LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There may be high drama in Washington over the nation’s economic future, but local football fans on Thursday warned the president against going into overtime during his address to the nation.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports revelers at a Hooters restaurant in Hollywood are ready for some football next Thursday.

“He shouldn’t be messing with football, that’s for sure,” said one man.

Some patrons even vowed to start drinking during the pregame show before the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints square off in the NFL season debut.

“I would watch it and listen to his speech before the game,” another fan said. “I believe his speech is going to be longer than an hour.”

But with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks just around the corner, a wave of patriotism could very well wash over the suds-soaked sports bar.

Or not.

“As patriotic as most people are — especially now, this time of year, the tenth-year anniversary of Sept. 11 — and his jobs program, which a lot of people have been waiting for, I would imagine that some people would watch the beginning of his speech,” one man predicted.

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  1. omstrat says:

    2 years ago site like this Yahoo and a few other news/blog site had a lot of Obama supporters on it .Im seeing (happily ) that the VAST MAJORITY hate this Marxist POS.
    NOW LISTEN TO ME ..Come election time get out there and vote CONSERVATIVE OK Get it ..Dont make the same damn mistake. And if that Marxist beast HILLORY jumps in don’t listen to her BS either..Remember where we are now and remember that we need , on all levels, CONSERVATIVES WINS..Now go watch the game and ignore that man behind the screen

  2. brettrix says:

    who is Ron Paul and why is he trying to save America?

  3. Brian says:

    REALLY, if it were so important he should have done it before HIS vacation!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leo says:


  5. Nutty says:

    This speech is like a little lost puppy looking for a home. Too bad nobody really wants it. If Obama had anything worth listening to, it would have already been said.

  6. pisd@obama says:

    just another reason to HATE this guy

  7. Jim T says:

    How many jobs speeches can he make in 3 years?


    it would be funny if it wasn’t true.

  8. Caucasian from VA says:

    bush had 3 times as much vacation time as our current pres at this point in his first term, something like 230 days for W compared to 70 days for O. might need to do a little research before you bite your tongue off there, loony. and i believe one of the last golfing outtings he had was with…um…oh yeah! John Boehner! so, um, not really sure what you’re getting at. as for your wonderful quote which you made up, he caves to every GOP desire, so i’m REALLY not sure what you, your lunatic friends at Fox, and the Tea Baggers really have to complain about…oh wait. i forgot what color he is. i just want to say that i voted for him because he’s white!

    1. libs suck says:

      I’d rather be a tea bagger than a c**k sucker like you…

    2. NC Mountain Girl says:

      Hosting the head of another nation at your own home hardly counts as a vacation. As for race. It is irrelevant to this discussion.

      Your thinking is every bit as precise as your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    3. Ben says:

      One desire of the GOP is that he does not return for a second term. I hope that is one desire he will “cave” for.

  9. commie_shooter says:

    Chairman ObaMao needs to be impeached or retire to a hut in Kenya. He is a failure and knows nothing of free market economics or how to create jobs. The government doesn’t create jobs fools, it can only provide an environment in which businesses will hire.

    Don’t mess with our football you Kenyan POS!!!!!

  10. not a profesor says:

    how bout the day before??

  11. gc says:

    the idiot in chief couldn’t run a hot dog cart let alone create employment. the biggest employment boost he can provide is to resign. shut up already with the lousy speeches. i am sick of his shared sacrifice and millionaire and billionaire stupidity. the worst president ever!!!

  12. Sam says:

    “As patriotic as most people are — especially now, this time of year, the tenth-year anniversary of Sept. 11 — and his jobs program, which a lot of people have been waiting for, I would imagine that some people would watch the beginning of his speech,” one man predicted.

    Resisting 0bama is Patriotic!

  13. Laryen says:

    haha lets hear his plan today? He has all kinds of time why mess with what people like

  14. Duncan says:

    5 reasons why you should watch football instead of Obama

  15. J Masta says:

    Uh…it’s just a speech. Also, Obama is what we call in pharmacology a competitive antagonist. Look it up.

  16. Cynthia says:

    Oh, please. Anyone who doesn’t think that this will be the same re-packaging of the same foolish drivel he’s been putting out to “create jobs” is missing any sense of logic in their thought processes. Frankly, the NFL game will create more jobs than Obama ever will. Besides, why in heaven’s name does he need to do it before a joint session of Congress? Just make the speech from some place in the White House and be done with it.

  17. clipper says:

    We’ve heard his BS already, hasn’t created the first job, but plenty of welfare money, out of my pocket.

  18. Texas Freedom says:

    Please . . . this is nothing but a campaign speech. He could provide a written jobs plan any time and send it to congress for debate. This is a PR stunt. The guy is a tool . . . .

  19. davo says:

    This is on CBS LA. LA does not have a NFL Team. The people of LA should be forced to watch Obama speech on a loop until thier eyes bleed.

    1. Klaus says:

      I’d rather the camera show Villaraigosa on the sidelines with his pom-poms cheering his man’s speech.

  20. Bill says:

    Priorities? You mean more stimulus? How about giving illegals, workers rights? More shovel ready projects? Maybe he’ll come up with another idea after next years vacation. No thanx, not watching. Football is more important.

  21. john ashton says:

    You mean to tell me you racist bigots want to watch a bunch of black men play football?

  22. progressivelibssuck says:

    Caucasian from VA , you have some fussz math there my friend. Obummer has taken more time off then any President in his first 2.5 years……THANKFULLY….Imagine the damage he would have done if he had actually been doing something

  23. Seth says:

    @ Caucasian from VA

    Yet, how much money did Bush spend on those vacations? Bush mostly just went to Camp David & his ranch, yet Obama’s wife alone has spent 10 mil.

  24. matt says:

    Hasnt he been focused like a laser on Jobs for three years now?
    Yeah, Priorities.

    Obama is a D-Bag and you are worse for actually still drinking his B-Bag flavored Kool-Aid

  25. Scibs says:

    Like he’s gonna have a plan. If he does, it’s 1-1/2 years late in coming.

    1. Robert Jackson says:

      2 1/2 late. Some of us cannot even afford 2s

  26. WyoRider says:

    Most of Bush’s working “vacations” were at his Crawford ranch. That’s a big difference from Oblamer’s vacations at five star resorts with large entourages of friends and backers on the taxpayers’ dime.

  27. Wake up amwrica says:

    Ok he goes on vacation, and he made Americans wait until he was good and ready to give his 20th speech on creating jobs and we’re suppose to drop everything we’re doing to listen to his campaign speech. What a joke! This man has to be the most incompetent fool we’ve ever had in the White House. It’s time to move on and admit that the affirmative action president didn’t work.

  28. Robert Jackson says:

    It is just a game and Obama is just a 100% politician. This is his 32nd month as President. He says he is focused on jobs then quickly gets distracted buy vacations, trips to Europe, golfing 80 times, raising campaign money…Not heard from on jobs for months at a time between travels. Even finally New York Times noticed it.

    His green jobs failed and it seem no one wants a 41k government motors volt or to drop 10k on solar panel in a bad economy. Speaking of which GM isn’t honoring warranties from old GM.

    There is talk of another stimulus. Well if they had not given the first one way to prop up overpaid government workers few like we might had got some value out of the stimulus. The thing about jobs is the president can only create the environment for them be created. Had he done this from the start we’d be 2 years into jobs.

  29. Hank Warren says:

    Obamanomics, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  30. Jackson says:

    We need jobs initiative you say…………….he should have thought of that two years ago instead of messing with our health care.

  31. marg1 says:

    The jobs will be temporary. And they will cost a gazillion dollars of taxpayer money each.

    Please show me his ECON 101 grades.

  32. Jianka says:

    How can he lay out his jobs plan now? He is too busy setting guidelines for commemoration of 9/11. He needs to go on a permanent vacation. Just think, we have to pay to protect him and all his family for the rest of their lives.

  33. John H says:

    If he is serious about Jobs, then he will propose that the biggest Job Killer bill in history, his health care plan, be repealed.
    Or he can just announce he won’t seek a second term, and the economy and hiring will bounce back ever faster!

    1. jhoger says:

      Ridiculous. Most of the law doesn’t even go into effect until 2014! What jobs exactly is it killing, and do you really believe everything Freedomworks and Rush and the RNC tell you? Because you’re really good at mouthing the talking points. Perhaps it is your job? If not, you’re a genuine sucker to debase yourself like that for free.

  34. Leigh says:

    These comments are so much fun – let it all out, folks – 2012 is not that far away.

  35. Booger says:



  36. Sal says:

    Why go before congress? Make a plan and send it to Capitol Hill. Why all the grandstanding? He’s been on vacation playing golf for weeks. What’s the emergency? It’s going to be the same old government spending program which will produce useless jobs to get the unemployment rate down so he can get reelected.

  37. Saints fan says:

    Obummer does not me in attendance.

  38. joyce s says:

    Both Obmaa and Boehner could care less about the NFL
    or any kind of sports that make them look bad.
    Give the speech next Tuesday night and get it over
    with. The NFL will appreciate it and so will the fans..
    Give that speech sooner rather then later Mr. O.

  39. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” ~ Thomas Pynchon

    ———– http://911essentials.com

  40. John H says:

    Obama needs all those vacations – destroying the entire economy is hard work!

  41. John West says:

    We can all watch the analyses of this next in a line of long winded boring teleprompter reading on Fox News after the game or after whatever you may be doing that will, not doubt be more important and interesting that anything that Obama may read to you on TV at prime time.

  42. Kamehameha XIII says:

    Most of you Los Angelinos (did I get that right?) voted the Clown-in-Chief into office… and most of you will try to do it again come Nov-2012… I just hope there are more of “us” that can “out-vote” you…

  43. Ken Drift says:

    Obama is a tool. What does he need to address congress? A real leader would have done this years ago for starters…but..

    With that said, a real leader would design a plan, discuss it with congressional leaders, hammer out the details and THEN speak to the public about the DEAL JUST MADE!

    Obama is all words on the teleprompter, nothing more.

    He is pathetically inept at this point.

    1. Dennis in Wv says:

      Obama is not pathetically inept at THIS point. He has been enept his whole political careet.

  44. NO MORE SPENDING says:

    Ask the employees of Solyndra how this administrations jobs policies are working out.535 million dollars of stimulus money poured into a green jobs money pit, backed by heavy contributors to Obamas campaign, only to fail and go bankrupt a year later.

  45. kevin says:

    wait we were told about a week he left for vacation, yet again! he tells us his plan when he get back know over a week after he returns.It’s going to be yet another week? somethings telling me where in for yet another stimulus scam. buyer beware.

  46. Jon says:

    Just more evidence that these folks are a bunch of incompetent fools.

  47. AAA says:

    yeah like he’s actually going to do something about jobs now. Its just another empty promise so he can ensure not only the votes from his illegal alien freinds, but from the poor people that have had no work for months, years.

  48. Ted says:

    You miss the point. The speech is important,, but Obama goes on vacation for 11 days, then expects everyone to bow down to his schedule. He tried first to make the Republicans look bad then when he had to forfeit to them, he goes after football hoping to get sympathy. As usual his lack of leadership shines very brightly.

    1. lihansen1 says:

      I think I would fire my staff for not being intelligent enough to know what’s scheduled.

      Looking REALLY inept.

  49. potvin says:

    More like “Signed, an Obama @$$ kisser”!

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