LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A grandson of the late actor Clark Gable has been charged with three felony counts for allegedly pointing a laser at a Los Angeles Police Department patrol helicopter last month.

Clark James Gable, 22, is set to be arraigned Friday at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Authorities said Gable was a passenger in a car traveling down La Brea Avenue, when he allegedly pointed a green laser at an LAPD helicopter that was flying above an event on Hollywood Boulevard on July 28.

The laser light reportedly obstructed the vision of the two officers in the helicopter. They later pinpointed the laser beam coming from a small red car, authorities said.

The laser light allegedly flashed two more times at the helicopter before officers on the ground stopped the car at Franklin and Highland.

If convicted, Gable faces up to three years in state prison.

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  1. "republican empire falls" says:

    you can only point them at cessna planes at night!!! cessna planes keep extra-terrestrial flying saucers from hovering in LA !!!

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