LOS ANGELES (KNX/CBS) — KNX 1070 has learned that the California Medical Board was warned about former Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Ehab Mohamed some two years before the death of one of his patients.

The latest from KNX 1070 Investigative Reporter Charles Feldman.

Mohamed, who has been operating on patients while allegedly living in the country illegally, apparently went undetected for years because there isn’t a system in place to catch someone with a medical license.

Mohamed is now in jail, but he continues to make headlines.

Why Did No One Check Dr. Mohamed’s Immigration Status? KNX’s Charles Feldman Reports

The son of an unhappy patient spoke out against Dr. Mohamed. The son, who only wanted to be known as “Nelson,” is outraged about Dr. Mohamed’s fees and practices.

Nelson Speaks Out On His Elderly Mother’s Behalf

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  1. Again says:

    The state of California and their lack of oversight once again. There are too many lazy idiots in positions of power in this state.

    1. Ron says:

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME, NO SYSTEM to check if doctors are here LEGALLY? Another example of how we are HURT by the BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS that won’t allow checking immigration status.

      PROTECT ILLEGALS and DOCTORS at ALL COSTS !! Maybe if a member of their family would DIE or be KILLED by an illegal, those making those decisions might NOT be so LIBERAL !!!

      @Again: You are ABSOLUTELY right.

  2. PatricParamedic says:

    Ron –

    You are so far out of line with your “Liberal” yammerings you likely can’t see the line from where you stand.

    The fact is, health care has numerous layers of systems in place to police its physicians – it just fails to use them. And these systems aren’t “liberal” in the least. They are old-school conservative.

    Miscreant doctors get away with Rape, Murder, Over-zealous, unneeded Surgeries, Drug-running, Injecting Fake Botox, Child Molestation and Patient Sexual Assault, on a daily basis – and any number of these are at the hands of immigrant MDs who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

    The problem with disciplining physicians has nothing to do with “no systems in place,” and assuredly has nothing to do with Left vs Right politics.

    The Lab Coat Conspiracy is steeped in 150 years of physicians tacitly ignoring the rabble in their midst.

    The true problem is an off-the-chart lazy American society, which fails to exercise the intestinal fortitude to put it’s collective foot down, and demand that doctors no longer be allowed to police themselves.

    Non-physician oversight of MD crimes would stop much of the monstrous ugliness in its tracks.

    I strongly suggest you take a peek at the only book of its kind, “America’s Dumbest Doctors.”

    1. Ron says:

      Thanks for the correction, PatricParamedic. I saw your post on another topic and if you HAVE done as many investigations as you claim, then I respect your opinion and I stand corrected.

      SO, how DO we overcome the very wealthy MEDICAL lobby, to get THAT NON-physician oversight?

  3. LastGirl says:

    It probably has to do with too much work for too few people. With cut backs every time you turn around, medical boards do not have the staff to keep on top of things as they’d like.

    I don’t know if you know it or not but the Governator was a conservative and the doctor’s colleagues reported him in 2008, when the Governator was still at the helm.

    According to one of the sound bites, no medical board in any state checks immigration status. That means either the libral nor conservative states are checking.

    I agree with PatricParamedic, this situation has nothing to do with which party’s in charge.

  4. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Medical board is a joke, a fraternity of brotherly love, reported a incompetent from Kaiser fontana, never heard from them.

  5. PatricParamedic says:

    In my view, we start by acknowledging that our societal worshiping at the Church of Modern Medicine has created the perfect “tail wagging the dog” scenario. What is now called “health care” is actually disease care. Its priorities have turned medicine on its head. Its energies are focused on convincing that every man, woman & child is sick in some way, or will certainly become sick unless they take the magic pills. The end result, after 10,000,000 TV commercials per year, is a zombie-like society that thinks it is “unwell” but oh, thank heaven, salvation is merely a drug away. Or a surgery. Or a (fill in the blank.) There are few humans on this planet more unabashedly gullible that the typical American drug consumer. End result? Well, among other atrocities, 180,000 unnecessary dead each year. God, are we stupid.

    Imagine if you can, two airliners crashing, due to pilot error, every day of the year. And the airline pilot associations successfully covering up the miscreants. How long would we tolerate that?

    This nation’s sheeple could right the ship, for a start, by throwing our full support behind organizations such as Public Citizen, to name one, who have been raising hell for decades about the lack of discipline & transparency of daffy doctoring and the national shell-game that allows them – like bad priests of the past – to continue playing with people’s bodies for profit, in spite of their truly ugly crimes. (11,000 MDs found Guilty over the last 8 years alone – and that’s the tip of the iceberg)

    Health Care Reform? Really? Why not just start by throwing out the trash?

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