PALM DESERT (AP) — Authorities say  a San Diego County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested in Palm Desert on suspicion of felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence.

Sheriff’s department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell tells the San Diego Union Tribune that the deputy, Barbara Crozier, is currently on paid administrative assignment while the incident is investigated.

Crozier was arrested Tuesday by Riverside County sheriff’s deputies who were responding to a report of a vehicle running into a water fountain at a country club.

Investigators determined that the female driver was suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run accident several hours earlier at Palm Desert apartment complex.

Authorities say several vehicles were struck and a pedestrian’s foot was run over by a driver who then fled.

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Comments (15)
  1. Phiilip says:

    Cops can be alcoholics too!

  2. Alan Hart says:

    Once she is found guilty and fired from her job, she should pay back any money collected during her “Paid Administrative Leave”!

    1. PHILIP says:



    could you please show a face like you do the general public? cause i want to know what to type next…is she fat, black , white or mexicans. is she pretty, so so, please hurry so i can unleash my ” eye opening ” comments.

  4. get em while they down says:

    good she wastn’t arrested by lapd cops….they would have said she shot at them and one of the officer was killed an the whole incident did not happen in riverside county it happen in ” south beverly hills”.

  5. citizen says:

    Stupid POLICE…… paid leave… nothing but a thief in a uniform… paid leave!!! if that was some other job do you think they get a paid leave? hell no….
    I can’t understand why she should be on paid leave… how long will that take? she’s staying at home collecting money for doing nothing….

  6. Jennifer says:

    Paid leave is nothing. My uncle patrols Van Nuys with LAPD and if the public knew what officers get away with many would have nervous breakdowns. Everything from pocketing large amounts of cash from drug dealing suspects (when there are no cameras rolling of course) to having sex with female prostitutes (the cute ones) while on patrol by themselves in their patrol cars, yes in their patrol cars. I’ll stop here before the LAPD tracks my IP address and comes to interview me for speaking the truth 🙂

    1. James says:

      lol…funny you say that jennifer…I picked up a cute prostitute on Sepulveda last week and she told me that a few months back a van nuys lapd officer in uniform and on duty told her to sit in the front seat of his patrol car, they drove to an empty parking lot and told her to give him oral…after they were done he left her at the same corner where he picked her up…JUST BEING TOTALLY HONEST…ITS VERY TRUE THAT WHEN COPS ARE PATROLLING ALONE THEY DO CRAZY THINGS…LOL

  7. Ken says:

    According to the article, she IS NOT on paid leave, she’s on a paid administrative assignment. She must go to work every day, but is not doing field police work. This type of reassignment can also be given when an officer is injured, but can continue to perform certain duties.

    Try reading the article again!

  8. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    This ain’t as bad as the cop from new mexico having sex on the hood of a car on duty, remember chief Leach Riverside PD> about 2 years ago, brotherly love cops escorted him home after a DUI hit/run.

  9. pat says:

    the establishment is liable for serving her too much alcohol and allowing her to leave
    under the influence and unable to drive. in addition
    She may have had her drink spiked with a roofie

    1. c.wilson says:

      We are all responsible for our own choices. When we stop blaming others and making excuses then we grow up and learn from our mistakes.

  10. C.wilson says:

    And Pat a drug such as a roofie would knock a person out, this person had an accident at 8pm ish and fled the scene of the accident then 3 hours later she was out again running into a fountain. If her drink had been spiked she wouldn’t have been out driving or doing anything, the drug you mention knocks a person out. Stop making up incredible excuses and justifications, be accountable for choices and consequences. ESPECIALLY if your job is holding others liable for the same ACTS!

  11. whicecordelia says:

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