SAN BERNARDINO (CBS) — An urgent care doctor accused of sexually assaulting at least two patients pleaded not guilty Thursday morning to eight felony charges.

Dr. Ramon Fakhoury, 35, is facing charges of forcible acts of sexual penetration, sexual battery, assault with the intent to commit felony, and crimes against elder adult, among others.

Authorities say he assaulted two women while they sought treatment at the Loma Linda University Medical Center’s urgent care clinic in July.

Hospital officials immediately placed Fakhoury on administrative leave once they became aware of the situation.

In court Thursday, Fakhoury’s attorney, Courtney Pilchman, argued that her client should still be able to practice medicine in California where he has been licensed for the past six years. Fakhoury also has offices in Norco and Rancho Cucamonga.

A San Bernardino County judge agreed, but ruled that Fakhoury must pay for a state appointed observer to be present in the exam room.

Fakhoury turned himself into San Bernardino Sheriff’s officials Tuesday. His bail was originally set at $1 million, but a judge lowered it to $500,000. Fakhoury is expected to post bail and be released Thursday afternoon.

Comments (35)
  1. BB says:

    The comments regarding Dr Fakhoury are false, he is not capable of doing what he is accused of! If you know and are a patient of Dr Fakhoury you will agree that these allegations are false and that the LIES need to STOP! HE is a respected and honorable person-DR! I will all Dr are as honrable and trsuted as Dr Fakhoury is!

    1. alice says:

      i couldnt agree with you more dr. fakhoury was my dr. for a couple of years and he was nothing but respectful and the most caring dr. i have ever had. it totally breaks my heart to hear such lies. i dont believe anything that he being accused of. dr. fakhoury you will be in my prayers.

  2. Phiilip says:

    Yeah? Well he still looks like Bud Abbot.

  3. glove says:

    all dr veterinarians too should have someone besides them in the room

  4. glove says:

    all doctors & veterinarians & lab tech should have state appointed observer in the room with them at any time anyone can be abused

  5. Pedro says:

    Except for female doctors and female nurses, they can be alone in my room anytime,

    1. Klaatu1955 says:

      yes we can…we are the ones, raping and sexually assaulting patients. dummy

      1. Klaatu1955 says:


  6. Grace says:

    I am so disgusted at the negative comments left here. What most people seem to forget is that he is a HUMAN BEING, who is in shock and hurt right now by these false accusations. I know Dr. Fakhoury is innocent!!!!! The fact that people are allowed to leave idiotic comments makes my stomach turn and you better pray you are never in a situation in which your dignity is taken and your innocence questioned. YES his FAMILY and FRIENDS are out early, because that’s how WE do it!! It’s appalling that so many people in today’s society can make a claim against a professional for money, because that’s what this will come down to, after all!! I hope the “money” will soothe their minds and hearts when they lay down at night. And hopefully they will remember all the damage they have caused to a doctor of his nature and credibility.

    1. Angel says:

      I can’t wait to see those people who made the false accusation being put in jail!!!
      And those made idiotic comments will face the consequences in future!

    2. Klaatu1955 says:

      Really??? He’s hurt /????? are you serious….???? reduced bail for an accused rapist of elderly patients….

  7. BB says:

    Grace i agree with you, These allegations are false and whoever know Dr. Fakhoury as a patient, family or friend will know the truth and the Truth will set him free, Unfortunately people are hurting due to todays economy and makes them do mean and hurtful things to innocent people let alone a Dr that worked vey hard to get to where he is at he works hard everyday, long hours and long days from one job to the next for some one to ruin it for him by making up Nasty Hurtful Rumors! its ok GOD is Big and he will set you free Dr Ramon. May god be with you and your family and take away the evilness of people!

    1. Klaatu1955 says:

      yeah well Ted Bundy was very popular too…so dont be so quick to defend him….Ill wager my paycheck he is guilty…

  8. Lobban says:

    I know Dr. Fakhoury as well and, to be perfectly honest, these charges don’t surprise me one bit. Then again, you people commenting do not know him like I do.

    1. Supportive says:

      What is it you know?

    2. Jimmy says:

      It’s called innocent tell proven guilty. I hope you don’t find yourself accused of something you didn’t do and have people of your kind coming to a conclusion that you’re already guilty.

    3. Faith says:

      If you knew him at ALL you would know everything being said is false. Everything he has ever done as a Doctor was for the good of his patients and their well being. It sickens me that a good man like him is being accused and dishonored like this.

  9. danielle says:

    I also agree with BB and Grace! You both obviously know Dr. Fakhoury. I worked with him for a short time and I know that he is passionate and professional towards everyone! He is a strong man and these false allegations will not take him down. I have so much trust in him that I am still switch my son into his office asap! Thank you supporting Dr. Fakhoury!!


  10. Ekaterina Kaverina says:

    I believe he is innocent. I won’t be surprised if he is found guilty. My deepest sympathies.

  11. sam says:

    The comments regarding Dr Fakhoury are false, he is not capable of doing what he is accused of! If you know and are a patient of Dr Fakhoury you will agree that these allegations are false and that the LIES need to STOP! HE is a respected and honorable person-DR! I will all Dr are as honrable and trsuted as Dr Fakhoury is!

  12. teremist says:

    Elderly women are the least likely to report abuse, or rape. They are too humiliated, and do not want to tell. If elderly women are behind these accusations, they have a basis in fact.

    1. Jimmy says:

      Its says in the report that the woman is 32 with chest pains??? and one elderly not both. 8 years as a DR with lots of happy patients?? and no complaints or bad reviews. Somthing sounds wrong here. They need to investigate the hospital managment to see what this is all about..

  13. mthrrhbard says:

    He’s a Christian, doesn’t believe in 72 virgins.

  14. Faith says:

    It’s ignorance like this that shows how evil people can be. Just like the people that falsely accused this man.

  15. NurseRatchet says:

    I worked at Loma Linda for many years and it is all about the SDA’s throwing a Christian under the bus to make themselves look better. Trust me there are physicians and MA’s at Loma Linda who have done worse and LLUMC pays it to go away…..and continues to employ them.

  16. innocence says:

    I know Ramon personally–he is a former colleague, and I consider him a friend. I do not believe he did this. He is a good doctor, a great person. It all does not make sense. Why would he sexually assault someone who came in with chest pain—I’ve worked at LLU urgent care–we place the patients with chest pain in a curtained area where they are 3 feet from where the urgent care tech and all the nurses sit. It is also right near an area where there is constant foot traffic. It is also, as stated, CURTAINED–there is NO privacy in a curtained-off area. He is not stupid—he went to medical school–IF (and I emphasize IF, because I still believe these charges to be false) IF he was some sicko, he would still not be stupid enough to assault someone in this setting. Please. There is something else going on. I’ve had male doctor friends who have been told by women patients, “If you don’t give me the meds, I will claim you sexually assaulted me.” I’ve also had a doctor friend who got sued for ONE night of pain and suffering for refusing to give a patient a shot that would potentially ruin pt’s kidneys, since he already had kidney problems. Now, I am not saying all doctors are good–I’ve worked with plenty of bad ones. But Dr. Fakhoury is NOT one of the bad ones.

  17. Chris N Jacque Ford says:

    I cannot, in my heart, believe that this is true. He is my family doctor, we have kids who love him. He really cares for his patients. This is not possible. If you had any chance to meet this man, you’d feel the same way. The media is corrupt and people who are playing into it are as corrupt as the media. DR FAHKOURY!!! we are ALL praying for you. You have our support.

    1. Angel says:

      Yes!!!! I agreed with you, Chris!!!! If you had any chance to meet Dr. FAkhoury or work with him, you will understand what we are taking about. I work as a bedside nurse with him and other doctors and have 15 years of experience in nursing. He is the type of doctor you will love to have him treat your family! The media is corrupt, so do the people who are playing in this drama.

  18. Cast says:

    I have met and was treated by him and he gave me the creeps that I refused to be seen by him again. That does not mean he is guilty but let’s keep in mind that it also does not mean these woman are guilty of lying. Please wait to hear all the facts before we come to conclusions. Women often do not report things for fear they will be judged or not believed so please do not throw stones in any direction.

  19. Brenda Lee says:

    I was Dr. Fakhoury’s First patient at the Norco Office, He has a Beautiful Wife and sweet baby girl, this man is the best Dr. I have ever heard of or had and really cares about his patients, he didn’t even take payment from me for treating my son for months, I have had paps and routine Breast Exams and he has Never done anything to make me feel uncomfortable in any way.. There is NO WAY THESE ACCUSATIONS ARE CORRECT, I THINK THERE IS SOME FUNNY BUSINESS GOING ON, IT MAY BE A MONEY THING AND ITS WRONG!!!

  20. Free Fakhoury says:

    All you have to do it look up the charges on the San Bernadino Courts website to see the specific charges rather than reading the misinformation the news keeps putting out… The victims are claiming to have had sexual penetration with a foreign object but were “unaware of the act at the time”. Really? If I’m in for chest pains and there is something else penetrating me in a place other than my chest, I am pretty sure I’d be aware of it! Also, how about sexual battery involving a restrained person. LIke the prior person stated, the patients are behind curtains in a very public area at the alleged location. If I was behind a curtain, being restrained while some assulted me, I think I would atleast make some kind of grunting noise or whining or just some kind of distress noise (which would have immediately been heard by a worker there if you understood how the facility was set up) or are these ‘victims’ going to claim this was another event they were “unaware of” while it was happening… Give me a break people. Look at the charges and then use your common sense. Fakhoury is innocent and these women are looking for a payoff…So awful. Fakhoury is a fabulous doctor! I hope those women get caught in their lies before anymore is taken from the good doctor.

  21. Debbe says:

    Dr Fakhoury-YOU are in my prayers-I do not believe any of this-

  22. Nick says:

    either way it is sad for the DR.I hope these two women pay dearly if they accused him falsely .

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