CHATSWORTH (CBS) — Closing arguments wrapped up and deliberations began Friday in the trial of an Oxnard teen accused of fatally shooting a gay classmate.

Brandon McInerney, now 17, is accused in the 2008 murder of 15-year-old Larry King at E.O. Green Middle School in Oxnard.

He insists he was sexually assaulted by King. Prosecutors, however, claim McInerney is a white supremacist gang member who killed King out of his hatred for homosexuals.

McInerney, who is being tried as an adult, faces anywhere from 18 years to life in prison.

Jury deliberations wrapped up around 4:15 p.m. Friday and will continue on Monday.

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  1. Larry King Was Just A Boy says:

    I hope that kid fries! He executed an innocent young man and now he drags that boy’s name in the mud by alleging he sexually assaulted him. What a joke! I hope he soon will find out what sexually assaulted truly means in our cold, hard prison system. DIE, MCINERNEY!

  2. The Dago Stud says:

    It’s the Sal Mineo case all over again!

  3. ? says:

    burn that white trash kid on the stake!!! ’nuff said

    1. ? says:

      *At the stake*

  4. mario says:

    if the kid had not been sexually assulting the other kid maybe this would not have happen and YES i know for a fact he was sexually assulting the kid because my son attended that school at the same time and this dead boy would grab his ass in the restroom my son complained to the teachers and was not heard and thats why my son USE TO attend that school

    1. B says:

      you should be testifying in the trial then.

    2. Alma Villarreal says:


  5. djs says:

    The school was so afraid of being politically incorrect that it wouldn’t stop Larry’s inappropriate harassment. Everyone (teachers and students) admitted that Larry had gotten out of hand, but the vice-principal was supporting Larry’s choices at the expense of the other students. Not that any of this excuses what Brandon did, but the school knew they had a student with a very long and bad history of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment of other. The school did nothing to protect the other students from Larry or Larry from himself. This was NOT simple flirting or finally standing up for himself on Larry’s part. This was Larry’s pattern that had gotten him arrested, expelled from other schools and removed from his home and put into a home for severely emotionally disturbed children. None of Larry’s medical and psychological history could be brought out in court because he was under 18. Larry was a VERY troubled and sick adolescent, and because no adult would step in… Something terrible happened.
    Yes, Brandon is responsible for what he did, but not for what the D.A. made it into.

  6. The Dago Stud says:

    It’s the friggin’ Sal Mineo case all over again!!!

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