LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Supervisor Mike Antonovich withdrew a recommendation Tuesday that the Board of Supervisors oppose AEG’s efforts to fast-track environmental approvals for its proposed downtown football stadium.  

Anschutz Entertainment Group’s attorneys sent a letter to the county counsel on Monday, claiming that it was inappropriate for Antonovich to participate in any decisions which could have a financial impact on AEG while the supervisor’s wife is in a legal dispute with the company over consulting fees.

AEG’s lawyers said Christine Hu Antonovich is embroiled in a dispute with an affiliate of AEG over fees she claims she earned for introducing them to Chinese officials, according to the letter prepared by the company’s law firm.

Antonovich said he was “surprised” that the company brought his wife into a situation where he was “working to protect the interests of the county.”

Comments (4)
  1. Lik says:

    Antonovichs wife must make much more $ than he does

  2. TT says:

    So If my husband and i work at the same job – in different capacities, if one gets into a “firing situation” we should both be terminated -that doesnt sound right …..One thing has nothing to do with the other….Your just postponing the one thing that will help this city get back on its feet … JOBS

  3. nob dobber says:

    He is the only honest one working for the citzens.

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