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Matt Snyder

LOS ANGELES – We come to you on this fine Thursday with yet another installment of The Lunacy of Frank McCourt’s Dodgers. This time around, we’re going to pass along that the Dodgers have sent some fans a survey, in which they ask for an evaluation of the 62-year, legendary, Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully.

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L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers received an email from a season-ticket holder named John Richards. Richards said he was asked to fill out a survey about the ballclub. Here’s one portion of it (

On a scale of 1 to 5, “They wanted my opinion of Vin Scully in the following eight areas: 1. Knowledge of baseball; 2. Knowledge of Dodgers organization; 3. Objectivity; 4. Accuracy of calls; 5. Storytelling ability; 6. Focus on the game; 7. Style; 8. Overall performance.

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“This is like polling Catholics about Mother Teresa’s work,” he said. “This is Vin’s 62nd year behind the microphone in a broadcasting career that no one will ever emulate. Is this portion of the survey really necessary?”

I’d say no. Scully is an absolute icon of sports broadcasting and his roots with the Dodgers go all the way back to Brooklyn. He’s called the Dodgers’ first World Series championship, Don Larsen’s World Series perfect game, Hank Aaron’s 715th home run and Kirk Gibson’s famed World Series homer against Dennis Eckersley … among thousands of other memorable plays. And the Dodgers are asking fans to evaluate his ability to announce a baseball game. It’s pure hilarity.

I can’t imagine any true blue Dodgers fan would really want to ditch Scully, though I’m sure there are some exceptions — there always are. It just doesn’t seem like evaluating a franchise icon should be anywhere on the list of priorities for the Dodgers. You know, what with Frank McCourt’s bankruptcy and divorce proceedings holding the franchise hostage and all — not to mention the current 60-69 record.

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This really isn’t a huge deal, it’s just another example of how odd things are under McCourt. And yes, it’s entirely possible McCourt had nothing to do with it, but he’s in charge and has already made a mockery of his own administration.