JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (CBS) — Two people found dead in the Riverside County portion of Joshua Tree National Park were identified Wednesday as European tourists.

The bodies of music executive Augustinus Van Hove, 44, of the Netherlands, and his girlfriend, Helena Nuellett, 38, of Germany were discovered near Black Eagle Mine Road on Monday, Riverside County sheriff’s Capt. Raymond Gregory said Wednesday.

The sheriff’s department is investigating how and when they died, he said.

Van Hove and Nuellett stayed in the Coachella Valley the previous night and were heading to Arizona in a rental car, Gregory said.

“Evidence indicates they entered the park shortly before noon on the day they were found,” he said.

Two park visitors told authorities they found a dead man along Black Eagle Mine Road around 6:50 p.m., Monday, sheriff’s Lt. Terrence Tingle said. The man’s body was on the edge of the road about two miles east of Pinto Basin Road, a major park thoroughfare, he said.

A few hours later, deputies found a woman’s body along the same road, about a mile east of the man, Tingle said.

The rental car was found abandoned on that road about five miles east of the woman, “in an area generally deemed impassable to passenger vehicles,” Gregory said.

Anyone with information about the bodies is urged to call Investigator Prezell Burgie at (760) 863-8945 or the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Indio Station at (760) 863-8990.
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    1. Easy Going says:

      Sounds like a robbery to me.

  1. rich says:

    seeing as how they were from europe and not use to the heat here if their car got stuck and they had to hoof it maybe they died from heat related issues

  2. itjustme says:

    sounds like a serial killer on the loose.

  3. pfeiffer says:

    Dies ist eine sehr traurige Geschichte in der Tat Ich hoffe, sie herauszufinden, was passiert

    1. Herndee herdee says:

      Yeah, what he said.

  4. sokkosrobot says:

    I go to the park each season of the year, no cell phone reception. They must have exhausted themselves hiking to the mines, hiked back to the car, found the car was dead and attempted to trek again. This time of year you don’t hike in the afternoon especially if your ill prepared. This is terrible and I hate to see this happen every year at my favorite park. My condolences go to their families. This was so avoidable. I don’t have proof that is what happened it is just my opinion based on past incidents.

  5. wobbles says:

    Every few years this happens somehwere in the desert. Some tourist(usually european for some reason) drives down some road nobody with any sense would drive down and then they die trying to walk out. A whole family of Germans died a few years back in the exact same fashion. For some reasons europeans are really fascinated by our desert and have no grasp on how deadly it cna be. It’s one of the few places left in america where you can literally walk till you die and never see another human being.

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