LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new campaign to fight childhood obesity is kicking off Monday within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The “I’m In” program is intended to raise awareness about the district’s new healthy meal offerings.

The district will be releasing a new menu, as well as a wellness plan, to help students live healthier lifestyles.

The program also encourages attendance and staying in school.

For more information, visit the “I’m In” Facebook page.

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  1. The New Mehilangeles says:

    Healthier lifestyles START AT HOME. En la casas.

    And did I hear that tamale’s are on the menu? Is that really healthy food?

    Then at home what do they eat? Look at the culture and look at how and what they eat. LAUSD’s new menu won’t change that? Sorry, realistically, it won’t.

    What is the sodium content of all these “healthy” foods? Count the sodium in all those foods, just count them, I dare you.

    But whatever. Alla ustedes.

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