LOS ANGELES (CBS) — At MexiKosher, they answer to a higher power.

The restaurant, in the heart of Los Angeles’ Kosher Corridor, combines the best of two worlds: delicious and fresh Mexican cuisine with a kosher twist . . . no pork, dairy or shellfish.

“I love kosher, I love the fact that we are so limited . . . everyday is a new challenge,” Chef Katsuji Tanabe said.

Tanabe cooks the food he knows best, Mexican. The son of a Mexican mother, he loves the challenge of creating dishes without the traditional ingredients . . . like carnitas made from brisket braised in duck fat and soy-based sour cream.

And don’t forget to top off any order with one of Tanabe’s 14 original salsas. More are on the way.

“I love salsas . . . I have chipotle, green salsas, sesame salsas, roast tomatoes,” he added.

MexiKosher is located at 8832 W. Pico Boulevard. Find them on Facebook or check out their kosher menu online.

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  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    I go to this place all the time. They always have specials, and it is soooooooooooo delicious!!! Best Kosher Food? Best FOOD. And Katsuji is the nicest guy!

    20% off if you check in on facebook too!

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