LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A local fashion house is set to face the legal wrath of a very powerful enemy: the Hell’s Angels.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschuitta reports it’s all over a T-shirt sold online that reads “My Boyfriend’s A Hell’s Angel”.

Los Angeles-based designer Wildfox Couture is accused of “exploiting the fame” of the renowned motorcycle gang, according to attorney Fritz Clapp.

Clapp has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Hell’s Angels against Wildfox and several other online retailers alleging copyright infringement.

“Even the club itself does not put ‘Hell’s Angels’ on shirts they sell to the general public,” said Clapp.

Wildfox,which was officially established in Silverlake area in 2006, has not responded to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

Clapp said the lawsuit is ultimately aimed at getting this merchandise out of the vast online marketplace.

“They should just plain not be sold,” he said. “We want to get them off the market, sequester them and have them destroyed.”

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  1. marty says:

    The angels are going to lose, the shirt does not show the angels logo.

  2. Jo Dean says:

    lol, dont those idiot gear heads have anything better to do? Morons.


  3. Donny says:

    The hells angles are a bussiness, and incorporated. They are doing what any other business would do if you use thier name to make money

  4. Jeezus says:

    Just lose the apostrophe in Hell’s- no one these days cares or notices grammar mistakes. Like the new Lets Go! t-shirts they reported on yesterday.

    1. Wooks says:

      Without the apostrophe does refer to the motorcyle group

  5. alan hart says:

    “…off the market, sequester them and have them destroyed.” Isn’t this what the public says about the Hells Angles?

  6. Muck Fu says:

    It would be better if gay guys wore this shirt..fabulous.

  7. bounce says:

    “renowned”? More like “infamous”.

  8. PLo says:

    More like “Born Losers”

  9. Legal People says:

    Howard Huges wrote and produced a movie called “Hells Angels” about WWII fighter pilots. The motorcycle gang stole their name from the movie. They have no legal rights to it as long as their logo was not used. But it is a way to get publicity.

  10. Steveo says:

    Did they ever trademark their name? If not then I don’t think they have a case.

  11. derek says:

    To be clear, this is a group that prides itself on being a group of rebels who live by their own rules outside of the boundaries of society, yet they are pretty quick to lawyer up when someone uses their name in a way they don’t like. Do they see the irony of acting like a bank, designer label clothier or fast food outlet?

    More like Hypocrite’s Angels.

  12. TT says:

    However -seems everyone is missing one very valid point here – If the shirt says “my boyfriend is a Hell’s Angel ” seems to me they wouldnt let their girlfriends wear them if it offends the club – therefore the purpose of the T-shirt and the sales tactic – then becomes pointless – therefore the producers of said product – dont have a market….They lose…..

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