LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Unified School District board is considering a proposal that would curtail the district’s landmark program that allows outside groups to run selected new and underperforming schools.

The board is expected to vote Tuesday afternoon on the amendment to its 3-year-old “public school choice” program in which charter organizations and teacher-led teams submit plans to operate brand new and failing schools. The school board chooses the group with the best plan.

School board member Steve Zimmer wants to amend the program so that district teacher and administrator teams are given preference to operate new schools. He says new schools shouldn’t be given to charters until district educators have had a chance.

Charter school advocates, parents and community organizers are expected to speak against the proposal.

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  1. Craig says:

    Give district educators a chance? LOL There’s a laugh. They have had years of chances

  2. Peter says:

    Who r we kidding here. Charter or public, if it’s an inner city school with mostly blacks it won’t matter who runs it…it’s not going to succeed. Why? Simply cause of the social culture. Blacks don’t see education with any sense of value. Bring a blind man to an all Asian school and it will flourish without a doubt. Now I know I am talking about to extreme cases here…but the bottom line is the culture of kids needs to change at home before any school can teach.

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