HOLLYWOOD (CBS/AP) — Authorities are still searching for a man suspected in the stabbing death of a commuter on the Red Line subway in Hollywood.
The stabbing, believed to have been captured on video, was reported around 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Hollywood and Vine station, according to police. The victim, identified as a Hispanic male in his 50s,  was pronounced dead at the scene.

“There are cameras on the trains,” sheriff’s Sgt. Harry Drucker said. “That footage feeds into a hard drive and our homicide detectives will be requesting a download of that video from the Metro people.”

Suraya Fadel, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says this incident marks the first homicide on the Red Line, which has been operating for nearly 20 years, according to Metro officials.

The Los Angeles Times reported that one of its staffers witnessed the stabbing and said it took place after a rider and another passenger got into an argument on the train.

Todd Martens told the Times that a man started swinging what looked like a bike chain at another passenger.

“He was flailing his chain, but it wasn’t really hitting the guy. He just seemed crazy,” Martens said.

The other man, who was holding two skateboards and a bag, then pulled out a small knife and stabbed the chain-wielding victim in his chest, he added. The attacker stepped back, and said, “Oh, no, why did you make me do that?” Martens said.

The victim collapsed. When the train stopped at the Hollywood/Vine station, the doors opened and the assailant, an Asian male in his 20s with acne scars, fled, authorities told KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz.

Anyone with more information about the killing is asked to call detectives at (323) 890-5500.

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  1. In The Moment says:

    You gave the description of the victim but not the suspect? Political correctness wins again.

    1. David J. says:

      Suspect is an Asian male in his 20s.

      1. In The Moment says:

        I would rather have you working for CBS…lol

  2. Robby Logan says:

    This is why white people don’t ride Metro.

    1. David J. says:

      Because they’re afraid of knife wielding Asian males in their 20s?

    2. DC says:

      I’m white and I take the Red Line. I’ve never had a problem.

    3. Xen says:

      You have a better chance of getting killed crossing the street than on a Los Angeles subway train.

      1. Zambula says:

        Except if you’re caught down there by an Earthquake, then you’re toast!

    4. Heidi Upendo says:

      obviosly you have not rode the train…either. Ironically enough more violent crimes happen with in a mile of your home, and by someone you know.

  3. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    white people should ride the metro and go open carry.

    1. Twin says:

      You are a moron. Not based on just this comment, but others I’ve seen you post.

      1. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

        why are you reading my post?

    2. Heidi Upendo says:

      have you ever rode the train?? you dont need to come on here with racism

  4. shey says:

    So sad.!!!!!!!!!!!! wow..!!!! I ride the metro all the time. Their needs to be more metro security. on the train..cause their is alot of aggressive people on the train with issues especialy rush hour time…….. sad.. 🙁 turn urself in to freakin coward!!!!! my condolences go out to the victims family ..!!!

  5. Ed Guthrie says:

    so a guy attacks another person with a chain which is a deadly weapon and that person is the victim? and the person who was attacked defends himself using justifiable deadly force and he is the supposed attacker?? only in the peoples republic of Ca would this situation be twisted around like this. guess what people we have a right to defend ourselves against psychos trying to kill you with a chain. if Brian Stow would have had a weapon and defended himself against his attackers he would have been the one in trouble in this twisted liberal nightmare of a state, but he, did like the rest of us, was not allowed to defend ourselves and look where he is now. no wonder that the real victim here fled, look how this has been twisted.

    1. Jon Straub says:

      only in your mind does this have anything to do with liberal or not. The writer of this article is either making incorrect assumptions. or they are getting information from authorities that is being cast in the wrong light. The artcle should have said apparant victim and apparant attacker. Until the facts are know we don’t know what happened. But to say that bad reporting is the result of a precieved liberal bias in the state of california, is to display your own bias and ignorance. If your life is threatened, you have the right to defend your self, including the use of deadly force. But you had better be able to prove it. Best to get help, leave the area, or otherwise remove yourself from the threat if possible. It isn’t the liberals who would go after you, but the police and prosecutors, who for the most part conservative by nature.

      1. JL Darling says:

        No he’s right….only it’s not CA…it the Peoples Republic of Los Angeles.

      2. Ed Guthrie says:

        excuse me you are full of it, the liberals are the anti gun, anti self defense “dont take the law in your own hands” crowd. the state of Ca is keeping people from the means to defend themselves and we all know who runs this state don’t we?. liberals are the cowards of society who abdicate their families safety to civil servants and then criticizes the very same civil servants every action. when some criminal gets what they deserve its all about brutality this and brutality that and you very well know it. do you see conservatives trying to disarm the citizens? do you see conservatives criticizing police every time they turn around?you don’t see conservatives coddling criminals with the “its not their fault its society” bs do you? no it is the liberals. the police do what they can but they cannot, as evidenced by stories we read every day including this one, be everywhere all the time and we should be allowed to defend our lives. remember when seconds count the police are minutes away.

      3. Heidi Upendo says:

        I just don’t by the self defense…the man had a plastic bike chain that was probably hooked to his wallet, and the skateboarder obviously knew where to stab when he stabbed him. He stabbed to kill, He knew! and the guys who told him to change into the other shirt…his buddies most likely.

  6. shey says:

    well I guess ur right … but the coward should of waited till the police came.. instead of walking away like a coward..!!!!!! thats y he is looks guilty .. so no matter what.. he sholud of waited instead of bein a coawrd!!!!!!

    1. Nena Vidal says:

      Learn how to spell b4 leaving comments that don’t make any sense.

  7. Heidi Upendo says:

    What is taking so long to get a picture out? I hate to compare this to the Brian Stow case but a Drawing was released immediatly!! Awards were set up…..Here a man Dies, It is caught on tape and The police have yet to relese a photo video faced clipped something……I can hardly claim even self defense for the guy whom stapped him, even if he was acting nutty and swing a chain there are emergency buttons on the train, people have a way pressing them covertly. The guy whom stabbed him could have simply pressed the button or asked another rider to press the button. People don’t carry knives sharp enough to kill all the time for nothing…..the killer knew where he was stabbing and stabbed to kill not injure…..LAPD, SHERRIFFS, METRO…DO THE RIDERS A FAVOR AND USE OUR TAXES AND RELEASE A PHOTO

  8. JB says:

    Listen Heidi
    sorry but me and a lot of people i know carry small knives or a defensive weapon of some sort daily (mace etc…). And I work in an office with mainly white young adults, who aren’t from the projects….
    It’s not uncommon.

    There are a ton of crazies, homeless crackheads, cholos and the like wandering around Los Angeles, and people have the right to defend themselves. That said, I would have stopped after hitting the guy in the head with the skateboard if he was incapacitated. But waiting for someone to hit a button while you are being attacked with a chain is utterly ridiculous.

    1. Heidi Upendo says:

      Stabbing to kill is utterly ridiculous. He knew what he was doing….. I work on skid row every day, I took the train for ten years…..nothing ever happened to me and i am a square white chic…..

      Self defense will fly if the guy pulled a gun on him, but he pulled a plastic chain. The kid had a skateboard he could have whacked him a few times with it in self defense….then got of the train

      people do have a right to defend themselves, your right! but had this guy used his brain he would have known stabbing to kill was much to far, I know guys with blackbelts whoms hands are deadly weapons and can take a person out quick. I have a brown belt i can not use my hands either. once a skateboarder almost ran over my toddler and i tossed the guy into the wall…..self defense but i didnt kill him, and it just so happened he was going so freaking fast cause he just robbed someone.

      and nothing against skateboarder, i used to be one!

  9. Heidi Upendo says:

    Aside from all of the assuming….WHY hasn’t a composite, or video been released?? MTA has a VERY well videotaped system!!

    1. Heidi Upendo says:

      a video still of the face…..I am sure they have about 20 but are two busy protecting the Kardashians to do real work

      1. rick says:

        think about this heidi MAYBE the police have viewed this tape and saw that it was in fact SELF DEFENCE in which case they CAN NOT release this guys pic because he did not commit a crime if it does show the dead guy attacking the skate boarder then all the police are likely to want the guy for is to get his OFFCIAL STATEMENT and you can not put out the guys pic to facilitate that

  10. Robin says:

    Look, it was nothing but crazy Mexican illegal who died. I don’t see a crime here.

  11. dave says:

    one i do not think it commited a crime there was someone on the train from one of the news papers who is on record CONFIRMING that it was self defence
    two even if it was murder what do we need to see a pic for?? are you going to tackle the dude if you saw him?? only people who need to know what the man looks like is the police

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