STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Professional organizer Tracy McCubbin visited KCAL9 Thursday to share back-to-school organizational tips for parents.


1. Toss the trash – Grab the recycling bin and toss in all the notices and calendars from the previous year. There is no reason you need to hang on to a piece of paper that alerted you to an early dismissal last year.

2. Pick a favorite – Gather up all those old tests, projects and reports, pull out one or two that really stand out and recycle the rest. Hanging on to a few samples is fine, keeping every assignment is extreme.

3. Give it a home – Whether it is a 3-year-old’s turkey hand drawing or a 7th-grader’s 3-D design, don’t just stuff it back in a drawer give it a home. Binders are great for keeping projects preserved and decorative boxes or file folders are great ways to store those special art projects.


1. Create a system. Use files, folders or an inbox for current homework, artwork or notices.

2. Purge as you go. Use the quarterly report cards as a reminder to clean out those folders.

3. Give it a home. The key to getting and staying organized is to create a place for everything and put everything in its place.

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Comments (3)
  1. Cindy says:

    Could you please post the video from this segment with Lisa Sigell and Sandra Mitchell this afternoon on the website? I want to show my kids on how to organize. Thank You

  2. Walter says:

    It would be allot less trouble to just keep them locked in the closet.

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