MARINA DEL REY (CBS) — The surveillance tape is a little grainy, but it shows how two brazen dognappers made off with one man’s prized pooch.

Thieves are stealing purebred dogs all over America knowing they can sell them to prospective buyers below market cost. And as the economy tanks, this dog thievery is soaring…especially here in the Southland.

Several days ago, a man named Rudy wrote KCAL to tell us his brother Eddy’s dog was snatched by a man and woman — seemingly posing as Animal Control workers — in what he called “a heinous and cowardly crime.”

The thieves made off with Eddy’s blue-nosed female pit bull puppy named Lady.

The two brothers are close…they literally live two blocks away from each other, but more than just brotherhood is at stake here. Rudy is hoping to get his distraught brother reunited with his pup.

Police are working at enhancing the video, as well as the license plate of the gray Chevy Astro Van belonging to the two suspects.

But in the meantime, Rudy and Eddy want West siders…especially their fellow Marina del Rey neighbors to be on the lookout for the van and any suspicious looking couples that might not be actual Animal Control workers.

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  1. Mehilanges says:

    I’m getting TIRED of all this dog obsession people are having, its like dog fad, I don’t know or really understand, what drive this constant dog this, dog that, its like what is it?!

    1. Denmark says:

      Correction; dog lovers place their dogs life above human life. life in prison for dog napping.

    2. Veronica says:

      What you talkin about Willis??

  2. mokie says:

    Mehilanges…get a dog. Become friends with that dog and than , just maybe, you will learn what all the fuss is about.

  3. Brad G. says:

    Mokie: It’s the bêtise (willful idiocy) of people who step over a dying homeless person while carrying their poodles with rhinestone encrusted collars, or their murderous pit bulls. to be “groomed”. Those “newscasters” are as absurd as their priorities.

    1. Alan says:

      So what if people love their dog?? Big f…ing deal!!! At least they care about something. I am pretty sure Brad you are one of those who don’t do anything to help anyway. you are probably the one who would step over that homeless guy. it’s always the ones who have the time to complain about things that are actually good for our world like people caring and loving animals. it’s the first step to a better world.
      go out there and help the homeless Brad if you are so worried.

  4. Pat says:

    Adopt. Get your pet from
    The animal shelter
    They love you as much or more

    1. Miss Alex says:

      Thanks Pat, cause the best pets I ever got were from my local shelter. If people would get off that ‘pure breed’ nonsense then the puppy mills would all close, you would not buy a pet from the mall, which is the stupidest thing since the kardashians and the stray population would be zero.

  5. Jenna says:

    Let me guess “DENMARK” you are black and miserable about it???
    Well ,I am black too and have 2 dogs. So dogs may not be only the white man’s best friend. You probably never had dogs in your life or if you did you just simply didn’t love them.
    if my dogs were taken from me yeah i would want that person to go to jail for it, not for life but at least for a little bit. For some dogs are family and I am happy to be one of those.

  6. Kayla Anderson says:

    My dogs provide better companionship than most people. I don’t fight or argue with them, they’re ALWAYS happy to see me… And that’s just pet dogs. So many other dogs do amazing things for everyone like service dogs for the disabled and military/police dogs. If you hate dogs so much and think there’s no point in them why don’t you go do their job for them?

  7. Miriam says:

    Shelter dogs provide just as much love as pure bred dogs, and it’s far less likely someone will steal them…plus from your city shelter or craigslist, the cost is minimal (our shelter charges $25 for a dog or cat). You can even get puppies from shelters — currently I am fostering four lab mix puppies which were abandoned at the shelter 4 weeks old — they are almost big enough to be adopted now.

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