LOS ANGELES (CBS) — While there had been speculation that the second season of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ would be delayed after Russell Armstrong‘s suicide, it looks like the show will air as originally planned.

Radar Online reports that the hit Bravo reality show will still make its debut on September 5th, but it’s unlikely we’ll see any footage of Taylor Armstrong’s late husband.

Also, according to Radar Online, Taylor is not blaming Russell’s August 15 suicide on the show. They’re reporting that Taylor told close friends:

“Russell’s suicide wasn’t caused by the show or Bravo. Russell just simply cracked over ongoing legal and financial issues. The show bears no responsibility for his death, neither does the network. In fact, Bravo has been extremely supportive of Taylor during this tragedy.”

Although they won’t be completely ignoring Russell’s suicide, they will more than likely be editing all footage of him.

“It looks like the show will indeed premiere on September 5. Editing is still being done on the show. Russell is either going to be edited down, or completely out of the show. However, Bravo and the show won’t be ignoring the Russell’s suicide. They simply can’t, to do so, would be disrespectful to the situation and what Taylor is going through. It will be addressed in a manner that is dignified and appropriate,” the source says.


  1. Jane Shouse says:

    How can anything, or anyone, expect to be treated in “a manner that is dignified and appropriate,” when everyone in these shows has no earthly idea what it means. To varying degrees, ALL these women are airheads, and by watching this new phenomenon of “Reality”, we,too, are airheads. What a FARCE!!!

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