HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A carjacking victim is shaken up after two men sped off in his car as he was still hanging out of the vehicle.

The carjacked vehicle crashed into a Hollywood apartment building at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The victim, David Christopher Duncan, says he was approached by two men who told him they needed help finding keys inside their van.

When he offered to help with a flashlight, they made a move to steal his car.

“Once inside the van, I heard my car rev and I thought, ‘This can’t happen,’ so I dove through the window,” Duncan told CBS2. “And, wham. I mean, I was still halfway out the window, hanging through the window in his lap, trying reach for brakes, trying to steer the car, trying to grab for the stick shift. Even when he hit, it was still in gear and he had his foot on the floor. I mean, it must have hit 6,000 RPMs,” he said.

He says the two men simply walked away from the crash and escaped.

Police are still looking for them.

Comments (6)
  1. No Info says:

    How about some descriptions please?

  2. ValleyGirl says:

    No description of the suspects?
    I guess we all already know!
    Pretty much a no brainer!

    1. No Info says:


  3. etienne says:

    Call the cops, report the theft, deal with it. Instead he attempted to wrestle control of the vehicle and put his life at stake. This is the rare instance when the car owner wasnt killed or suffered serious injury.

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