measure and understand on some deep level that their father loves them very much and will continuing loving them from the healing place where he is now. I didn’t see despair in his eyes, I saw panic. I will always send you and your family light and hold George in prayer for his peace and enlightenment. May God Bless you and keep you always, Aynne Feel free to contact me if you need to talk. Please extend my loving and healing prayers to your family.

  8. Gail Law says:

    Aynne, I was a friend of George and I want you to know that he was a very kind and gentle soul. He did NOT drink but he was very troubled. I am so sorry that this happened to you and yet grateful that you were there with him. I know George will always be looking out for you as he is an angel now and hearing “I love you” before he passed will be with him forever. George was always trying to save other people but no one could save George. Thank you so much for everything you did
    You are truly an angel yourself and I would be honored to speak with you if you would like.
    Lovingly, Gail Law

    1. Aynne Pryce says:

      Thank you, Gail, I would like to speak more with you and will contact you. Thank you for such kind things you say about George. Here’s what I just wrote on my fb page:

      I heard today that George’s death was deemed a suicide by the coroner but I didn’t see that in his eyes. I saw confusion and a fight to stay alive. I saw gentleness, and a strong urge to communicate with me. I saw him receive and respond to everything I said to him, intimately, lovingly, powerfully. Such a shame. I know God and our angels wanted us there at that precise time to be the car he ran into because he smashed through the glass of our large brand new bmw. My friend knew to hang on tight against the force of the wheel and come to a slow stop. If it were any other car, his body would have gone through the windshield for sure. The car in the next lane, the fast lane, was an older car with two kids driving, and they would have slammed on the brakes, gone through the window, spun out, hit the divider, and there probably would have been a pile up. They could have died had that happened. My angels persistently said to go get frozen yoghurt after dinner, something unordinary. We were done with dinner sooner than usual so the stopping put us where we were. Thank God I always listen to the Small Still Voice Within. OM. Thank you Father-Mother God for always counting on me. ♥ Your faithful servant, Aynne

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