LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police released new details Tuesday in the arrest of an 18-year-old man who allegedly murdered a pizza delivery man.

Murder charges were officially filed Monday against Jose Beltran, a known gang member, for the death of Juan David Vasquez, 20.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

Vasquez was shot in the head in what authorities are calling a road-rage incident while driving two co-workers home in the early morning hours of August 7. The youngest of four children, Vasquez worked two jobs to help support his family. He was a bus boy at one restaurant and delivered pizzas for another.

LAPD officials say good old-fashioned police work led to Beltran’s arrest.

Rampart detectives originally pulled Beltran over on Aug. 19 and found that he didn’t have a license and had a gun under his seat.

That night, Northeast detectives learned the man Rampart officers arrested on weapons charges matched the description of suspect who murdered Vasquez at the intersection of Silver Lake Boulevard and West Scott Place.

“Using excellent investigative techniques, detectives were able to identify the suspect as Jose Beltran,” Capt. William Murphy said.

Beltran lives with his mother, not far from the crime scene police said. Officials said Beltran was identified as the murder suspect by two witnesses.

“He shot at one person. What’s to keep him from shooting at sombebody else? Nothing,” Det. Jose Carillo said.

Beltran is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. He is being held at the Los Angeles County Jail on $1 million bail.

Vasquez’s mother took her son off life support on her birthday. She returned his body to Mexico last week for burial.

Comments (18)
  1. Christian says:

    If he is found guilty, give him the death penalty with IMMEDIATE execution. Why should he be allowed to live for 20 years? If not the death penalty, hard labor. When will lawmakers start imposing stiff sentences?

    1. Glen Fleetwood says:

      If we followed that advice, the West Memphis 3 would be 15 years dead. And we know now they MAY not have done it. If you need blood, go eat a raw steak.

      1. randy says:

        Fleetwood, not a word of condemnation for the murder of a guy minding his own business. Seems like the blood remark also applies to you.

      2. Big H says:

        It says in the Bible an eye for an eye! This is not a pieced together case it is cut and dry with eye witnesses. He should be tried and convited then sentenced to dealth ASAP

    2. blader says:

      there have been 100s in the united states proved innocent (not just not guilty) of crimes based on new technology, such as dna. there have been 100s in the united states who were convicted solely because their skin was black. there have been political prisoners assassinated by the government, such as the rosenbergs. plus, the standard for government killing varies by state. finally, the cost (for those republicans out there) is much cheaper to have life without parole (but with ability to prove innocence) than all the mandatory appeals from death sentences.

  2. Chris says:

    LOL! they are trying to abolish the death penalty in California! That’s gonna make it easier for criminals to do what they want since they cant be killed for it! California! the biggest Scam…..no I take that back….USA! the BIGGEST SCAM

    1. blader says:

      i’m guessing you have not read about any overturned sentences, and never saw the movie hurricaine. just a guess. read before you think you such an expert.

      1. etienne says:

        Blader, son, Hurricane is a little fact with lots of fiction. If you are so inclined, join the police or probation department. They can use idealistic people like you. Once you’ve encountered a few bad situations, you find the overwhelming majority of arrest and convictions are lawful and just. The vast majority of cons in prisons, and on the streets, are truly very bad guys. The tiny minority who are unjustly imprisoned usually manage to fight it out, but its not a perfect world, is it?

  3. The Puto's Grandma says:

    He looks like a fine upstanding young man, give him another chance.

  4. Mary says:

    We are talking about an illegal alien, not a citizen of the US. Also a gang member, and he has committed murder! Let his country deal with him. Why do we have to pay for the courts etc? Just another outstanding Pelosi patriot! I’m personally sick of it.

    1. Big H says:

      Send him back to Mexico so he come back over and maybe kill one of your relatives! You idiot

  5. FAITH says:

    When I was working in Saudia Arabia, within one week the trial and execution would be carried out. None of the dragging out for years and years. Makes me wonder what the heck our government is doing?

  6. Kristy Howard-Clark says:

    Beltran lives with his parents in Burbank and he has had every convenience throughout his life given to him on a silver platter. He has no excuse for this murder except maybe stupidity.

    1. David Huffman says:

      Fry that illegal POS Mexican piece of human garbage,him and all the rest of his kind are giving my Hometown a bad name.There needs to be a new law implemented all across America,Gang Member = Death sentence,no matter what crime they commit,if found to be a member of ANY gang !!!!! It’s the fault of every one of you bleeding hearts with that “oh give the poor Mexicans a chance and give the illegals amnesty” attitude and mentality.Next time i hope it’s one of you bleeding hearts that loses a loved one to these POS!!!! You’l get a change of heart and mind then won’t you!!!

      1. bob says:

        I do not see anyplace in this story that he in in the country illeagly

  7. Muck Fu says:

    I take it the pizza arrived late?

  8. Leslie says:

    He looks like a criminal!

  9. Tyrone says:

    Doesn’t even look Mexican, just a low life loser with no job, no future, a burden on society and on his Mother. bet he was even using his Mama’s car during the commission of the crime(HIS SHORT LITTLE OVER WEIGHT MAMA) My poor Mijo he is a good boy always respects his Mama eats his frijole’s and not a gang member.

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